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Flour Power: Kim K Dusted in Fur Protest

Written by PETA | March 23, 2012

As Kim Kardashian made her way down the red carpet last night at an event to promote her fragrance, True Reflection, she caught a true reflection of how people feel about her penchant for fur. A woman shouting, “Fur hag!” dumped a bag of flour over Kardashian’s head. Check out this video sent to us by an activist immediately afterward: 


Maybe this rude awakening will finally prompt Kim to consider how animals are anally electrocuted as well as bludgeoned and skinned alive so that she can drape their pelts across her back. Kim has been sent PETA’s fur farm exposé and should know full well the torture that animals endure.

PETA has written polite letters to Kim, erected billboards, and held protests. While we weren’t behind the flour delivery, we applaud the animal advocates who were. Hopefully a dusting with flour will cause her to take her head out of the clouds and recognize the blatant cruelty to animals that she promotes.

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  • evelyn says:


  • jr says:

    Sophia, you’re the idiot. Its “whether” not “weather.” You’re obviously not that attentive. And to quote JT “Calli, it may be “childish,” but it’s also effective. This stunt is getting more people talking about the cruelty of fur than any amount of grown-up approaches could. And, throwing a little flour is “extreme?” Tell that to an animal who is being vaginally electocuted or skinned alive…” And Lori, bullying is mean but in no way was this meant to be seen as an act of bullying, you cannot compare this situation, its affects and its reasons happening to a teenager.

  • Pepa says:

    Oh Please…. It’s only flour… Yes bullying is wrong, but it’s not like she’s a poor bullied kid… Seriously. Get over it… It was funny actually.. And I think I heard her cursing out the lady… Lol

  • zorsha says:

    @ terrel and others- so in your opinion torturing animals is fine but flouring pseudo-celebrities is not…ok…. actually because of people who seem to be sensitive to their own problems only, acts like throwing flour seem acceptable to me. Sometimes to be heard, you need to be seen first. I would not call this act bullying, as this was done to protest against torturing and promoting the torture of innocent creatures. If you do not see connection between buying a fur and an animal being killed for it, please educate yourself.

  • Sarah says:

    Go PETA!!!!!!!! Those girls are disgusting heartless people. Can’t wait until their 15 mins are up and they are alone with their furs. Trash!!!

  • CN says:

    Long overdue. Too bad KK is likely too self-involved to ever change her ways…

  • Eric L says:

    Good Job! Kim is a living example of everything wrong with the general public. This was a long time coming. Not to mention, it’s just flour, much better than all the chemicals used on those animals and that she puts in her products.

  • aimee says:

    I don’t wear fur and I don’t eat meat but this is unacceptable. Instead of wasting time throwing flour on celebrities why don’t you put your time into saving animals?

  • Dejan says:

    Ah, yes. Bullying. That old chestnut. It’s a great way to get people to do what you want. Who needs education and peaceful protesting when you can just chuck stuff at them? Actually, I applaud the writer for applauding the woman who threw the flour. Getting your hands dirty, SO much better than making reasonable, rational and intellectual decisions.

  • terrell m says:

    @ nicole. shes a horrible dark empty human because she wears fur?? god you people need a life seriously!! a hobby or something. you people have way too much thinking time on your hands.

  • terrell m says:

    so in other words peta condones violence as long as its against someone wearing fur???

  • Sophia says:

    I Agree Calli, It her choice weather she is going to wear fur or not but there is NO need to behave like children and throw flour. I’m all for not wearing fur but there is no reason to shove personal beliefs down peoples throats cause you are never going to get the reaction you want. Kim SHOULD press charges that flour bomber is an idiot.

  • Lori says:

    I am a supporter of PETA but I am disappointed at the fact you are praising this woman. If this was to happen to a teenager at school, this would be counted as a form of ‘bullying’. This world we live in has complete double standards. I am all for peaceful protests but I do not think it matters what product or item is thrown at someone, it is a form of ‘bullying’ and in this day and age we should not be promoting any kind of bullying.

  • JT says:

    Calli, it may be “childish,” but it’s also effective. This stunt is getting more people talking about the cruelty of fur than any amount of grown-up approaches could. And, throwing a little flour is “extreme?” Tell that to an animal who is being vaginally electocuted or skinned alive…

  • Vicki876 says:

    It amazes me how many people think this flour situation with Kim was ok or deserved. When someone has an abortion, do you publicly humiliate them by calling them ‘baby killer’ and throwing things at them? Everybody has done something that their not proud of and everybody has their own opinions on a topic. That’s how life is. I’m not a fan of wearing fur, but NOBODY deserves to be physically and emotionally abused like she was that day. She’s not the one killing and abusing animals. All of you that think this is ok are no better than the humans that are killing and abusing animals. Focus on those murderers instead of a woman who does a lot of charity for this country. Shame on you PETA for acting so childish and condoning these actions to another person.

