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Fur Flies at Anna Wintour Event

Written by PETA | May 13, 2009


frillr / CC
Anna Wintour

Queen Bee fur hag Anna Wintour didn’t really think we’d let her spread her fashion drivel gospel to the masses unfettered, did she?

As the Vogue editor prepared to give a talk at the New York City 92nd Street Y about the “cultural impact” of her rag magazine last night, two PETA members disrupted the event to let attendees know about the ethical impact of Wintour’s relentless promotion of fur.

As one fur foe unfurled a banner from the balcony reading, “Anna Wintour: Fur Shame,” a second activist addressed the crowd, saying, “I apologize for the interruption, but I need to let you know that this woman is contributing to the suffering of millions of animals every year through her continued endorsement of the fur industry, even though she knows that the animals in question are beaten, anally electrocuted, and frequently skinned alive.”

The protesters rabble roused until security escorted them out. We’re hoping that the audience now realizes that Ms. Wintour’s days as Vogue‘s editor should be numbered.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • lisa says:

    Anna Wintour looks like a Jersey Housewife in those furs! How dare she be a fashion leader!!

  • Anqel says:

    I completely agree with Sophia. Vogue is another publication which promotes freedom of speech and press. I doubt that by seeing someone parading a dead animal on there back will influence others that aren’t otherwise aware of any fashion sense. She is brilliant and no one deserves the defamation she gets from extremists. This only hurts your cause by making those who read Vogue misunderstand your purpose.

  • PETA says:

    Re: Sophia. Anyone who promotes stealing fur from animals in the name of fashion is not “brilliant.” Rather, Anna Wintour is the epitome of cruelty, who, sadly, can influence people’s decision to wear fur by promoting it in Vogue and by wearing it herself. To learn more about the horrific suffering that Anna Wintour promotes, check out — PETA.

  • Sophia says:

    I am not a supporter of fur, or animal abuse, but i think that peta should leave anna wintour alone she is a brilliant woman, and I love Vogue Magazine. If she wants to wear fur, that is her choice alone and I highly doubt she is affecting peoples decision to wear fur. I think people can make their own decision about that.

  • David says:

    Nice job PETA ! You see the expression on her face? that describes EVERYTHING. Would a worldwide ban on fur products be a possibility? Make it illegal to kill for fur illegal to use animal traps sell or wear it even faux fur no matter the species w maybe some exclusions to wool and alpaca fur not attached to the skin though lambs some are abused for their fun most alpacas are not and live on happy family farms. Could this be a possibility? thnx

  • amanda m says:

    im soo glad PETA hassled their silly fashion lecture. she may be old but HEY! so am I!! And I dont wear fur! so it aint about age! Its about a true lack of empathy and common sense. boycott her good for nothing rag of a mag!

  • Jan says:

    The only thing that deserves to wear fur is the animal that possess it. That this lady in promoting its wearing has no compassion is obvious.Sad as compassion is an enobling characteristic. I can only think that in her childhood she was not shown this by parental example.

  • Tom says:

    strong messages are useless if no one is listening. More often than not a gentle coaxing is more effective when converting others than a shove

  • Joanna says:

    I applaud the Peta members who had the courage to stand up and voice their objection to the vogue editor’s continued use of fur. This action is required to convey a strong message to society that when you wear fur you are contributing to the tortuous slaughter of innocent animals.

  • Tom says:

    Do you really think tactics like these encourage people to listen to your point of view? No they don’t. A better option would have been to set up a display outside and encourage people to listen. You then make your case to those willing to give your view a fair hearing. But disrupting lectures the use of vandalism etc. only makes an audience annoyed. And an annoyed audience is a closed minded audience.

  • Kaitlin H. says:

    I wish I could have been there!! It makes me sad that fashion is always about fur bc I love looking at girly magazines like Vogue Elle etc. It disgists me tho seeing models wearing fur coats or scarves or we. Believe me you look a whole lot sexier without that dead animal around your neck..

  • Jaquie says:

    She is a hard looking woman there are a tiny number of showbiz or wealthy fools that continue to wear fur they are OLD and past it when will Anna Wintour realise that the younger generation are more ethical and are sickened at the thought of wearing fur. When i think of a fur coat i think of a smelly old lady yuk. Vogue move on with the times and get a new editor.

  • carla says:

    What a Hag!!!! I have stopped buying her ugly ass magazine!!!!!!!

  • kelly says:

    Anna Wintour is actually mummified and a team of boring robots runs Vogue Vogue is for the geriatric set

  • yvone says:

    hideous woman!!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Dear God is this lady STILL editor of Vogue???? I would have thought by now the publishers would get the message that the editor of Vogue needs to be someone who is in touch with the world around her. Vogue needs an editor who can keep up with current fashion trends and real fur has been out of fashion for a very very long time. I don’t know anyone young who wears real fur and among the ladies my age and older very few are wearing it…I only know of one and she is in her 90’s and not always mentally alert…

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Fur is totally unnecessary. It’s unpardonable to confine trauamtize and exterminate sentient creatures when fake and cruelty free fur is as warm and comfortable as the fur derived from innocent animal corpses.