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Get Mars Out of Our Schools

Written by PETA | May 23, 2008

Every so often, there’s a pro-animal story so darn cute that the webmasters of get jealous.

According to this piece in the Wrexham Leader, 11-year-old Gaby Trotter seems to have established more as an animal advocate than many adult activists can boast. She managed to research Mars‘ history of animal testing, set up her own Web site on the subject, and speak to school administrators about banning Mars products in her school.

I think at that age, I was busy playing video games, impressing friends and family members by eating frosted cupcakes in a single bite, and arguing with my sister. Way to raise the standard, Gaby!

—SeanPosted by Sean Conner, Laboratory Investigations Special Projects Coordinator

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  • wanda loupe says:

    add my name to anyanimal abuse issue you may have now or in the future,from the largest animal to the smallest, sorry i am unable to help with a donation due to being out of work.hope this helps in some small way.

  • Jackie says:

    I used to eat m&ms and i had no idea that in order for me to eat them a rabbit got a tissue cut out of its blood vessel! I think that this terrible and I don’t see why they need to text on animals when there are other more advanced research that is way less painful! I’m never eating mars candy again unless they stop this nonsesne. I think everyone needs to spread this word more because I really had no idea and most people I tell didn’t know either!

  • mi says:

    I will never ever buy any Mars candy again

  • Wolfe Kim says:

    Anybody want to set up a petition on That could help!!!

  • marskandykills! says:

    what is her website i would love to visit it

  • Jenna Alger says:

    Down with mars candy!! The way I see it,If you dont want it done to you dont do it to an animal.those people at mars should get those experimants conducted on themselves.The people who conduct the experimant must be Greedy Heartless people who deserve the same treatment they give the animals.

  • ronald reid says:

    I will no longer buy any of your products untill you stop the animal testing and will encourage others, also not to buy any products untill you are out of business.

  • Nora-V says:

    Re: Rhyan Thanks for your interest in taking action at your school! peta2 would love to forward you some information and literature. Please contact us at: Nora Marketing Special Assistant PETA