  • Elaine says:

    She deserves it. Compared to how the animals who are killed for their fur suffer, being showered with a little flour is like being showered with a billion dolllars! It’s just sad it had to come to that–Kim had plenty of chances to behave compassionately.

  • Barbara Rea says:

    Oh please spare me the sad story of poor Kim! Stars like her and Jennifer Lopez And Brooke Shields Need to know that wearing fur Is Not Acceptible! These people need to know that just because there quote Stars! unquote! That they can wear fur! Jennifer Lopez wore a fur coat to Petas 25th Thats Sick!

  • Calli says:

    Ummmmmmmmm… what happened to peaceful protesting??? I certainly believe in standing behind what you believe 100% and I do NOT condone animal cruelty by any means, but when it comes to things like this it is absolutely childish in my eyes. I don’t like A LOT of individuals for their views, or harmful decisions, but you can’t go around throwing things (even if it’s only flour) at someone, that is too extreme for my liking, and makes the individual doing it look more ridiculous than Kim. This gives more power to the act of the actual throwing of flour, rather than why this person is angry with Kim’s choice to wear fur in the first place. I know I will get bashed for this, but I am just a believer in peace.

  • I Fake It says:

    Hey, Kim: All the hot celebs shun fur. Now it’s your turn, girl. Give your furry clothes to the homeless, who need them.

  • Rebecca R. says:

    Furry Kim knows how cruel fur is, and she should know that the tide of public opinion – sadly, what she most cares about – is against her. Good for flour woman for drawing attention to where it should be: on Kim’s ugly fur habit.

  • Carolina Twostep says:

    I hope she presses charges only because then PETA will be at the courthouse and in the news everyday showing exactly how animals are killed to make her look out of touch and the world will see why there’s a problem with wearing fur!

  • Debbie says:

    I have spent a good part of my life taking care of animals and love the idea of PETA. I do want to support PETA in any way I can. There is NEVER a reason to act out physically at a person or an animal. This woman who threw flour had no right. Wars can always be justified by a previous act of violence. Any physical move to the negative on another is just that. It is hypocrisy to expect peace from attacks. Peace begets peace. Woman, get a grip and be an example. You have made yourself one of ‘THEM’.

  • angela says:

    Oh, get a grip , Tom. Women who abuse animals need a wake up call, and don’t patronize us by saying “especially women” need protecting. And it’s FLOUR not a plank of wood she got hit with. She brushed it off, as she brushes off extreme cruelty: if she was killing children in her backyard, would you say, “Oh, this is going too far?” – Lord, get some perspective and stop being the big Kim Daddy.

  • aquariusdxb says:

    I would have thrown a bag of shit over her head, so she would feel really disgusted!

  • Nicole says:

    Really, assault? Sorry if you think thats assault or hypocrisy thats pretty dramatic and silly. Sometimes you need dramatic means to get a message across because clearly no one is listening. This woman is a millionaire for no reason, she says she owns her own business but has she once ever admitted that she wouldnt have any of these “businesses” if she didnt make a sex tape? Wake up lady. You are a millionare yet you must wear fur? Really? You are rich and have everything you could possibly want in the world and you cant give up your fur? What a horrible dark empty human she is.

  • MIS MISTY says:


  • Jan says:

    Please. I agree dumping flours on her is NOT an assault. For goodness’ sake it’s only flour. First and foremost she is a public persona and her appearance, such as what she wears and how she speaks, carries weight and influence. As such, she bears responsibility to the way that she dresses. It is not okay to wear whatever you want when that involves non ethical treatment of our animals. It is not okay for her to do that because it conveys a message that you accept the unethical treatment of animals. Kudos to PETA for supporting this as a wake up call for Kim kardashian’s soul, if one does exist.

  • gotchagirl says:

    didn’t Khloe talk to Kim about posing a few yrs. ago for a PETA anti-fur ad?, yet here, Khloe talks about kicking flour girl’s ass if she were there; which way do you swing here Kardashians, love animals, but love their dead skins on their bodies; PETA did not authorize “flour girl”, and I am a PETA member and certainly do applaud her for her passion and commitment.

