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Getting Naked at Burberry

Written by PETA | December 22, 2006

PETA has never been one to let clothes get in the way of a good protest, and this Holiday season is no exception. In Philadelphia this Wednesday, a few lovely PETA ladies let the folks over at Burberry know that they’d rather go naked than wear fur. For anyone who is particularly literal-minded, I should point out that there are countless great alternatives to fur other than Christmas hats, high heels, and your birthday suit, but if you really want people to listen to what you’re saying, I highly recommend it as a wardrobe choice.

naked burberry protest.jpg

P.S. If you’re planning on doing any last-minute shopping, may I suggest giving Burberry the cold shoulder this Christmas? It’ll be good for them in the long run, and fur-bearing animals will be much obliged.

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  • Jerry Salem says:

    i prefer them naked too ……… however if they added spiked fur boots and dropped the sign i would be even happier. all meat …….. well done.

  • john says:

    hello the peta nude protests are making their presense felt. its good to attract attention to serious issues for which peta stands for. animals are naked n beautiful too. the major job is to involve more n more young persons in peta. or this planet would soon be colorless n lifeless. only the human animals will roam n pollute this planet more. animals are equal citizens here too. protest more n get noticed . spread the message n get better support too good luck to u all ur doing a great job keep itup

  • Amber says:

    This is amazing.

  • Randi says:

    dude this photo was from Boston not Philly. I was at the Phily one. it was Brooks’ first demo!

  • Secret admirer says:

    When will you be at a naked demo?