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Former NHL Player Fights for Elephant

Written by PETA | December 16, 2010

Retired NHL player and Edmonton resident Georges Laraque has offered Edmonton’s mayor $100,000 to help fund city sports programs if the city will agree to release Lucy, the ailing, solitary elephant in Edmonton’s Valley Zoo, to a reputable sanctuary in a warmer climate.

Laraque, who also spent a few seasons with the AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs, joins Bob Barker and fellow Canadian William Shatner in calling on the city to allow Lucy to spend the rest of her life walking in grassy fields and meadows, swimming in ponds, and most importantly, spending time with other elephants.

Please join Georges in asking Edmonton city officials to do the right thing for this sad elephant.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • rb says:

    End elephant suffering NOW please!

  • louise says:

    im givin $50000 2 to like help save lucy and if peta iz like wantin more $$ thn iv given i will give same as georges iz gonna giv aftr next dec i will b givin peta way more

  • nancy says:

    Thank you for doing this Georges Laraque. Please release Lucy to a sanctuary!

  • clare says:

    hasn’t lucy given enough? it’s time to give her something back! give her the peace, comfort, and dignity she deserves. please.

  • Stephanie says:

    Georges Laraque is amazing.

  • Mary McMillan says:

    Please let Lucy go to a sanctuary and live the rest of her life happy. She has most likely made thousands of people very happy, so don’t you think it’s her time to be happy. Please let her go.

  • KarenD says:

    Please allow this elephant some peace and comfort in her life. Please release this elephant to an elephant to a sanctuary. I will appreciate it, as many do, when animals can live out thier lives more as their creator intended.

  • Ilene Moak says:

    Please help send Lucy to a peaceful, warm sanctuary. She is probably very cold and lonely. Please do your best. I thank you very much.

  • Stephen Leslie Bennett says:

    Please kindly release this animal that God brought into this world. This creature deserves a better environment including space to exercise and companionship with other elephants. Elephants are very feeling. They are conscious and intelligent. They need a warm climate. Please eliminate the elephant exhibit. Thank you, sir, for all the good work you continue doing. Thank you.

  • Mary Brinker says:

    Thanks to Georges Laraque, Bob Barker and William Shatner for your kindness in getting the Elephant Zoo closed.

  • Kathy Kron says:

    ADDENDUM, I just wrote a letter asking for the transfer of Lucy to a sanctuary. In the interime I have read that her former “friend” Samantha has been moved to NC. Why can’t Lucy be moved to Samantha’s location rather than California. Everyone knows that elephants develop stron bonds. It seems to me Lucy would feel such joy to be reunited with her old friend. Of course any sanctuary with other elephants is better than her remaining where she is, but is it too much to ask that she be reuntied with her old friend. Just a thought. Please consider. Kathy

  • kathy Kron says:

    Dear Sir, This is such a sad story. It is good to know that compassionate and educated people such as Mr. Laraque and Shatner are willing to use their celebrity for the good of others. Elephants are amongst the most intelligent and most social animals. It is utter cruelty to allow an elephant to live a solitary existence. It is also cruel to force a species from a warmer climate to endure cold weather. Please do the right thing and allow this hapless creature the life she so deserves. Many cities and zoos would make an argument that zoos provide an education to the public. The other side of the argument is that zoos send the wrong message – that non-human animals are here for our enjoyment. We do not have the right to kidnap/trap, transport and cage wild animals. You (all cities and zoos) would teach a much greater lesson to the public by showing that the animals welfare is utmost! Please release her so she can spend her final days in warmth of the sun and more importantly in the warmth of the company of her own kind. I can’t tell you how disappointed and down right angry I will be if you make your dicision based on selfish “human” interests. AGain, we need to send the message loud and clear that humans do not have the right to determine the how a wild animal lives. We should leave them alone and protect them in their natural habitat. since this elephant cannot be released back into the wild, the only decent, compassionate and kind thing to do is to let her go to the sanctuary. The world is watching you – be sure you make the right decision – which can be only one if you base it on the elephant’s needs – NOT YOURS!!!!!!!!!

  • lucy Winton says:

    please move this being to a sanctuary of her peers so she may live out her years happily Sincerely, Lucy Winton