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Furriers Tell Enviro-Fibs

Written by PETA | May 3, 2010

Apparently, furriers who push their pelts as “green” think that we were all born yesterday.

Members of PETA and Concordia Animal Rights Association (CARA) along with our favorite hockey star, Georges Laraque, teamed up outside the North American Fur and Fashion Exposition of Montréal (NAFFEM) yesterday to set the record straight:


© Massacre Animal
CARA-ful! That fur is toxic!
Fur's Not Green


Claims that mink coats and fox-fur hats are eco-friendly couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s estimated that it takes 15 times as much energy to produce a fur coat from ranch-raised animals as it does to produce a faux-fur coat. And not only are fur garments treated with toxic chemicals to keep them from rotting, fur production also pollutes waterways. And while we’re on the subject of pollution, I get chills when I consider the noise pollution generated by screaming animals on fur farms and trap lines. Their cries are both harrowing and deafening.

Now won’t you raise your own voice and help them?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Klara says:

    Cat fur… noone would wear the own pet but all the other animals they don’t care for. It’s like having prejudices to talk to people out of i.e. whereever we are all the same and the single being is to think about! A mink is pet alike could be one!

  • animal lover says:

    alex sharp since you think animals don’t desverve to happy lives without their pelts being ripped off you might as well give your pets away. PEOPLE.SHOULD.NOT.WEAR.ANIMAL.FUR. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR.IF.YOU.DO.A.CAT.WILL.SCRATCH.YOU!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I recently read a very interesting book on the history and customs of Judaism. In the chapter dealing with living kosher the author a rabbi said for the product from an animal to be kosher the animal must be killed humanely with as little pain and fear as possible. Therefore he stated it is not kosher to wear fur or leather because of the way the animal was killed. He was especially vehement about the seal slaughter in Canada being very graphic in his description of it in stating why it is not permissable to wear sealskin under Jewish law and he also stated the reason why meat from a hunted animal is not permissable under Jewish law the animal is not usually instantly killed but bleeds to death painfully.

  • Adrien Biancone says:

    The fur nothing to make in this world! Only animals one the right to carry it!

  • Jackie says:

    Is it just me? The people in the front of the picture look like they have no legs!

  • MeatIsMurder says:

    It is quite ridiculous that cruelty has become more acceptable than compassion in society today. We are weird for wanting to help animals other are “normal” for not giving a damn. God did not give us every animal on earth to eat and or wear thinking otherwise is ignorant.

  • Linda Roberts says:

    The Chinese fur farms have to be closed down under International Animal Rights Laws. They are a disgrace to humanity! Most people including Chinese people would not do such evils to animals. we are horrified!

  • John J says:

    “noise pollution” LOL good one!

  • Toby Saunders says:

    Liberal Link TV played a documentary on the fur industry the other night it was appropriately graphicinformative… I have considered giving to Link TV because I’ve never seen any other tv channel play animalrights themed programming like that.

  • Jenny says:

    I have also attempted to watch the videos but I simply cannot as soon as I see the fear on those little faces I start crying how can anyone do this and be normal? I think of these poor animals constantly. I hug and love my cats and little mutt dogs every day and each hug or kiss is dedicated to a fur farm animal who will never know what it is to be with their own kind free and wild and no torture.

  • alex sharp says:

    I agree that there are some horrible things that happen in the manufacturing of furs but honestly in my opinion they are JUST animals after all. As a hunter I do my part and pay fees and buy permits licenses etc. so that we can have these animals in the future but I think people need to spend their time worrying about more important things than some animal being turned into a fur coat. But thats just my two cents we all have our own opinions.

  • Leslie Hathaway says:

    I think about the animals at these fur farms every single day. It horrifies me to know that China has no regulations in favor of the animals. I have attempted to watch the video and it sickens me. I can’t believe that anyone could be so heartless as to skin an animal alive. How can they stand to do that? This needs to stop immediately.

  • pj56 says:

    Their efforts are applauded. I can’t even imagine what type of people could work for a living skinning animals alive for their fur. I wouldn’t want to be related to them.

  • jewel says:

    Fur is nasty cruel. People who wear it are evil.

  • Jona Kristinsson says:

    Have people lost they’r minds……I here by URGE BUYERS OF CLOTHING STORES NOT TO BUY ANYTHING WITH REAL FUR. You Don’t Buy FURdicilous Customers don’t see it Less animals killed and hopefully SOON stopped ALL together.

  • Nabaht says:

    I just pledged to be Vegan through Peta. I’ve done it before I can do this!

  • Lejla says:

    Fur is fashion for caveman!

  • troller says: