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Getting Cats out of Labs Goes High-Octane

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 15, 2012

St. Louis drivers who stop to fill up their tanks will get an eyeful of Washington University in St. Louis’ cruelty to cats. PETA has placed hard-hitting ads on top of the pumps at seven gas stations near the campus to show the university’s students, faculty, and alumni that the school uses cats like most of us use cars—as equipment.

Instead of using modern human-patient simulators in the intubation training exercises it holds in conjunction with St. Louis Children’s Hospital, trainees are asked to repeatedly force hard plastic tubes down cats’ and ferrets’ throats, causing their delicate windpipes to bleed, swell, and scar. Cats can even die as a result of the injuries sustained during this traumatic procedure.

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Drivers may pull into the gas stations lamenting “pain at the pump,” but they’ll leave disgusted by the pain that Washington University in St. Louis is inflicting on cats. And PETA added more fuel to the fire with similar ads in newspapers and online.

If the school wants to truly honor its namesake, George Washington, who had nine companion animals at the White House, it should call off the cruel cat laboratory and switch to the modern simulators already in use at nearly every other similar facility in the country.

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  • Nicholas Gysi says:

    stop intubation. it’s cruel and unnecessary. alternatives are there. why continue the cruelty?

  • D R says:

    Just go to the Washington University in St. Louis website (google has it at top of their listings) and look down at the bottom of the web page for their people directory. Type in Joseph Gunn, David Jaffe, & Mark Stephen Wrighton (these are the doctors listed on PETA’s email campaign) and, you can email them directly. I am guessing it would be against policy to list the links directly here.

  • wantana says:


  • sumalee says:

    I do not support the trial.

  • pantipa says:

    STOP !!!!!

  • พัชร says:


  • Thai people says:

    Please Stop!!!!!!!

  • Romnalin says:

    All animals are be grudge of Life. Please stop This action is now.

  • gybso says:

    Please help to stop this crutely!

  • soko says:

    Stop torture animals.

  • maneerat says:


  • Rangsiya Wongsuwan (Thailand) says:

    Animals and pets are NOT lab equipment!! Please stop this cruelty

  • gypsyking says:

    PETA Non-animal tests reduced.

  • nam says:

    Please cancel the action Kaii. Do not torture animals. You’re doing something wrong.

  • Mimi says:

    This ad you displayed is genius!!! So many will see this and stop to think and ponder the question…If other Universities use alternatives (life like simulators) and not animals and have the same results, why can’t Washington University do this as well? Simulators are more advance and speaking personally if I had the choice between 2 individuals saving my life, #1 who trained and tortured cats, and #2 who trained on the simulator, I’ll take #2 any day…..

  • msp says:

    My funds for education goes into this type of academia? This is disgusting. Education of the the ignorant. The answer is in front of them….the foods they eat which are full of pesticides and chemicals. Why give your hard earned money for experiment on innocent animals. They keep stating they are trying to find a cure? A cure? There is no such thing and there never will be. The funds go to keeping a lab researcher paid. Your money goes to killing animals. Worse, our children go to universities to be brainwashed. I know I have a 6 1/2 years of college and a degree. Doctors take an oath to save lives not to kill them. This disgusts me how BIG this MONEY BUSINESS can get…so what’s the difference between Hitler and these morons? NONE.

  • Ilham Majure says:

    Please leave these superior beautiful beings alone; they have the right for a dignant pain free life. Ilham Majure

  • Shelia says:

    Please help to stop this crutely. Please!

  • Megan Thomas says:

    I believe that animal testing is SO WRONG – we no longer have to test on animals and it is horrible inhumane treatment that we should no longer support!

  • SUSANNA says:


  • Nancy Fox James says:

    Please, please stop this unnecessary cruelty. We are far too advanced in our science for this.

  • Nikki cordell says:

    We are in 2012 , make the change and stop the suffering

  • Roman Krakowski says:


  • Monica Frattini says: