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Fur – just in case you weren’t aware – is a drag.

Written by PETA | April 1, 2008

Norfolk’s annual Doo Dah Parade invites local organizations and business owners to march the streets in ludicrous outfits so that the citizens of this fine city can laugh at them. I’ve never quite figured out why this goes on, but it’s certainly a whole lot of fun. Tragically, I didn’t make it this year, but a lot of my colleagues did — all dolled up in dresses and wigs to show that “Fur Is a Drag” — so let’s take this opportunity to laugh at them now:

Steve, Matt, Thomas, and Tim “Danger” Hogarth

Joel S. Bartlett

Thomas and Joel




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  • christine says:

    Hi As a postop transwoman I’m not really offended by this at all. I don’t see the connection between drag which is a lifestyle choice and those born with Harry Benjamin Syndrome transsexuals except perhaps on a sophomoric and superficial level. So I have to wonder a bit why some people get so intensely defensive about this. It looks like everyone was having a pretty good time! And yes Thomas looks was too natural and good at that! With Love Christine

  • lynda downie says:

    Excellent post Patrick

  • Mariya Kutreva-Williamson says:

    Hi guys. Things often look different from the inside than they do from the outside. Seems to me looking out from inside of ‘being a gender variant or transgender individual’ some people might feel the world would regard this stunt as a mockery to them. However looking ‘from the outside in’ the world does NOT see that. All we see is what PETA wanted to say about fur. So remember why you are on this site. The animals are the issue here let’s not dilute it. If you’ve forgotten for a second go see FurIsDead. Every day I go about my comfortable live I keep in my mind how the day of those exqisitely beautiful gentle and innocent minks foxes and other creatures unfolds. It keeps me real. Regards to you all Mariya KutrevaWilliamon Sofia Bulgaria

  • Patrick says:

    This is to all those of who who say that it is offensive. 1 Drag has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Some heterosexual male and females do drag for fun amongst other reasons. It’s a bit taboo and therefore not very out there but it is done. 2 There is a difference between drag and crossdressing Drag queens most often live as men and drag kind as women. Drag is a form of art and entertainment. It’s supposed to be filled with crazy costumes and shows off the drag’s secret extravagant personality that heshe does not show in real life. On the opposite end crossdressers are as passable as possible. Once again it’s about gender and not sexuality. Crossdressers live as the opposite sex and do not wear crazy costumes nor are they entertainment at gay bars. This is their way of living. In conclusion PETA is not mocking anyone. They are playing drag which is a form of art and expression. It is open to everyone wether they are gay or straight because it has nothing to do with sexuality.

  • lynda downie says:

    C’mon.. Jack wasn’t taking cheap shots at transgendered people in this blog. If anyone’s offended then I too am sorry because I found alot of goodnatured kidding in it no malicious intent toward anyone.

  • Yuska says:

    And no Jack your whole line reasoning of the word “drag” being a double entendre even supports the fact that the campaign thinks that bad about fur AND transvestites transexuals. This is those kids saying something’s gay if they don’t like it. I’m gay and vegan and even I am offended by this whole drag note. If fur is fugly and fur is drag then being drag is fugly? WTF?

  • Tamara says:

    I don’t really want to stir this up and Jack you don’t have to post this… In my opinion NO intent was made to make fun of transgender people…PETA is NOT about that…they are about making people aware of the wrongs and torture that are committed to animals everyday everywhere. PLEASE…if you are on this site you obviously care about animals. Please try to see this stunt for what it is.

  • Jack says:

    cgc I really am very sorry if you were offended. As I say that wasn’t the intention. Hopefully this link will make up for it httptinyurl.com2q9j9y

  • Fiona says:


  • lynda downie says:

    Excellent sense of humour Maya! LOL x 3

  • Hannah says:

    ahhaha wow. that looks amazing! looks fun too. i really think it wouldn’t have spoken a very strong message to folks in america all they care about is getting the candy that people throw out. but alas it spoke out to me. i find even fake fur insulting. i want to join this Doo Dah Parade it sounds rather exciting! thanks for the laugh!

