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Funny or Die?

Written by PETA | August 24, 2009

What happens when a demented Ronald McDonald sits down with one of television’s most befuddling interviewers? Visitors to Will Ferrell’s are finding out today. A bizarre PETA video just debuted featuring Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick character grilling a “fried” Ronald McDonald (Andy Dick) about the company’s slaughter practices.

While I’m excited about PETA’s first FunnyOrDie exclusive (so much so that I’m going to get down on my knees and beg you to vote “Funny“), I’m even more thrilled that The PETA Files has the exclusive on the bonus feature.

So gather your senses after watching the full-length on FunnyOrDie and check out this little “bonus feature” for some more outré commentary from Ronald “They’re Just Animals” McDonald.


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Now doesn’t that just make you want to head over to Facebook and join our “Not eating McDonald’s” fan page?

Written by Joel Bartlett

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  • danah says:

    i DO NOT think its funny,cause thats true.

  • Olivia says:

    Okay, WOWWW. No more Mickey D’s! Not in this lifetime at least!

  • missbwoods says:

    hahahah i loved this so much he did an amazing job, that’s for sure. anyone who wants mcdonald’s after this is fucking crazzzzy. sooo perfect. absolutely perfect.

  • A says: actually launched in April 2005. I think the other one was worse when it was called launched in 2004.

  • with "g" says:

    Just checked out the site which is mentioned in another post here. I do think it is racist and disgustingly insulting to everyone’s intelligence. It would be a good idea to leave negative feedback. Just click on the FEEDBACK tab. I did.

  • Michelle says:

    This is really cool. I hope many other comedians will help to fight these ridiculous fast food companies

  • pat ciochetto says:

    ie will ferrel………remember patrick henry. guess which part i getget it

  • simara says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!! right on to all the comedians for taking a stand on the reality of animal cruelty!!that is so cool!a prime example of people doing really good things with their voice xxs

  • Sarah says:

    McDonald’s just launched this website for black people called I think it’s pretty offensive that they’re trying to exploit black heritage to profit off of unhealthy food and cowmurdering. So I just bought and was taken and plan on putting together a spoof site exploiting how racist and horrible McDonald’s is it will be done in a funny way. Any ideas? Btw McDonald’s also has a site for Asians at Lame.

  • Courtney says:

    The fulllength video is cleverly written and really funny. It is a good way to bring awareness to this campaign.