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By Georges! NHL Star Officially Goes Green

Written by PETA | August 2, 2010

Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque may be retired, but don’t call him a snowbird (he’s 33—I don’t think he meets the age requirement). Not only is his second vegan restaurant scheduled to open on August 5, he’s also getting fired up to use his new role as deputy leader of Canada’s Green Party to promote the many pluses of a humane, healthy, environmentally friendly vegan diet.

I’d say the Green Party has scored big time by landing “Big George“—after all, he’s proved time and time again that he’s a lean, green, cruelty-fighting machine. Let’s watch him in action:


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Georges Laraque is determined to improve life for animals and people: “[T]hat’s what I was born for, to change the world.” Words to live by.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Lucas says:

    It has been a pleasure to work on many of these projects with Georges. He is very genuine honest dedicated and passionate about the cause. He called me live from the Vancouver Pride Parade yesterday he was in the parade on behalf of the Green Party I look forward to the many future opportunities with Georges and speaking up for animals