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Former Trauma Training Teacher Speaks Out

Written by PETA | August 19, 2009

Just like the Beach Boys, we wish they all could be California girls—because California girls put on one heck of a protest! Check out these Left Coast ladies in action outside Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California:


Camp Pendleton


Credit also goes to the California boys who attended the protest, including Scott Adams, a retired paramedic who used to teach trauma training courses (without using animals, of course). As he told a reporter for North County Times, “If I hadn’t taught trauma, I probably wouldn’t have formed such a strong opinion. They could use human cadavers; that would more closely mimic what they’re trying to teach.”


Camp Pendleton


If you want to see for yourself what the protesters are up in arms about, check out the graphic photos that PETA has obtained of pigs who were stabbed, mutilated, and killed by Deployment Medicine International, the military contractor that conducts trauma training exercises for Camp Pendleton. After viewing the photos, please send an e-mail urging the government to stop stabbing and shooting animals and start using non-animal alternatives in all trauma training exercises.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • sophie says:

    just because ur in the army doesnt make you an authority or give you the right to do whatever you want! They should train medics on criminals or death row prisoners instead, not innocent animals.

  • Tina says:

    Lets all face it, this is cruel. There are a lot of people that do risk their life for other people’s wars or in order to guarantee the safety of others. To call folks coward is not right. But these actions of exercising by sacrifice instead of investing in a better or more time intese education in order to save lives in demented!

    I whatsoever rather have an own opinion then closing my eyes, walking with the masses. SERVING A COUNTRY DOES NOT MAKE EVERY ACTION RIGHT!

  • Wiilam says:

    This is PETA gone too far, I am completely against the cruel treatment of animals, but this is over the line. There is good reason for the Trauma training in the Military. It is for men and women who might have their effing legs blown off by a road side bomb. All these new age boujwa Americans need to realize that even in the U.K. we see a need for war. You all should be ashamed of treating your troops like this. Why not strap on a ruck grab a gun and walk through a pashtun valley and we will see how much you are against this medical training.

  • DevilDoc says:

    I find it amusing that PETA has organized teens to rally on a “cruel” life saving training. This organization has methods very simular to a terrorist sect. Anyways I went through the training in 2006, since then have deployed a couple of time (7) and have indeed saved many Marines through this training. There is no “alternative” or “friendly” way of saving a persons life. I am a firm believer on this issue and believe it’s agenda is a vital asset to the Corpsman/Medics (especially a tier 1) pipline. Thnks for those who called your own service members a coward, I did not know liberal from the Vitnam era are still around. They where called and they stood up and went in. Our jobs may sux but every one has a mom/dad and I have personally shaken the hands of those son’s I have saved. Coward, that is funny to me… have you ever felt a 7.62 round blow through your chest/leg/arm? Just wondering.

  • Medic says:

    Next time you are injured, ask the doctor to not use an procedure learned on an animal. That will take their gloves off and watch you die. Did you know that Medicare, better yet poor minorities, are transported to teaching hospitals to be practiced on? Wake up!

  • Anna says:

    This is cruel and barbaric. For those in the military that are offended by being called cowards. You may not be cowards but you are not freethinkers you are not patriotic and you are walking in the dark working not for your country but for a small group of greedy corporations the ONLY ones that profits from war. Please do your research and open your eyes.

  • Kurt K says:

    Laura I can’t thank you enough for what you have sacrificed for our country. I am forever in your debt.

  • Laura says:

    Hold up. I am currently in the military and take it personal when you call us cowards. Do you go over to war in 150 degree weather? No. I personally know how much all the combat gear weighs and you as I’m guessing a civilian couldn’t handle it. We sign up and go fight in combat so that YOU can even be able to post that comment. I am a member of PETA but I am also a proud member of the Army. And needless to say army comes first. We need the most relavent training so when we are overseas and someone in our unit gets injured we can save thier life. Just remember this before posting offending comments about the military Without us you are nothing America is nothing. We don’t like leaving our families for 615 months knowing we may never come back. But we do because we love this country and WE are BRAVE enough to go over and fight for it. Until I see you doing something that brave you literally have no right to comment about us being cowards. You don’t just offend the people doing the abuse to the animals and are in the wrong you offend all of US soldiers as a whole. Think before you type. Thanks again for being one of those people that live in America and enjoy the freedom but don’t realize or support how much any of us soldiers have given up to defend that freedom.

