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Get a Whiff of This

Written by PETA | June 10, 2010

A new billboard in Mooresville, N.C., is doing its best to boost Bloom supermarket’s beef sales by using huge fans to waft the smell of charcoal and black pepper fragrance oils (aka the store’s idea of charred cow) into traffic.

PETA thinks that it’s time for people in Mooresville—which is best known for its NASCAR teams—to wake up and smell the cruelty. That’s why we’re trying to raise a stink of our own by using the same technology to erect a realistic, slaughterhouse-inspired, stench-producing billboard nearby:


Meat Stinks


Imagine sitting in hot, rush-hour traffic while the smell of fear, rotting flesh, blood, guts, urine, and feces drifts through your car window. If that whiff of reality doesn’t inspire shoppers to head to the produce aisle, I don’t know what will!

My advice to Mooresville residents: Look after yourself, the environment, and animals the next time you fire up the grill for a NASCAR event. Race to the store, take a left past Bloom’s meat counter, and score some Boca burgers instead. Seriously, we wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • susan zelada says:

    When saw part of the video of the cruelty of China I really couldn’t believe all the cruel things they do to our animals I think we have to stop this the soonest we can our world is dying day after day we have become something wrong like spurs in our world and we have to stop cruelties now we can not let that bastards becoming the animals lives in hell I really hate them anda believe that if I could do something I just would do it but I have not the power and what I can do is too poor for them and not enough to give them peaceplease never stop fighting for them they need you and will be suporting you till the end… love sue…

  • Teresa says:

    That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. People smelling a “slaughter house” sign will lose their appetite and maybe even their lunch even vegans. Why don’t you put up a delicious veggie smelling sign

  • Jordan Holsclaw says:

    The idea of sitting in traffic and the smell of rotting animal its extremely more revolting and offensive than smelling meat. PETA’s advertisement is a thousand times worse just for showing the slaughtered animal. You say you are for the rights of animals? This just goes against animals. Go to the slaughter houses and have a protest! But don’t ruin a drive home for every single person who could care less about meat or vegetables. Live your life how you want to and leave every one else’s alone and “animal rot” free!!!

  • Bradley says:

    I’m sorry but this doesn’t sound good to me. For either parties. Putting up a sign that is aimed at making me hungry isn’t going to work is just going to upset me. What would upset me worse than something that is trying to make me hungry is something that is aimed at revolting me. Protesting for this cause is noble but doing it in a way that is aggressive to this degree is more likely to turn people off the cause than to it. People will be more likely to associate the PETA sponsored sign with the smell than with the message.

  • Leyfeel says:

    I love this Billboard! It should be posted everywhere!!!

  • Saucy says:

    They are getting desperate. The meat industry. The jig is just about up. The end is near. The meat industries dirty little secrets are out and the lie is not the truth. In New York they are giving the milk away. In drug stores big banner signs read ….We sell dairy here. Buy on get one free. What a disgrace to abuse and torment cows. Steal their young beat them eat them……..and then wear them. END FACTORY FARMING NOW!!!!!! GO VEGAN

  • Susan Moore says:

    I hope the realistic image and smells work I really truly do. However I think that the general public just hasn’t made the connection from animal abuse to the neatly packaged red lump of “meat” in the grocery store. A major disconnect. I tried articles to a local newspaper regarding the abuse about to ensue with the proposed 10000cow dairy not to mention the smell that would waft into town and not a single person wrote back in support. So its being built and only hindsight will soon help those animals.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    When I read about this in my online newspaper I thought “Great I can imagine this in Southern California. Stuck in bumper to bumper rush hour hell in our 1970 Chevy pickup too hot to roll the windows up breathing exhaust fumes from the other vehicles mixed with the stink of charcoal from that billboard…” My suggestion for PETA’s version along with the one shown is the cow’s head and the stench with the slogan “I’m Rotting In Your Colon! Go Vegan!”

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I tried soy chicken nuggets once and I honestly could not tell the difference between them and real chicken. I have not been able to find them since. Also a friend recently turned me on to Veganaise. It tastes better than real mayo and without the crueltey involved.