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Frommer’s for a Poop-Free NYC

Written by PETA | May 22, 2008

I hate to “out” myself as a listener of Mancow’s Morning Madhouse Show, but I actually caught him praising Frommer’s Travel Guides this morning as his preferred companion while globe-trotting. Funny he should mention that, ’cause we love the folks at Frommer’s too!

In a very progressive move, Frommer’s Travel Guides is now advising readers not to support the horse-drawn carriage industry in New York City. In the New York Experiences to Avoid section of the 2008 Frommer’s Guide to New York City, tourists are instead urged to “[p]ity those poor beasts of burden,” who appear “so forlorn, as if [pulling carriages is] the last thing they want to do.” The guide recommends pedicab rides to people who “want a slow, leisurely ride through Central Park, minus the ripe and frequent smell of horse poop ….”

While it is of course excellent that Frommer’s is making this statement on behalf of horses in the city’s carriage industry, I can’t imagine that any reader of the guide—as a person with enough intellect to be literate—would find it too surprising that horses might not want to die in a car crash or, worse, spend a life in servitude to visiting yuppies. New York is famous for a host of other things—from window shopping to the good eats at Red Bamboo—so I don’t think visitors will be at a loss if they can’t spend a half-hour getting a buzz off the smell of feces.

—SeanPosted by Sean Conner, Laboratory Investigations Special Projects Coordinator

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  • manure says:

    Be nice to rathernotsay. The article title IS… Frommer’s for a PoopFree NYC If you haven’t been to NYC for a while I’ll remind you that horse manure is one of the few good smelling things down there. Sadly human feces are much more pungent and longer lasting. It’s sad that horses have to operate so close to big city traffic. It’s dangerous for them. I still don’t know that it’s abusive. My horses love it rural setting.

  • valerie says:

    Rathernotsay The point here is not the smell of the poop but rather the inhumane conditions for these poor working horses. As a self proclaimed “country girl” you are obviously ignorant as to the harsh conditions for horses working in midtown Manhattan. Pulling lazy tourists around the city on asphalt where temperatures have reached 200 degrees makes it virtually impossible for these horses to dissipate body heat. If the horse is dehydrated and can not produce sweat it is a life threatening situation.As you should know “country girl” spooking can happen to even the best trained horse. Their nature as prey animals has conditioned them to bolt first and consider the situation later. There is no such thing as a spook proof horse. If I am an “elitist” for caring about carriage horses then you are an ignorant fool.

  • Roxanne Delgado says:

    Thanks Frommer’s. I am buying the guide to keep as a memento. Hopefully one day the cruelty will end where there would be no horse drawn carriages in NYC

  • lynda downie says:

    Good for Frommer’s and for Mancow for praising them for taking this position. I agree Carla. Any one with a brain in hisher head can see these magnificent animals are afraid. And with good reason. Let them go and live life on their own terms NYC.

  • joanna says:

    Hey kelly what is about taxes with you? Dog breeders horse cab drivers and race horse owners are all big tax cheats according to you. Who cares? I am sure there are plenty of soy bean farmers that write off their combines incorrectly to shave a little on taxes as well. Give it rest. The problem is how the animals are treated.

  • rathernotsay says:

    Sorry but for a country girl this is laughable. Many of us that grew up around horses don’t think that horse manure smells offensive at all in fact it’s much less pungent than that of pigs or chickens. Running a campaign like this may appeal to cityslickers but to people in more rural areas those you should want to convert most this simply makes the organization seem prissy and in a way elitist. After all why would you want to save so many animals if the smell of their poop offends you so badly and creates “a step backwards for civilized society?”

  • Valerie says:

    This industry is abusive exploits horses. The horses have an average life span of 8 years compared with 25 years for average horses. A nose to tailpipe existance while being forced to weave in and out of traffic during weather extremes is no life for these gentle creatures. A dare any tourist to look into the eyes of one of these abused creatures and tell me the don’t feel guilty climbing on board! Kudos to Frommer’s!

  • kelly says:

    What Carolyn Daly really means is “the carriage horse people love all that tax free income they are hiding while they torture these horses” It’s a sleazy racket and a business that cheats all New Yorkers as well as causing accidents and killing horses. These people are well known for their incomehiding tricks. They brag about it.

  • Carla says:

    Ok rides around Central Park would have been accepted at the turn of the century!! But anyone who visits New York City now a days with a population of 8 million people and growing would see this is NOT a place for horses!! When you see the whites around their eyes popping out anyone with half a brain can see their fear! Carolyn Daly a spokes person for The Horse and Carriage Association is quoted saying “They so dearly love their horses” What BS!! Why torture them IF you love them sooo much!! New York is no place for horses plain and simple!!

  • kelly says:

    I am so impressed by Frommer’s. A step forward for civilized society!