  • Kurt K says:

    Marine1 Good luck Devil Dog! I wish you well. Give ’em hell.

  • marine1 says:

    I will personally be going through the training of the combat life savers course in a couple of weeks. It is imperative training that my platoon needs before we go into a combat zone so that if someone’s leg an American soldier’s an Afghani child’s etc gets blown off by a roadside bomb each soldier will have the necessary tools and training to stop the bleeding and possibly save the person’s life. The live animal is under anesthesia when the femoral artery is severed. This severing is a very realistic way to simulate a bleed out type scenario in a safe training environment on an animal that is going to end up at the slaughter house anyway. If during my training anything seems cruel overly violent and or tortuous you can be sure I will voice my concerns to my command. I will check back in after the training so I can talk about it firsthand and perhaps put some minds to rest.

  • Jamie says:

    What upsets me is them denying this is even going on in some places. I was a TDY clerk in the Army and saw many orders for soldiers to do this training at Fort Sam Houston TX. Last summer there was a PETA protest outside of Fort Campbell. I remember reading about it in the paper and saw where the woman in charge of the schoolhouse flat out denied there being that training or any animals at the schoolhouse. I know for a fact that they do the training in that schoolhouse and I know exactly where the animals are kept….and that’s out of site hidden between some buildings. Wish I could have been around for that protest and I would have personally busted their lies on the spot and shown everyone where the animals were.

  • Brad says:

    Milmom as for an alternative to the real thing I would like to suggest not going to war. No dead humans no need for trauma training or the donkeys. Seriously tho that training is absolutly disgusting and you must have been one cold individual to partake in somthing so barbaric. You have my sympathys.

  • Milmom says:

    I’ve actually done the training. Simulators are terrible because they aren’t accurate and malfunction. If there was an alternative I would be all for it. The animals we used were a great representation and though it was sad to see them that way the same emotions would come if it were a human being. All you healthcare workers that said you get great training blaseh blaseh well let me ask you this can you fit 100+ emts a week in your ER? If you have a facility that can handle that and are willing to please pass their name forward.

  • Pat Valdez says:

    Ref Posted by Cammie August 23 2009 1125 AM My question is Instead of training brave soldiers why are they training ruthless cowards ? We that defend this great nation have endured many months away from our families high temperatures and now being called cowards. This training is critical to save the lives of our young people that have volunteered to support and defend the constitution and to ensure that we may execute our freedom of speech. A coward runs from conflict these young people run to the sound of the guns. Do you want your medical provider to be the best trained to be able deal with stress? Nobody enjoys seeing any unnecessary pain to humans or animals. Patrick Valdez Command Sergeant Major US Army

  • Emily says:

    All these comments are wonderful and I’m glad people care so much about the way animals are to be treated. I’ll just take a hopeful leap and assume you are all vegans than. In that way animals are being treated like deserving creatures and not used abused neglected and murdered. Remember that one sin does not outweigh another. Military treating these animals so terribly is despicable but so is going to the grocery store and being your lunch meat or gallon of milk. Keep up the fight!!! Damn the man etc. Go animals!!!

  • Doris says:

    My question is Instead of training brave soldiers why are they training ruthless cowards ?

  • Cammie says:

    I’m a military wife and seeing stuff like this doesn’t make me proud to say i am one. “I love the military but stop training on live animals”

  • Tara Stewart says:

    Hell on earth!

  • Carole Stough says:

    Some people are just mean don’t care about the animals and some actually may enjoy the cruelity like Michael Vick but usually for some it’s about the moneygreed.For him it was probably both.

  • Liza Johnson says:


  • david says:

    I don’t really see attractive women in protests I’ve gone to maybe I live in the wrong area. Makes them hotter when they have a heart for animal welfare.

