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Furry Devil: Not a Pretty Picture

Written by PETA | April 19, 2010

Because Anna Wintour hasn’t yet realized that fur is out of vogue and therefore should be out of Vogue—and hideous images of animals suffering on fur farms do not move her—PETA will get the infamous pelt-pusher’s attention with a hideous image of … herself.

As Wintour was giving a talk about nuclear physics—wait, sorry, fashion—at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, PETA members held a lively protest outside with signs featuring this picture of the Vogue editor.


Anna Wintour


We think that “Nuclear” Wintour is the perfect poster girl for the ugly fur trade. What do you think?

Written by Paula Moore

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  • lISA says:

    iS THAT A REAL SKINNED ANIMAL? I hope Anna could be skinned alive.. sorry to wish bad upon ANYBODY but she is a heartless beast!!!

  • Jay says:

    Ralph why do you want to make it more harmless than it is? Dead skin of a afterwards dead and naked poor creature! And mostly only because of the fur wear cow Anna if you can’t resist

  • moo.lennon. says:

    wait..thats not a real animal right there right?and that person on the poster looks just like the ugly wrinkly monster under my bed..creepy.lmao.but then again monsters probably have better hearts than that thing.we should call this cruel peoplewell i still have to make a name

  • roxanne says:


  • Alen says:

    i sometimes think that a lot of people did lost their human part of the spirit!!Is it possible in year 2010 still having people buying furs and support the most cruel industry in the world?? Shame shame shame…

  • anne hoesch says:

    people who wear fur only show the ugliness of thier souls!!…….in todays world we all know what happens to these animals and it is inexcusable to continue to support this suffering for fashion i think people like her should be locked in a room and shown the footage of dogs and cats being skinned alive in asia….but i doubt it would affect her she obviously has a cold bad heart!!!!

  • Marg Durrance says:

    I concurugly people wear fur!

  • Tami says:

    She is one heartless ignorant self absorbed MF

  • Susan T says:

    I get sick inside when I think of this woman. She has the first name of my dearly departed grandmothera woman who had such a compassionate heart for children and animals. I can’t help but wonder what happened to this barren witch as a child to rob her of such basic and fundamental sensitivity for a helpless creature. She is a despicable human being in every sense of the word. Absolutely no redeeming qualities at all. After learning that our Supreme Court struck down an important law that basically stopped horrible “crush” videos I now can picture this “bitch” in her stilettos in one of these gutripping videos smiling smuggly as she tortures and kills helpless little animals. What’s the difference Witchy Wintour?

  • marcy podd says:

    Please do not bring peppermint patty into this although she does wear leather sandels she would never wear fur.

  • Anita says:

    Yes get her good! Pitiful ego she has.

  • Sherri K says:

    She is a real life cruella d’eville.

  • t says:

    She is awful!

  • Bella says:

    Hi Vic Could you share Anna Wintour’s email with us? I am very sure many concerned parties would like to send her our advice. Thank you.

  • Kathy says:

    She is so ugly. Inside and out.

  • Rainie says:

    Thank you for addressing this issue. I love fashion and am a sucker for fashion mags. HOWEVER I find myself continually disappointed to still see fur showing up on the runways and in my magazines. Let’s take it one step further and look at the designers who are ignoring the plight of the animals they’re using in their “fashions.”

  • Jocelyn Harvey says:

    John. Your exactly right. Everyone should Netflix The September Issue. It is really gross how callously Wintour talks about fur as if there are no animals dying as a result of her actions. Plus she looks like a reallife Peppermint Patty which is not at all attractive in my opinion. Fur just makes is worse.

  • Stephanie says:

    Way to go PETA!!!! Great job!!

  • Kelley says:

    I had to drop my subsrciptions ot Marie Claire and Allure because they show fur in “fashion pages.” When I called to cancel the ladies answering the phones were really nice and wrote down my reason for cancelling. I recently received a special $8.00 renewal offer from Marie Claire. They must really be hurting for subscribers. Maybe if PETA members pledged to subscribe if they went fur free they would??

  • Ralph says:

    Um… do you guys get that by using defurred animals to tout your views that you are in default supporting animal cruelty. Use fake animals with fake fur.

  • Ali says:

    Anna im so sorry for you. Youre an horrible person!!!!

  • John Carmody says:

    In the video September Issue which features Anna Wintour it’s so clear she has a sick addiction from promoting and wearing real fur in most parts of the video. It’s a total shame because it also puts years onto her and for some reason she seems to think fur is actually………….In Vogue! Im no fashion columist but i can tell you she is far from right with this view.

  • Vic G. Chad says:

    I shot off a letter to Anna Wintour telling her to stop promoting the fur industry and she didn’t take the advice. She must be too preoccupied with putting her tax dollars into peltpushers. Very interesting. I’ll make sure the IRS gets a copy of Vogue’s tax records.