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‘Flygate’ Versus Pig Abuse Convictions

Written by PETA | June 29, 2009
247wallst / CC

PETA is always determined and serious in our efforts to raise awareness about—and to stop—animal suffering. Sometimes, our methods are loud, boisterous, and even a little silly, but they are never naïve. That said, we admit that we’re floored by the discrepancy in media coverage surrounding two recent events.

After President Obama killed a fly with one swat, media all over the world swarmed PETA for a response. But when landmark cruelty convictions against pig abusers were issued as a result of our undercover investigation, there was barely a buzz.

We know that countless people turn away from upsetting details about how pigs are beaten and sexually abused by pig farmers, raccoons and foxes gnaw their paws off to escape steel-jaw traps set by furriers, and immobilized rabbits writhe when wrinkle creams are smeared into their eyes. And so do many media outlets, lest they anger advertisers and lose money.

So, headlines everywhere mock PETA for suggesting that people consider employing kind methods of dealing with tiny unwanted visitors. Meanwhile, the pigs get zilch. Please help us change that by writing letters to editors to draw attention to this historic victory against animal abusers and spreading the word to your friends and family.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • daryl says:

    ahhahahahahaha very interesting

  • Hyou says:

    does anyone know the simularity of the scientific classification Animalia? I do not think insects fall into that classification clarifing insects are not animals. as for flies not having feelings How the hell can someone find that out? lets move on to pressing matters like foxes kittens or wolves

  • Lacy Loar says:

    Ocean’s view is lovely in spirit but not reality. Next we will be sparing the fleas that torture our cats and dogs. Or roaches that bring disease. Or mosquitoes that can give your dog heartworm. Flies do have a function breaking down dead carcasses with their flesh eating maggot babies but if one gets into my house and I can’t shoo him out he is going to get swatted!

  • Saucy says:

    Ocean I love your comment. I think it is beautiful. Thanks for your poetic and kind words with respect to flies. You’re Beautiful!

  • voice of reason says:

    You want to know why people don’t like PETA. Its people like ocean who are too over the top. I am not a veg but i love animals. People like her who want an apology from Obama turn people off

  • lynda downie says:

    Jains teach that all of creation has sentience to some degree. As usual oceanworior I really appreciate your comment.

  • mel says:

    I know that this will not be liked but I will say my piece as I DO know what I’m talking about here and if you look at it objectively you’ll notice this too. The media will right now do anything that is Obama related because lately if he urps somewhere it’s a story. Personally I blame the media for asking you for a quote than you taking it on because really I’m more interested in WHAT he’s doing to help our country out than the trivial stuff. Plus with all the outlandish protests you do and rather what the general public sees as stupid and ridiculous boycotts you’re not taken seriously anymore. If you read blogs elsewhere there were PETA members reconsidering their membership simply because you decided to protests Obama’s killing a fly. Therefore in short they will overlook your good things you do because they’re more interested in the what they see as PETA making a parody of themselves. People like tabloidlike stuff in their papers instead of just solid news. If you would pull back on the shock protests the publicity stunts and the like and really hunker down and advocate animal rights you may get the real news coverage you need and people will see you as what you once were true animal activists and not parodies and people to be mocked at.

  • Joanna says:

    Ocean Flies are not sentient. I think you are confused between having respect for all living things and giving special consideration to animals that suffer. Pigs elephants etc. suffer and deserve humane care. Flies have not been reported to have similar feelingsresponses. If you have some studies on flies that show the are sentient please let us know.

  • Stewart says:

    Ocean You need to seek professional help.

  • oceanworior says:

    flies are sentient beings and deserve respect. just because they are not cute and cuddly dose not mean that they are its. flies are beautiful in their own way. we see ourselves as gods deciding who will live and who will die and what will be used and what will be destroyed when we are just a bunch of bipedal primates.

  • Joanna says:

    People are threatened personally when their food choices are questioned. Pig farming affects anybody who consumes pork. Whereas killing a fly does not challenge anybodies way of life. The ‘news’ media throw out difficult issues everyday and focus on the triva of our lives.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    It’s pretty obvious that Obama is a paragon in reference to human rights but lamentably he’s not much of an animal rights advocate.

  • Todd Armstrong says:

    Of course killing flies is a popular sport at least it is a sport maybe not on ESPN but it’s on the major networks By contrast putting pork on the table is not even a sport.

  • Ciara Lanza says:

    I know it’s really stupid how no one seems to care for even the tiniest creatures. But if they don’t care for pigs either then WTH?