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Force-Feeding Won’t Fly at Festival

Written by PETA | January 12, 2011

Chef Martin Picard abruptly quit Ottawa’s upcoming Winterlude festival after concerned citizens prompted organizers to ban foie gras from the menu of the festival’s opening dinner. Activists won another victory over cruelty, and organizers of the Taste of Winterlude dinner, which will be held at the aptly named Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Québec, don’t seem concerned about having to say “sayonara” to Picard over the gastronomical atrocity.

“We all agreed that we could present this menu without foie gras,” said festival spokesperson Lucie Caron.

Leaping into the breach is celebrated Prince Edward Island chef Michael Smith, who is big enough to think outside the gaveuse and prepare any of the millions of dishes that don’t include diseased duck livers.

muffinman71xx/CC by 2.0

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Mich says:

    There were 8 activists at the original protest in December, and many, many others contacted American Express (the sponsor that the National Capital Commission desperately needs to be able to hold the Winterlude event every year) as well as to the NCC itself, by email, phone and Facebook. Now, the story about the chef quitting has been one of the major stories all over Canada this week. This just shows that one or a few individuals CAN make a difference. Never underestimate what a very small group of dedicated and compassionate people can accomplish for the animals! Good riddance to Picard (and man, what a cry baby!!).

  • R. N. says:

    We now need to ban its use on “Top Chef.” It is a common ingredient prepared by the competing chefs and this advertises its use.

  • Ana says:

    I am glad to hear this piece of news. I have been urging everyone I know to stop eating foie gras. Really, how can anyone?

  • Elise Beron says:

    Good riddance! Food has too many facets that do not harm…let’s find ways to use them. Having lived in France, I’m appalled at this man’s ridiculous, childish thinking!!! Get a life!

  • astrovegan says:

    Great news, this story is all over the Canadian media. What a loser not even able to cook one meal without foie gras. One city, one victory at a time we can assert that animal abuse has no place in society.

  • Miglena Bozhikova says:

    Without foie gras!!!

  • AnneMarie Ansel says:

    Another victory over animal cruelty.