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Have a ‘Fowl’ Halloween–Be Colonel Sanders!

Written by PETA | October 23, 2008

Still don’t have a Halloween costume? Too tall to pass for a Trollsen Twin? Take a tip from PETA VP Dan Mathews: be the Colonel.

“Impersonating a scary guy like Colonel Sanders at Halloween is a great way to get a PETA point across at parties and become a frontrunner in costume contests,” says Mathews, shown in the accompanying photos in his anti-KFC get-up. KFC is a total house of horrors after all—and our depictions of the colonel are terrifying enough to go along with Saw V. So, why not take advantage of KFC’s hideousness and make a gloriously scary Halloween costume? All you need is a white suit and a bloody bucket!

Conveniently, printable versions are available for you to make your very own bucket of blood to accessorize your costume.




Dan Mathews as Colonel Sanders Dan Mathews as Colonel Sanders Dan Mathews as Colonel Sanders


Yikes! Terrifying, no? It’s a little scary how well Dan pulls that off … of course, he does have experience—no, not as a chicken torturer! In costumes and as a model! Sheesh.

Only eight days left until Halloween! Better get cracking with the corn syrup and red food coloring—you want to have enough blood, don’t you?

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Veggiekid says:

    I agree with Kelly. Besides a vegan or vegaterian diet is healther . WE DO get enough protean ever heard of beans

  • Kiani says:

    Well he has a point. Some poeple in slaughterhouses are good people but others are sadistic. Still I eat meat but most of it is organic and free range. We eat eggs from a farmer nearby milk from the same guy and freerange buffalo meat. And im not trying to argue im just honestly curious if humans are supposed to be herbivores why do we have canine teeth made specifically for tearing flesh? And didn’t Jesus give the people fish in the Bible? That’s meat isn’t it?

  • Kurt K says:

    I will give you one thing ‘coin’ the men on the videos are assholes. That is a fact! The problem is that they represent a small percentage of the men and women who work in such places. The reason why I asked if you knew what that meant is because I think you believe everybody who works in slaughterhouses are “sadistic”. Which is complete bullshit. Just becuase they don’t share the same beliefs as you doesn’t make them bad people. You just can’t draw the distinction between the truely sadistic and the normal people who happen to work for the industry.

  • NICOLE says:

    Firstly if you look at the biological makeup of a human being it is clearly evident that we were not made to eat meat! That is something we have picked up over time because human beings are too curious for our own good! and what ever argument you would like to bring up about that we need meat is invalid. as we are now able to sustain a completely vegetarian even vegan lifestyle that is better for us humans and the environment. secondly the reason anyone would think it is right to eat meat is a stupid victim of consumerism. you are getting fooled into believing it is a good industry and the only reason the meat market is still around is because it is largely profitable and largely government funded and because there are yet to be proper restrictions on it. IF ANYONE WANTS TO ARGUE ANY POINT WHAT SO EVER WITH ME I WOULD BE MORE THAN GLAD IF YOU COULD INITIATE A DEBATE!! I AM ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT YOU WILL BE LEFT SPEECHLESS!!

  • vegancoin says:

    “Are you sure you know what “sadistic” means?” Oh yes i know what it means but obviously you don’t. Anybody with a brain and the merest amount of compassion who has watched any undercover footage on factory farms and other place where animals are treated like a commodities knows that the sheer amount of brutality suffering and torture taking place is sadistic inhumance and cruel. A sadistic act is one that that engenders “enjoyment in being cruel” andor “extreme cruelty.” There is just no other definition for what goes on on a feedlot a fur farm a vivisection lab or a factory farm.

  • Kurt K says:

    Vegancoin Are you sure you know what “sadistic” means? You sure use it alot and I don’t know if it applies much of the time.

  • vegancoin says:

    To “the guy peta finds mildly irritating at times” Humans are herbivores we are not carnivores. In fact we are anatomically herbivorous. Having said that stopping the immense amount of suffering and unthinkable and sadistic brutality that is found on factory farms and other cases where animals are treated like mere commodities is a far cry from making a fuss over nothing. “I’m not trying to be overly difficult rather just understand why PETA wants everyone to completely boycott meat entirely.” Meat is murder. Unthinkable atrocities including sadistic and reprehensible acts of violence and unnatural behaviors are forced upon peaceful intelligent and sentient creatures. and this only for imaginary gain and athropocentric profit and greed.

