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Forget Heartwarming–Try Heart-Melting

Written by PETA | August 25, 2010

Time to check in on a few of the many homeless animals we rescued from overflowing shelters in oil-ravaged Louisiana with the help of our tireless angel for animals, Pamela Anderson.


When he’s not admiring his expansive toy collection …
Chic and his toys


Chic, formerly known as Bruce, likes to lounge with his new mom on their pleather couch.
Chic and his owner


The only threats facing Tom now are interruptions to his catnaps by his adoring human companion.
Tom napping


The fact that he’s missing half a leg in no way hampers Marshall’s ability to play bodyguard as Bubbles nods off. These two get mighty tuckered from “working” in the PETA Foundation’s Legal Department.
Marshall and Bubbles


This shot of Cassie might be the most ridiculous photo I’ve ever seen—ridiculously cute, that is.
Cassie being a cutie


If there’s room in your heart and home—as well as your schedule and budget—consider finding the love of your life at your local animal shelter.

Written by Karin Bennett

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