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Fox News Features Graphic Pig-Farm Video

Written by PETA | November 16, 2009

When I was 16 years old, I was invited to a picnic. When I arrived, I was shocked to realize that I’d actually been invited to a pig roastbig difference. The sight of a whole charred pig turning on a spit with an apple stuck in his mouth was all I needed to convince myself that I’d never eat pork, i.e. pig, again.

The pig was already dead, and I knew nothing about his journey from his mother’s womb to the fire pit. I didn’t need to—after all, I called myself an “animal lover,” so it was a simple, logical decision. If I wouldn’t eat my dog, I wasn’t going to eat a pig.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that pigs and other animals on factory farms routinely endure horrific abuses, millions of people continue to happily chow down on hot dogs and ham. Today, Fox News offers food for thought—the Web site is featuring exclusive undercover video footage taken by Mercy for Animals at Country View Family Farms, one of Pennsylvania’s largest pork producers and a Hatfield Quality Meat supplier.



The video shows a slew of horrors, including workers as they hurl baby pigs and slam them into transport carts, pick piglets up by their ears and tails, cut off the animals’ tails with pliers, and rip off their testicles with their bare hands without any painkillers. (The sound of screaming piglets in the video made my skin crawl.) Their squealing mothers are shown scrambling to escape workers who slam spiked mallets into the animals’ sides. Many pigs bear sores from their constant confinement—one mother pig suffered an excruciating prolapsed rectum for at least 13 days before she was killed.

Folks, this video is tough to view (I had to pause it three times), but as caring people, we owe it to ourselves and the animals it shows to watch it and then pass it on to others—along with a link to You can share the video and the link via e-mail, via a link on your Facebook page, and via “tweets.” Anyone you know who still needs convincing that animals suffer on factory farms won’t question it after they’ve watched this footage.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Jenn says:

    This makes me sick! Every animal is entitled to DIGNITY of life… God must be looking down on us shaking his head with discust. We as humans are to be responsible with Gods creatures and this is just GREED and EVIL. How sad 🙁

  • akshata says:

    Even though I had already given up eating red meat 3 years ago after watching this video I vow never to touch meat of any kind again. This is it. I quit. Thank you PETA for opening my eyes. God bless.

  • Claire says:

    This is soo sad!!! This is why I don’t eat pork!!!

  • Susan says:

    This is awful but the cruelty continues. Humans just one of many species should be ashamed of ourselves for the suffering caused. The people who do this do it because they can. At least treat them with dignity and respect. It might also be useful for major supermarkets to have proper labeling on their products so we can all see how the meat we are buying has been raised and treated. This sadly is not the case as I found out when I asked a member of staff to provide information. There were no leaflets available either.

  • Jordan says:

    this video is horrible i could barely watch the 1st 50 seconds let alone the entire thing this is a horrible issue that everyone should kno about…

  • Lucy says:

    How can these men go home at night and feel any good about their jobs?

  • Teresa says:

    Just the fact that a pig has to spend all her life in an iron maidenis so wrong not to mention urinate and defecate in the same spot often times while nursing her babies IS standard in the factory farm business. When I was in high school my friends and I went to the Peanut Festival in Dothan Al. There they had an ‘agricultural exhibit’ and in the middle of that exhibit was a momma pig laying in an iron maiden and on the other sides of the thick iron bars the baby pigs were trying to nurse. Obviously the mother pig was in extreme confinement. Because she was unable to move she wasd forced to urinate while nursi ng her piglets. There were so many people around and very noisy. People around her laughed when they saw her pee…I felt so sorry for that pig. That was the first time I ever saw farm animals in that condition and still haunts me to this day. No I no longer eat eggs meat or drink milk knowing what I know.

  • F.K. says:

    Ok. There is some ethical farms but I think the point is that despite the fact that animals aren’t tortured in a way like this video shows they are killed in any way. There is no reason for killing animals now a days because humans researchers discovered that we have many food options besides eating meat. So the only reason for people to eat meat is because of its taste. This kind of selfish present in human beings are unjustifiable. Animals have the right to live without human interference.

  • Debbie Kallenborn says:

    I made the decision not to watch the video only because I have seen a video before put out by PETA on skinning of animals while they were still alive. This was enough! I’ll never forget that. All of the animal abuse around the world needs to stop. You know if these animals could talk like you and I it probably would not be happening. We as humans are the voice of these innocent victims of curcumstances. Officials need to go to these farms and put these people under arrest for animal cruelty. They do it elsewhere. There should be no exceptions. Law Enforcement in this state take a stand. Shut them down so not another pig or any other type of animal has to suffer at the hands of another human that in this case I’m ashamed to say I’m apart of OMG Do something please!!! I’ve been reading on PETA’s material for years on investigations and all the things that are revealed on abuse. It seems like it just keeps getting worse. Are we really helping? Drastic measures need to be taken by the people. They PETAcan’t do it alone!

  • Vee says:

    I am not an emotional person however I can’t watch these videos because I will def. ruin my mascara. I’m already a vegetarian. I know that if I wasn’t and I saw these videos I would become one right away. No matter how much I enjoyed meat. I actually have a conscience. It’s really sad that not many people do.

  • alice says:

    where can i vote to closed this type of farms? is there any link or place?

  • Mark says:

    yeah this isnt that bad but not all are the same. dont like it dont eat meat simple. but to be brutt’s what we’re designed for. unfortunte conditions in this case