  • Derek, MD says:

    To “the guy peta finds mildly irritating at times” Humans are not and never have been carnivores. At best one could call humans “opportunistic omnivores” although based on anatomical evidence it might be more appropriate to categorize humans as “opportunistic herbivors” that adapted the scavenger lifestyle to include hunting in order to ensure survival when vegetation could not be found. Instinct for survival and instinct to hunt meat are two separate issues. Comparing educating ignorant meateaters with racism is an offbase analogy to say the least.

  • Dennis Lee Cleven says:

    Regardless of whether Colonel Sanders died ages ago his image is still on KFC’s logo. If one just looks at the primetime TV ads it is all about meat and all the franchises and chains while there are independent restaurants that cater to Vegetarians and Vegans. I find it absolutely repulsive that this society still bases meals around dead animals! It is completely unnecessary. But these fast food chains are inexpensive and it is because of how factory farming is a cheap way of raising animals for food. It isn’t cheap in the sense of how it affects our environment human health and the animals who live in misery. When I was 19 a friend gave me a copy of Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation”. It changed my life. Small farms are gone where farmers killed the animals themselves. I was asked by my friend if I could kill animals for food and I exclaimed “No!” So I became a vegetarian. I have been a Vegan for many years now. The Food Pyramid is a lie and so is the protein myth. I will not spend a penny towards animal suffering. Visit an animal sanctuary and see how marvelous these animals our society calls food animals. Like any cat or dog each is an individual.

  • the guy who finds peta mildly irritating at times says:

    well sasha i doubt “well you eat KFC!” counts as a legit insult but i wont flame you for it. I dont want to start wars i dont want hate i want answers. Now we dont own chicken or cow’s etc but we have survived on animal for years. maybe we are at a stage where we must evolve beyond the common animals urge to eat meat and find more food but i dont think so. I eat kfc yeah wow i dont like the fact it was a chicken but hell i like it and i eat it and i will continue to now first question am i evil? am i evil for abiding by the same instinct any carnivore would feel? tell me? when a bear rips its prey to shreds when a tiger eviscorates its prey is it wrong? is it wrong that we as a race eat meat as a necesity? where is the difference? Now you guy’s you guys are awesome. standing up for something you beleive in helping the little guy. So dont think for a second that i’m insulting you. It’s just that i was eating at KFC and a guy was stareing angrilly at me. Then he proceded to enter the place and publicly announce that “chicken is not yours to eat!” now this made me furious. That he would be that rude to insult everone for abideing by the same instinct his beloved wildlife do. so i was drawn here. now it feels to me as if you guy’s are making a fuss over nothing it’s like having a go at someone because of their skin coulour…..oh…

  • Jay says:

    Michael said I HAVE A PARTICULAR DISTASTE FOR KFC FOOD IT IS JUST NASTY. HOWEVER I WILLINGLY AND KNOWINGLY EAT MEAT DAILY. I APPRECIATE PETA’S EFFORTS TO ENCOURAGE COMPANIES TO BE MORE HUMANE BUT I’M CURIOUS AS TO WHAT YOUR DEFINITION OF HUMANE IS. Let’s just use the dictionary definition of HUMANE which is… CHARACTERIZED BY TENDERNESS COMPASSION AND SYMPATHY FOR PEOPLE AND ANIMALS ESP. FOR THEIR SUFFERING OR DISTRESS. I’ll guess that you consider yourself a humane person. Michael if you’re up for having some compassion I have one little request. No I’m not asking you to stop eating meat. I’m asking this Allow yourself to feel just a little tiny bit conflicted inside. How can you not? Have you not any any minute amount of compassion for the suffering of animals? Is it possible animals experience terror and pain? I know this is a frightening idea to even consider but let’s do just briefly. You say you WILLINGLY KNOWINGLY EAT MEAT DAILY. Would you be willing to look objectively at your choice of words for a moment? Can you hear the defiance? Perhaps a bit defensive. And like a brag. Like you’re proud. Proud of what? Proud of your power to do what you want in the face of people who profess otherwise? But no one is telling you you cannot do what you want. Why be defensive? You sound like a thoughtful intelligent person. I know that deep down you can just consider I’m not asking you to agree just to consider that animals do not exist for the purpose of your feeding upon them. Can you consider for just a second that that sort of domination is reflective of everything dark and warlike in the world? Can you see a tiny conflict between eating a chicken or cow… and loving a cat or dog? After all what really is the difference between animals on a farm and in a pound? I’ve worked around farm animals. I’ve seen them be fearful of strangers and relaxed around people they recognize. Could you consider that any defense against what I’m saying such as cows and chickens are already bred as food by someone else etc. that a defense such as that might possibly be a justification for doing whatever the heck one wants and not letting anyone suggest they take stock of any conflicting thoughts or values no matter how small and niggling? Every person on the planet counts. You as much as me. And if you can allow yourself a tiny bit of inner conflict it’s a beginning.