  • Dawn Carlisle says:

    In response to Blair S… I am a healthcare worker who has been taught to provide emergency medicine to individuals with lifethreatening trauma. During that training real time effectiveness” was a priority however pigs and goats were not used. That said I can say with absolute certainty while putting all animal cruelty claims aside that teaching military medics to perform humanlife saving maneuvers during faux trauma simulations with the use of injured pigs or goats is a substandard outdated and quite frankly negligent training technique. FYI…’inexpensive’ does NOT effective and ‘inexpensive’ has no place in the ‘meager at best’ training sessions of military medics who are no more qualified to administer emergency medicine than the average Joe walking down the street. If the military wants to make a fruitful investment in the skills of these lay individuals the military must invest in the same anatomically correct and yes “expensive” dummies that every other reputable trauma teaching institution uses to teach trauma care. It’s blatantly ignorant to expect military medics to perform life saving maneuvers on dying soldiers after a few practice sessions on pigs. When I read this it blew my mind! I work closely with dozens of individuals who were trained to perform the same maneuvers effectively while local pig populations played safely in the mud. I think it’s reasonable to expect the same from the United States Department of Defense. As far as “cost” goes…give me a break! Human simulators can be reused time and time again and are a more reliable indicator of failure or success for many reasons one being a measurable losses of faux bodily fluids. How much does NASA spend on space simulation? Do we train astronauts how to ambulate without the force of gravity by hooking their belt loops to cables and lifting them up in the air? As much as I hate to see animals used in this manner to me this is so much more than an animal cruelty issue. Apparently our American soldiers are not being provided with the latest and most effective training available to save the lives of fellow soldiers and that I find that shocking! When I and others were trained in trauma care we were provided with the most uptodate learning resources medicine had to offer and that did not include the use of anatomically incorrect animals. More than once our training has been used to save the life of someone dying from a selfinflicted gunshot wound. More than once our training has been used to save the life of a dying drunk driver. Dont our dying American soldiers deserve the same healthcare benefits?

  • Leopoldo Arias Trejo says:

    I’m shocked at hearing about this kind of Trauma Training. I think that the military can do better than this on the other hand maybe they won’t stop this until executive order comes. I hope that people here will contact the President as chief officer of the Armed Forces and urge him about this. Now that Healthcare debate is on it’s good time to press for less animal use in Government Laboratories. So get down writing people.

  • Doris Christie says:

    Where do I make a donation to fight this problem.

  • Hope says:

    I got an idea why don’t we use all the sex offernders and child molesters instead atleast we would be able to sleep at night! soundly!

  • Edward says:

    Neville According to peta.orgtrauma most animals are still concious when the woundchemical agent is inflicted on them like a soldier on the battlefield. The only reason why they would make the animal unconcious is for specific stunts where the “soldier” is unconcious like smacking someone over the head with a shovel or they are losing too much blood.

  • Christine says:

    Animal or human abuse is sickening. Too bad I am Finnish and cant write the online petition for these poor animals!

  • saraswathi says:

    stop this immediately

  • neville says:

    Are the animals rendered unconscious before mutilation by the Military ? If so how ? Either way this puts the West on a par with PR China with no laws to protect animals and horrific atrocities condoned by the PRC Govt.

  • Blaire S. says:

    It seems a bit naive to think that the military wouldnt use live animals. It displays real time effectiveness of the ammo they are using as well what to expect in the field. use alternatives? What alternatives to real life? dummies? yeah that wont get expensive. Big for 30$ or dummy for 1000$ ? im sure thats why they are used. Its cruel but im sure they dont have a cheap alternative. And the cruelty to donkeys thing must be a joke. War is hell…they cant pack all of their gear and they dont have any other way of moving it through the mountains. I may not agree with it but again if your not doing anything to offer an alternative why complain?

  • Lys Devon-Baker says:

    These acts are atrocious. Since I strongly believe in the Barter system let’s trade one offspring or relative for every animal being used in this barbaric fashion from every military person in service. As inhumane as this sounds I believe the killing would come to an abrupt halt! This instruction is for demonstration purpose only but sure does make you think eh?

