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Giant Rabbit: 1, POM: 0

Written by PETA | December 1, 2006
POM demo 3.JPG

As I may have mentioned before, POM Wonderful has apparently decided that the juice industry is just too damn wholesome. The images of healthy kids and smiling parents guzzling delicious, vitamin-filled beverages are fine and all, but there’s just not enough blood for POM’s tastes. The company’s ingenious solution has been to start doing all sorts of animal tests. Not, like, taste tests, but proper suffocating-mice and slicing-up-live-rabbits kind of tests.

We have found this to be somewhat upsetting. Yesterday, we launched our campaign against POM’s animal experiments outside their headquarters in Los Angeles. The pictures and video tell most of the story, but a lovely little side note was when POM’s security tried to block the protesters from public view by parking a big truck in front of the demonstration. Except they parked in a red zone, the LAPD got involved, tickets were issued, and everybody except POM thought the whole thing was kind of wonderful. Anyway, moral of the story: Test juice on animals and face the combined wrath of PETA, the LAPD, and a giant rabbit on your doorstep. Nobody wants that.



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  • jo says:

    Well mad hunter and Becca if humans were tested on then at least the results would be 100 accurate!!! Animal testing is not only misleading and unscientific but morally wrong. We all think it horrific when we hear stories about humans tested on by aliens!! But how would we really feel if maybe one day a more intelligent superior species did use us for experimentation and used our young for meat???

  • becca says:

    mad hunter im with ya man these people are crazy if they hate humans so much why dont they experiment on themselves? always wondered that…

  • Colleen says:

    To Mad Hunter Wouldn’t you just LOVE to be experimented on for the sake of nothing? Yes I’m just SUURE you would. PETA is doing an excellent job and I will never drink POM again.

  • MAD HUNTER says:

    why doesnt peta mind their own business

  • Tim says:

    I love it!! Thank you Peta! I too used to LOVE pom “notsowonderful” teas and juices. Since Peta first sent out the alert regarding Peta I have not touched thier beverages. I espcially loved pom’s reponse to my email in regards to animal testing… very condescending and “we have dominion over animals” point of view… thank you again Peta!!

  • heather says:

    Thank you for doing this PETA…for the most part I love all of your work. This demo wasis so important. I used to treat myself to this expensive juice but no longer…since I first read weeks ago about their experiements. I volunteer at a shelter and was a proud rabbit parent so this is just beyond UNACCEPTABLE. shame on those bastard!!!