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Fur Free Friday

Written by PETA | November 23, 2007

Happy Fur Free Friday, people! I understand that today is a very big shopping day in this fine country, so I will be studiously avoiding any and all places of commerce throughout the day and focusing instead on the leftovers of yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast. But for anyone who is on their way out to take advantage of the big sales today, please don’t get carried away and buy anything made out of animals! By way of inspiration, here’s a little video we made to run during a Super Bowl a few years back. They rejected it, but it’s still a winner.

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  • we have registered our fur free friday protest in Akron/Fairlawn,Ohio, W. Market street at Summit Mall, 2:00 pm. How do people see the list from our area to know where we are and when

  • Oliver says:

    He he nice video if that just happend to all who weare fur good point

  • Susannah S says:

    Hey Anon I’ll be an ecoterrorist any day before I’d be a heartless numbnuts who thinks it’s just business at hand to kill an animal in this sick cruel way. See? I can call names too. So what? Cruelty by ANY other name is still cruelty and it’s really bad karma among other things to practice it.

  • mlo says:

    Hey anonymous so I guess in your sick heartless world the fur farms are the good guys eh????………. well what goes around comes around……better watch out!

  • jenna says:

    this is really good if people had this done to them they then think twice about animal fur. because what they do to those animals is cule and sick it is inhuman animals should be given the same rights as any one

  • silvia says:

    this is a good video peta maybe people can see how it is from another point of view

  • Susannah S says:

    I hope that I can see an end to the fur business in my lifetime. It is horrifying that ANYONE could skin a living creature alive. It makes you want to see the same done to the human who does this and that’s NOT a way I choose to think or act in the world. But this sick barbaric business needs to END and anyone who buys fur really does need to see these horrific videos. Maybe PETA could buy a truck mount a big TV screen on top and show the videos throughout the cities of the U.S. wherever fur is sold. I know someone did that once to great effect in NYC and it worked when people actually saw the videos. God this kills me but even worse it kills innocent creatures who have done NOTHING and kills them in the worst possible ways. A terrible indictment of humans that we allow this.

  • Anonymous says:

    PETA Eco Terrorists. That is all.

  • liliana says:

    This video is all the true! I have a sticker in my car for NO FUR

  • Tiffany says:

    I watched the the video of the fur farms in china and was utterly and completely disgusted. I could not understand how a person could torture a living breathing being without any kind of remorse. I have never liked the idea of using animals as a fashion statement and now I feel that way even more. I honestly feel that the people who could rip the skin off a live animal and leave it alive so it can die in such horrible pain should have the same done to them!!! I would love to see that person beat as he struggled to try to get away because he was in so much pain and could do nothing to stop it. I would love to smack that person in the face with a knife and then rip his skin off his body with it as a reminder of how much pain he is already in. I would love to laugh about other things as if I enjoyed what I was doing with no care in the world because he’s just a stupid human and no one will miss it. I wish that I could go to a local store and buy a human skin coat and no one would ever stop and think that it was wrong but the world isn’t that way. No one seems to stop and think that animals have feelings and that they feel pain too. The only thing that people who buy furs and contribute to this murder seem to care about is greed and those are the people who need to be tortured the same way the animals are.

  • K says:

    Tsk tsk.. I like that video. Simple and to the point.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    WTF?! I can see why it was rejected. That better be faux fur.

  • John Carmody says:

    We done a live reenactment of this video two years ago in Ireland and it got tons of headlines including TV which showed shocking cruelty on fur farms.