  • Mrs. S. Searle says:

    Are you sure the military is not just trying to desensitise young soldiers to various atrocities that they could meet in the field of comabt therebye showing them that anything is acceptable and justified no matter how nasty. How do you expect these people to care about anything when you have finished with them? compasion sympathy humanity for lesser beings you are exploiting patriotism its disgusting and you are planning on sending more animals out to be abused no doubt they say history repeats itself how about learning from it as well.!!

  • Tanisha de Villiers says:

    I cant believe that this actually goes on. I cant believe that we are supposed to be the most intelligent race on earth.. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THAT IS TRUE.. How can we be so smart if some of us believe this kind of practice is acceptable.. ITS DISGUSTING AND IM SADDENED DEEPLY.. It needs to stop now. These people are scum of the earth. God sees everything and they will soon meet their Maker and i pray their suffering is for eternity.

  • Monette Gould says:

    Society is not allowed to treat animals this way why should military be allowed to do so? This is barbaric and not acceptable!

  • Edward says:

    I have learned from watching the Discovery Channel that pigs are a good analogue for humans since they have about the same flesh density as humans. But Discovery has also taught me that they can use a material called ballistics gel. I think it has animal products but it also has the same consistency of flesh as well as not involving live animals. You can even include fake blood bags replica bones and organs etc. to make it as realistic as possible. You can shoot it all you want and it won’t care!

  • Stop These Atrocities says:

    And does the military that commits such horrible atrocities really not look down upon those women and girls with their signs if the military even notices? Does strength respect weakness or rather despise it? The only thing a military respects is if people take up arms and fight successfully and continually against the military with no concern for their own lives year after year after year never ceasing men women children with the determination to die in order to do any damage at all to the enemy. That and not some girls looking like weak and despicable civilians with signs is what a military pays attention to. Alternatively the citizenry should strongly protest to the controllers of the military those who finance it the government of Obama and all. You must target protests towards the military’s weak spot the politicians. Protest at their homes and offices. Also protest any recruitment and make sure children are shown what the military is up to. The military fears a lack of recruitment and a lack of funds not some weaklooking civilians with signs.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I think that if the military is going to start using donkeys and mules to carry their gear there are probably plenty of them already in Afghanistan as well as families who could use the money selling their donkey or mule would bring. I also suggest the military remember what happened when it tried to use camels and what a colossal failure that was.

  • Pamela Ernest says:

    I’m delighted to see young women doing something more worthwhile than texting and shopping

  • elen says:

    oh my god!! cruel!!! ANIMALS have RIGHTS to LIVE too!!! they have mothers to born them to this world.. just like us!! i strongly agree with Brien Comerford!!

  • Rhoon Koerner says:

    It is extremely hard to believe that there are still people who do such atrocities to innocent animals who can not defend themselves. We are living in the 21st century not back in the dark ages. We all know better than to have innocent animals abused for the military. Step up do the right and show the world by leading in example that animals should not be exploited and make the decision to not support the ugly bloody and inhumane way that these animals are being abused used killed.

  • Aneliese says:

    It’s great how there was a former trauma training teacher there I’m sure that will make a lot of people think it’s not just a bunch of “animal lovers” who know this is wrong.

  • Wow says:

    Wow “need need them?”. Do you even know why donkeys and mules are even domesticated to carry luggage. Just because of this incident you automatically assume that their just going to kill off any animal for trauma research including donkeys and what does “need need them” imply? I don’t condone using animals in this way but please stay on topic and don’t be ignorant. As to the treatment of the donkeysmules while in combat they need them to carry their gear in terrain inaccessible by vehicles. Their not going to let them die as they march on their going to care for and keep them alive.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The military leaders who sanction the vicious animal abuse MUST be charged with felony cruelty to animals.

  • AAG says:

    Saw on Monday on Fox news that the military is training in California donkeys and mules to carry their gear in Afghanistan. More abuse. What will happen to these donkeys and mules once they need need them?? How will they be treated get vet care????