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Football Players Fight Fur With Bikinis

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 8, 2011

Bikinis in December? Sure.

Eye blacks with garters? Why not?

Fur? What, are you crazy?

The Lingerie Football League‘s Toronto Triumph took to the streets yesterday to call “foul” on fur.

Courtesy of Dave B

The ladies braved the chilly temps to show Torontonians that football players can take a beating, but that furry animals shouldn’t have to. Unless someone was cruisin’ for a bruisin’, my bet is the shoppers steered clear of fur. 

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  • Mark says:

    PETA is just an organization that can’t accept the order of nature. If everyone became vegans and removed all the nutrients meat has to offer, the future generations would lose their higher brain functions due to a lack of protein. So animals are killed for their resources, that happens everyday in the wilderness, humans are just more efficient about it.

  • john says:

    pretty sure 3 out of the 4 of them are men

  • Jackie says:

    Erik start thinking with your brain, not your neither regions. Women deserve respect, i mentioned that some of the players would like to get attention for women’s football without having to be half naked. However, seems PETA is censoring my posts, so everyone can have fun beating up on me, without consequences.

  • Erik says:

    @Jackie, I’m sure that a bunch of women in sweats would bring the same amount of attention to the cause. Dont be so uptight, let it be. They look great, and happy too

  • Jackie says:

    Where did you get the idea I didn’t support wearing fur? I make a comment against the exploitation of women that poliferates these types of campaigns, so that means I must not care about the message? You canmake a stand as a woman without stripping down. PETA must believe their message is best recieved by beer guzzling fratboys, and drooling men. Meanwhile they’re discouraging their intelligent female followers from having anything to do with them. As far as Lingerie Football is concerned, please read this comment from one of the players via Wikipedia’s article on Lingerie Football: “Maybe one day, girls won’t have to wear lingerie to get people interested [in women’s football].” Congratulations PETA and your followers, for setting back the respect of women in sports, just so you can get a few more drooling fratboys to claim they’ll listen to your message, then go back to drinking beer and eatinghot wings. You keep going after the wrong targets!

  • Em says:

    Jackie… Cool your jets. Its another step to prevent the horrific cruelty that is the fur industry. The more attention the better!! These women aren’t being “objectified”… There making a stand. Good on them!!!!

  • anti-cruel courtney says:

    whats the point with fur anway? *fake fur is cheaper *real fur is ver expensive *fake fur is anti-cruel *real fur is deffently cruel *with fake fur u know u dont have any dead animal on u *with real fur u might have an animal on u that has ticks/fleas and the animal is dead! animals do no belong to us just as god said in the bible,”Thy People Shall Be Responsible Of My Animals In Which I Made.”

  • Ineta says:

    Jackie- football players fighting fur by puting everyone’s attention on it.

  • Ihatefur says:

    @Jackie i am sorry you do not support not wearing fur but we dont need your negitive attitude here please, we are here to save animals!

  • Carl says:

    Lets all get into a “cuddle” position lol Fur Hags=0 PETA Babes=10

  • Jackie says:

    Football players fight fur by showing they don’t know how to dress themselves? I guess the female football players who respect themselves as players on the same level as men, refused your opportunity to be objectified.

  • Jennifer says:

    haha I love it ! Keep up the good work everyone ! .=) .