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Friday’s Facebook Fun

Written by PETA | May 14, 2010

OK, so the weekend’s almost here, but if you need a little something to get you through the workday, jump on over to Facebook to check out our new game, Shivering Kittens.


Shivering Kittens


Don’t let the sad-sounding name throw you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rescue the chilly kitties from a frigid fate—and invite your friends to join in. As a bonus, they’ll learn a bit about how to help protect cats here in the real world. Gameplay is simplicity itself (think Tetris with a twist), and the grateful felines will even give you a thankful “meow” when you help them out of their predicament. Who knows? Trying to beat my high score of 134 saved kittens could even inspire you to spend the rest of your weekend—or your life—being a champion for animals!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Melanie says:

    This game is pretty fun. If I hadn’t had to get up this morning I think I would have stayed up much later last night it’s that addicting.