  • cgc says:

    JACK a peta supporter shying away from “intense” remarks? that’s odd considering most of PETA’s tactics. so you recognize this Jackintentional or not approached in a “upbeat positive way” or not you clearly offended gender variant people and transgender folks. and instead of recognizing that and apologizing for it you’re denying and excusing it. so no it’s not fun guys. and certainly not funny.

  • Miguel says:

    Good intentions don’t erase the privelege ignored in this protest. I am in full agreement with c and Antony. I consider myself an ally to both animals and trans people but cannot stomach the mocking of MTF transpeople for the defense of animals. Sorry to burst your bubble but you’ve got to think outside of it sooner or later…

  • Tamara says:

    Oh c’mon…you can get some better looking drag queens than that…

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I agree Jack! Perhaps your blog has an overabundance of American readers who aren’t as exposed to Hugh Laurie et al enough to understand the inside joke. You Brits understand the appeal of cross dressing so much more… sorry. LOL

  • saman smith says:

    good work peta. i really appreciate the work u do and the creative manner in which u do it. because there is nothing glamourous about animal cruelty. fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people

  • Jack says:

    c and others who commented with the superintense gender identity remarks Please recognize that this was in no way intended to mock anyone other than fur wearers. The “fur is a drag” joke rests on a doubleentendre surrounding the word “drag”. It has everything to do with fur a bit to do with dressing in drag which is approached in a fun upbeat positive way and absolutely nothing at all to do with gender politics. It’s fun guys. And funny. No offense intended except to furwearers.

  • c says:

    Ignorance is a drag too folks. Stop mocking one group gender identity to further your own cause animal empathy.

  • vegancoin says:

    Gee… i had no idea! Keep up the good work guys.

  • lizbeth says:

    fur IS a drag.. and a pain.. an abomination.. an outrage.. an obscenity.. a moral travesty.. injustice.. and downright ugly.. when it’s on the wrong FORM!!!!!! ie. on human form.. keep fur where it belongs.. on it’s rightful owners.. ie. the ‘furry ones’.. the men are dressed to look silly becuase when those idiots wear real animals fur.. THEY look silly.. they’re saying.. ‘HEY look at me.. I’m EITHER still very ignorant or in the dark .. DUHHH!!! OR..I’m just downright heartless callous.. cruel and couldn’t care less about the suffering animals.. ultra selfish and selfabsorbed as I am..

  • Anthony says:

    Wow as a female to male trans person this really offends me. I’m vegan and I agree that wearing fur is gross and looks stupid but I find it really insulting that PETA would equate that kind of attitude towards fur with gender variance. Gender variant people whether they be transgender or just cross dressers are human beings with feelings and are constantly mocked ridiculed and threatened in our society. I know because I’ve gone through it and so have some of my friends. Thanks PETA for spreading a message of intolerance towards a sexual minority in the name of animal rights. Thanks alot.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Thanks Lynda yeah his makeup looks more expensive than mine! LOL

  • lynda downie says:

    Fabulous! What great guys!!erladies! Loved your comment Maya lol

  • Caroline says:

    Good going guys hope at least some would realize how foolish they look when someone covers themselves with fur like their still in the primitive stage. I think Peta has always been the front runner in exposing the brutality and coverup that actually exists behind this fur trade… This is just another way to do it. Good job guys!

  • HannaBanana says:

    I think this is great…Wish I could have been there to help!

  • Ana says:

    I needed that laugh!!!!

  • d says:

    While I’m all against fur that’s VERY insensitive of transvestites. It’s offensive that you’d mock someone’s sexual orientation. Humans are animals too respect them as well.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Simply beautiful!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Good work guys but I think Stella McCartney may have a few fashion tips for you.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Thomas is frighteningly good at that…