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Ghent, Belgium, Announces Weekly ‘Vegetarian Day’

Written by PETA | May 20, 2009


igougo / CC

In an attempt to shrink its carbon footprint, the charming town of Ghent, Belgium, just took one gigantic, progressive step by deciding to go vegetarian for one day each week.

Instead of just feeling bad that meat production leads to more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the vehicles with engines in the world combined, these good folks decided to act. They’ll get things rollin’ with their city employees and then spread the good behavior on to school children come September.

Delighted at this news, PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk penned some letters of encouragement to a few cities stateside in an effort to nudge them forward in the fight against climate change. This simple step—not eating meat for a day—literally saves hundreds of lives.

Care about the planet? Check out the many reasons why “meat’s not green” on our YouTube channel, thengo on and give a vegetarian diet the old college try!

Written by Missy Lane

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  • Saucy says:

    Christian The 7th Day Adventist react that way because they believe in the Divine Message of the Bible. A whole lot of people are going to go to Hell because of consuming the blood of beasts. It is the unforgivable. It is not a choice based on health issues but rather on Salvation. I lose my temper all the time with the meateaters. It discusts me. Especially those who foolishly state that “God gave us animals to eat” Genisis 129 tells us what “GOD” gave us to eat. It is a good thing God judges hearts and not lips. I would be in big trouble with the Lord on that one. Anger lodges in the bosom of fools but God forgives Righteous Anger.

  • Mark says:

    Not Ghent Norfolk?

  • Elisabeth Probert says:

    This is awesome! One more reason to go to Belgium.

  • christian says:

    I am not qiuet familiar with PETA but i do believe vegetarian diet is a way to save ourselves and this world we are living.. been vege since birth… its just so inspiring that thier is a movement that believes in this…though some th Day Adventists here in the Philippines are so prejudice about the vegetarian lifestyle..sometimes i just cant stand them reacting that way… GO GREEN!!!

  • Helana says:

    You know what would be cool?? If the lovely Ingrid Newkirk was to talk to my school about vegetarian choices. I live in a “meat town” thats probably leaving a HUGE footprint but everyone claims to be “Going green.” Maybe if we started with the youth we could work our way to the adults?? Please contact me at http://www.myspace.comxxhelanaxx Thanks! Also GO BELGIUM!!

  • lynda downie says:

    Good goin’ Ghent. And kudos to Ingrid for encouraging US cities to follow suit.

  • NT says:

    WOW! Talk about progressive!

  • Joseph says:

    OH MY GOD That’s amazing!! Good show Ghent! Can we make it one day a month? one week a month? Get on the ball America!

  • Joanna says:

    It’s so easy for average people to make small changes towards a better world. You could try eating one vegan meal a day for a start. Once your creative cooking juices get going you can expand the number of vegan meals per week. Also another easy thing is to eliminate one type of animal protien at a time from your whole diet. For example Go Pig Free. You will soon learn to have a breakfast that is full of healthy additions like fresh fruit and has no breakfast meat. You can smile each morning knowing there are no pigs cramed in gestation crates making your breakfast bacon. Then you can try eliminating another protien type…whatever appeals to your conscience most..for example you could eliminate the life long misery and social depravation that dairy cows suffer on commercial farms by going Dairy Free. Each step helps animals and the planet. You’ll also have better health if you use good vegan alternatives to the meat and dairy.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    On a spiritually related matter every day is vegetarian day for millions of devout Hindus Jains and Seventh Day Adventists.

  • My_Friend_The_Enemy says:

    This news is absolutely fantastic things like this can catch on maybe we will see many other towns in Belgium start to do this.. I hope so. Something like this in Australia would never happen..

  • Ash says:

    wow! That is sooo cool! I wish we here in Vancouver would do this!