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Fox Decides It’s Hunter Season

Written by PETA | January 14, 2011
jinterwas/CC by 2.0

A hunter in Belarus wound up in the hospital after he was shot by a fox he had wounded and was trying to kill with the butt of his rifle. As the determined fox fought back, she pulled the trigger of the gun with her paw. The bullet struck the hunter’s leg, and the fox made her escape.

Here’s hoping that the fox is recovering and that the hunter has learned his lesson. If not, the next time they come face to face, she just might take a trophy for her den.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Moscow_Den says:

    Just violation of safety! I know a fatal accident with a fisherman who being drunk got a photo with a beaver. The beaver just bit his inguinal artery.

  • seneidra yuille says:

    i think this is awsome………. man sucks & deserves what is dished up to them! goodness me there should be more of it lol 😉 good on you foxy!!!!!

  • Hellzduck says:

    So what you are telling me is that it is ok for a Lion to hunt and kill a zebra, that is nature, but people cant hunt and kill our own food, that is cruel? Cruel is letting the animals die on there own due to overpopulation, Deer die of starvation, and lay out in the woods and rot? or they run into traffic and get killed, just to be scrapped off of the road and sat in the grass off to the side. Y is it not right to hunt for your food. DONT EAT MEAT! WE CAN ALL BE VEGANS AND JUST EAT SOY!!!! Bull, Look at your teeth, we are omnivores, We have plant eating teeth in the back, and meat eating teeth in the front. That means we were intended to consume flesh. Get that through your Heads people.

  • fred says:

    The fox did not try to do that so don’t go congratulating it. The hunting need money and food. I feel sorry for him not the fox. Hunting is ok. Our ancestors hunted, why shouldn’t we.

  • Rebel Sportsman says:

    I have be hunting for 11 years and what meat i don’t store in my freezer i give to the less fortunate. Animal lovers have a right to be against hunting but i don’t think its wrong. I look at myself as a farmer and Deer manager and saving small deer until they get bigger and healthier for the next generation of hunters!

  • Gina says:

    I would hope you wouldn’t find the suffering of any creature–even a misguided human–funny.

  • Ed says:

    So, humans are different than animals and possess higher thought processes and use these to their advantage? So much for all that “a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy” crap. But I understand the humor. I get the same laughs when the idiots aboard the Sea Shepherd place themselves in peril through their own stupidity.

  • Rita says:

    Nope. I don’t consider the fox a murderer because it doesn’t know any better. It’s an animal who only knows how to hunt for food. It’s not a human and it doesn’t have the same thought process as a human. A hunter is a human with the ability to think and reason. He chose to go out and kill an animal, more than likely for fun and not for food..and was too cheap to even bother finishing it off humanely with a bullet and decided to beat it to death. I do find his being shot hilarious and deserved – akin to a Grandma who steals the gun of someone who’s about to steal her purse and shoots him with it. (I’m sure you’d be the one saying “oh, that poor robber, he didn’t deserve to be shot” though.)

  • Ed says:

    So, by your logic Rita it would be hilarious if the fox got caught in barbed wire while chasing a rabbit and died a slow, painful death. Yeah, karma’s a bitch.

  • Rita says:

    Atom265, it’s hard not to take joy when a murderer gets his comeuppance. He went there with the intent to cause pain and death to another living creature and instead he got hurt. I can’t say I feel too sorry for him when he was planning to do the same thing to the fox.

  • Jordan says:

    YAY! Way to go little buddy! How clever?!!!? Well…it serves him right!!! Hopefully, he’s not gonna mess with foxes again! 🙂

  • i love dogs says:

    I don’t care if i’m a boy i’m going to say it, that fox is so cute!!!

  • Eva Schmelzer says:

    Leave the foxes where they are at home. They have the same right to live like the humans.

  • Nicolas says:


  • Kitsune says:

    Good for the fox! Guess what? When an animals life is in jeopardy, they’ll do what they have to in order to escape! Even if it means popping a cap in your sorry ass! Fox hunting for sport is sick and twisted!

  • Leanne<3 says:

    Agreed! Karma is a Bitch!!! 😀 I wouldnt wish anyone pain but he did ask for it didnt he? 😛

  • carrieday says:

    And I be the hunter is mad at the fox. Go figure!

  • Jeanell says:

    Awesome!! Karma baby!!

  • Layla says:

    Hehehe…. sorry for laughing, but karma definitely came around to bite this hunter in the butt!!

  • jaya says:

    For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma.

  • Mell says:

    LUV this story…you go FOXY!

  • nancy says:

    I can’t believe a human would be struggling with a fox trying to kill the animal, while the fox is obviously fighting to live. There has to be some defect in this person. Another win for karma when the fox shot him back!

  • kitkat13 says:

    wow… gotta say he got what he deserved

  • andry_viollin says:

    I wish this fox had a twitter, then I´d follow it, ´cause I´ve got to say FOX I AM YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN!!!LOL

  • brekkie says:

    Yes, because it’s so wonderful that an injured fox (presumably in bad shape since it was already “wounded” and he was about to kill it) had to suffer. The poor thing probably crawled away to die somewhere, in a lot of pain. An injured fox would probably not survive long in the wild.

  • Bradley Savage says:

    Way to go, fox!!!!!

  • Atom265 says:

    *sigh* PETA why do you shed tears when animals are hurt but point and ridicule when a human is hurt.

  • Polyglossus says:

    incredible! I hope the fox survives

  • cow says:

    hahaha lol fox ftw

  • ashley king says:

    Pink retweeted this story! So cool! Yay Mrs. Fox! 🙂

  • Krista says:

    This part makes me sick to my stomach: “…he had wounded and was trying to kill with the butt of his rifle…” Ugh! What a monster! I’m glad he got hurt.

  • Sarah says:

    This fox shows that even though human may have advanced further by building and destroying things on a mass scale, our little animals critters are still smarter than us and we would do well to respect them.

  • catlover1998 says:

    awwwwww! that is such a cute and smart fox!!!

  • Rossi says:

    Oh wow. Way to go there little fox!

  • Angelica says:

    That is awesome!

  • Chibcha says:

    well done girlfriend!

  • simba says:

    HAHA!! That’s what he gets!!

  • Ashley Cortez says:

    AHAHAHAHA wow good for the fox

  • andikay777 says:

    HA! That’s what you get! I suppose that loser thought it was ‘sporting’ until the game shot back… Serves him right, and what a clever little fox.

  • princessmischka says:

    YAY FOX!

  • Tony says:

    Well sometimes fox populations have to be kept in check, also in most places foxes are considered pest’s. Foxes have a long-standing reputation for killing and injuring livestock. Particularly in urban environments, where foxes may be bolder and more often seen,there is also a concern about their physical aggressiveness. many foxes carry disease that might not being extremely harmful to the fox, but if a human is bit, they could catch something that makes them very ill and could even kill them. but i hope both the the fox and especially the hunter are ok.

  • chessi115 says:

    aww!! yay fox!!

  • irish251 says:

    karmas a *****, well done to the fox 🙂