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George W. Bush on PETA

Written by PETA | March 2, 2007

This is an old video we made a while back to talk about why PETA has occasionally resorted to some more colorful tactics like naked protests to get our point across. It must have been put together in the early days of Internet video, when people had the attention span to get all the way through a 7-minute piece, but I highly recommend sticking around through the first 3 and a half minutes to watch George W. Bush reacting to a PETA manure dump a little while before he was elected President. It’s seriously priceless.

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    Each time I see footage of animal abuse I go into a depression. How can such abuse be happening in a supposedly “liberal and caring” society? I find is fed up that PeTa are known as “extreme” but the people who abuse animals each day for a “living” are not. Thank goodness for Dan and the rest of Peta.

  • alexa says:

    i’ve always hated bush and his cabinet for their policies. but now its personal. i cant believe that the most powerful man in the world can be so ignorant.

  • Sheree Rainbolt-Kren says:

    Why am I not at all surprised. Jesus says to FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. But what happens when they do KNOW what they do? Just asking.

  • Charles KaDell says:

    So what’s the big deal about Bush and his stupid comments ? All idiots talk that way.

  • Tim says:

    I liked Bush repeatedly saying “calm down” in response. He came off as a bully who was caught offguard when learning his biggest Republican rival John McCain had been wise enough to already embrace vegetarians. What was he expecting to hear his Republican opponents to say something that tacky?

  • K says:

    Andrea… ugh it’s disgusting.

  • Nancy says:

    Oh and ordained or not Dan Matthews IS a man of God… yet diabolically clever! Rock on brother.

  • Nancy says:

    A manure dump would seem the logical place to meet up with Dubya… nobody’s dumped more manure on this country and the world than he has. But how can someone so staunchly antiabortion gorge on a dead pig for breakfast with no remorse? If “abortion stops a beating heart” what the hell does he think eating meat does? Yeah I know… thinking’s not exactly his forte.

  • Alexis says:

    Bush may like his Bacon but that is not the attitude that any government official should have about animal rights.

  • sarah says:

    i could honestly slap that man. excuse me i’m going to watch the bush countdown clock.

  • andrea says:

    How can a person like Bush worry so much about the emergency contraceptives… saying that the baby is a living creature.. when really at that point its not when he can make comments like that and not worry about suffering animals. hes a prick.

  • Brandon says:

    I knew Bush make some typical redneck asshole comment.

  • Teresa Hall says:

    Shame on George BushThe Shrub for that very tacky comment on the ‘BACON’bit! Too bad somebody there didn’t slap him with a slab! What else can you expect from a redneck Texan? I for one or should I speak for many and say I’ll be glad when he’s out of office!

  • K says:

    Yep I remember that. Had a grudge against him ever since!

  • Elizabeth says:

    That was a great video. And once again Bush proves himself to be a jerk.

  • Lexi says:

    I think that George W. Bush is one of the worst presidents in US world history. Plus he’s such an idiot how can anyone have a freedom of speech if we aren’t allowed to speak out minds? I love PETA!!!

  • wendy says:

    Isn’t his paycheck being the president enough without being shackled to the depraved and deprived people in the animal food testing and fur business? I don’t want to support a government that are cruel to animals for greed. So may God and Peta save us.

  • Kathy says:

    I just wonder how people can look at themselves in a mirror every day who work in these kinds of places. How horrible the pain torture and lonliness and sense of abandonment these poor animals must feel. It breaks my heart knowing this is still going on when there is no need for it to at all.