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Factory Farms Horrors Hit the Airwaves

Written by PETA | September 7, 2011

Courtesy of our friends at PETA Germany, TV viewers in that country learned how birds are routinely mistreated and neglected by Wiesenhof (the leading German poultry brand) when the ARD network aired a program that included undercover footage from PETA Germany’s investigation of a Wiesenhof turkey farm. The sizable audience saw workers as they kicked and threw turkeys, birds thrown roughly into cages, animals who fell off trucks, and other abuses. And this was hardly a fluke—last year, another PETA Germany investigation found similar nastiness at a Wiesenhof chicken farm.

Of course, things are no better on factory farms outside Germany, so if you haven’t taken cruelty off the table, pledge to go vegan right now.


Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Dieda Artemis says:

    It’s very positive that prestigious institutions create wake up calls for their population. Pact with this cruel actions must be a free decision, not an obligation. Authorities MUST STOP manipulate people and hide these sad facts. Congrats for Germany.