  • kelly says:

    I’m still interested to know why people who obviously do NOT support PETA continuously show up on their site to start arguments. How can you say “I appreciate PETA’s efforts to encourage companies to be more humane” and in the next sentence say “I willingly and knowingly eat meat daily.” ??? You obviously DON’T care about their efforts at all. To answer Michael’s question I think the point PETA tries to get across is that there are people such as yourself that will NEVER stop eating meat. And PETA as well as us vegansvegetarians are well aware of that fact. However that doesn’t mean that because it’s your socalled “nature” to eat the meat the animals that are butchered for your meals must live horrible torturefilled existences and die agonizing deaths. THAT is what is inhumane. And let’s face it … there will ALWAYS be companies that will treat animals cruelly. We as humans do it to ourselves? We treat each other like crap. Why on Earth would the meat industry stop? So your question as to what happens after the neglect and abuse ends is pointless. BUT … let’s just say they DID stop treating their animals like soulless unfeeling creatures. The truth is red meateggsetc are not necessary to survive and certainly aren’t on the top of the list of healthy foods. Check it!

  • vegancoin says:

    Humans are not omnivores. Humans clearly lack the physical characteristics of carnivores humans are anatomically herbivorous. and there is alot wrong with eating the flesh of a brutally tortured and sadistically slaughtered innocent animals.

  • Tom says:

    Humans are not omnivores. FYI. Carry on.

  • Adam Cooper says:

    thats a boring costume. at least in louisville.

  • Thomas Olsen says:

    Ohh Dan! You are something I would actually love to be that for Halloween!

  • Jess says:

    That’s one person who won’t be getting any cruelty free candy from me!

  • jason says:

    to gracesowhat’s wrong if he eats at KFC? it’s his right to eat whereever he wants. maddy ath saidIt’s a bit obsessive right you aremaddy.

  • Michael says:

    To Grace I have a particular distaste for KFC food it is just nasty. However I willingly and knowingly eat meat daily. I appreciate PETA’s efforts to encourage companies to be more humane but I’m curious as to what your definition of humane is. Are you suggesting that we humans omnivores should disregard our nature and not eat meat at all? If we could get companies to not be abusive and awful what would be the big deal in eating meat? My guess would be that you would still not eat it. That then raises the following question PETA advocates for the ethical treatment of ALL animals including carnivorous and omnivorous ones. Why then is it okay for those animals to be true to their nature but not us humans? Perhaps someone else could help Grace out as well … I’m not trying to be overly difficult rather just understand why PETA wants everyone to completely boycott meat entirely.

  • Michele says:

    KFCs in Canada have adopted PETA’s recommendations for more humane treatment of the chickens. The other KFCs around the world have not and so the boycott continues in all countries except Canada. Awesome idea PETA!

  • grace says:

    To Maddy Ath NO KFC is NOT treating its chickens humanely now. And so what if some people don’t “get it.” It’s a good way to get the message across to the masses on Halloween. What’s the problem with that? You probably eat at KFC!

  • SASHA says:


  • Maddy Ath says:

    I’m sorry but do you really need to do this? I thought KFC was treating their chickens humanely now. It’s a bit obsessive to go for Halloween and I really doubt anyone will see the costume and say “Oh gosh those poor chickens.” Or even “that’s scarier than Saw.”

  • Crystal says:

    That’s not Dan is it? Wow he is not his super hot self as always! I don’t think I could pull off it at five foot two.. LOL Mary Kate Ashley scare my kids so no go there either!

  • beth says:

    Dan Mathews is amazing and i adored his book. but now he looks sooo scary in these pics!! i love it!

  • BBR says:


  • Ben Y. says:

    Saw II was one Saw too many IMO. And I don’t mean to be a negative nelley but considering the Meet Your Meat video is tame compared to the actual Saw films then wouldn’t the message sort of get lost?