  • Ursula says:

    I don’t care for the fur trade either and I do not wear fur, however involving a person’s physical space or body in protests should not in any way be condoned. And for those suggesting paint or blood might/should have been thrown on this woman instead of flour I ask you if a protestor stood outside an abortion clinic and threw blood or paint on women entering would you applaud that action as well? People feel at least as strongly against abortion as fur and yet the same actions would not be tolerated in the latter situation. It cheapens your crusade when you resort to such measures.

  • Andrea says:

    she deserves it.. people who wear fur should be skinned alive so they know what it feels like

  • KIMMY K says:

    LOVE IT….maybe she should dye her hair would be an improvement 😉

  • Anon says:

    An organization can’t curb animal abuse, so instead praise the abuse a person? I don’t understand this cruel logic, it’s simply hypocrisy. Legitimacy of this event having to do with fur aside, I am once again disappointed in PETA for their unprofessional reaction to an allegedly unrelated assailant. I hope that PETA one day remembers its roots and reaches out to the public with compassion and offer corporations with discussions to consider alternatives, rather than rely on slander, propaganda and cruelty.

  • sara says:

    that was funny!!

  • Li-Li says:

    The no-talent worthless bimbo deserved it. Assault? It’s nothing compared to what the poor animals suffer. If anything, it didn’t go far enough. I applaud the person who did this, whatever her actual reason for it.

  • killerbunny says:

    Assault, physical violence? You call that assault? Give me a break!!!!! Being electrocuted in the anus and having your skin ripped from your body while still alive, now THATS assault. Quit whining and snivelling for that ugly ugly woman (and I’m not talking about her looks) As far as I’m concerned it should have been a bucket of blood from a slaughter house, not clean fluffy flour.

  • Realistic says:

    I agree with Tom. This is the type of behavior that provokes a negative image of PETA. Physical assault is not acceptable. Praising her for this is inappropriate.

  • hungryworld says:

    Shame on you! Not only does PETA report and glorify this behavior, but flour was used to douse Kim. Imagine what that flour could done for a starving family? Imagine how many people could have enjoyed a meal? But instead you applaud someone for doing something you view as positive. Your double standards for animals versus human beings is truly repulsive.

  • Sakura says:

    More accurately put by Ursula, “physical means”. I think that’s a better way to put it.

  • Sakura says:

    Perhaps the flour was unnecessary… I agree with PETA’s reasons but not always methods. Using sexual images to get people’s attention and violence may not be the best way…

  • natasha says:

    If you watch the video above or any show airing this they throw up words on the screen stating what this woman said..That “this is for the a imals kim, you fur head!” And for Tom above…Kim is lucky she didnt get red paint thrown at her and called other choice words far worse tha “fur head.” Perhaps you need to watch a video on how they torture and kill these animals for fur. How would you feel kept in a small cage thrown ontop of other animals with no food, water, attention, love or room to even stretch then had your fur ripped from your body then beaten to death?

  • Ann says:

    You should be ashammed of your methods to communicate your message. While flour is harmless, I cannot believe that you condone the assult of anyone, particularly a women. While I agree without wearing fur, shame on your for “bullying” people into your same beliefs.

  • Gracie F says:

    I love this! Kim promotes abusive treatment of animals by wearing so much fur, and as a public personality, she deserves to be called out for her irresponsible, vain, and callous attitude toward animals. Animals who are raised on fur farms and captured in hideous traps, and then killed by anal electrocution, neck breaking, or other horrific means would consider themselves lucky if the only thing they “suffered” was having a bag of flour poured over their heads. Kudos to the activist who stood up for animals, and thank you, PETA, for posting this video.

  • Rachel says:

    Lol good for that woman, but I would have dumped paint or tomato juice on that fur-wearing skank instead of flour.

  • PartyPooper says:

    I thought the protest was for dressing up hippos in high heels and making them walk the red carpet

  • PartyPooper says:

    I thought the protest was for dressing up hippos in high heels and making them walk the red carpet

  • Ursula says:

    Using physical means to push your opinions on other people is never acceptable.

  • Jade says:

    HAHAHAHA-nice. Nasty fur hag.

  • furnomore says:

    Does anyone know who poured the flour on Kim?

  • Tom says:

    This is why people have a problem with PETA. Not only are you praising an assault on a woman, but in this age of Anthrax scares, and terrorism, the use of flour (a white powdery substance) could very easily have started a panic and injured someone. Regardless of what you think of Kim K or any of the other people you protest, assault is never warranted and should be condemned. Also the use of flour or any other substance that might be mistaken for something dangerous should be discouraged.

  • Jen says:

    I’m confused. On they said the person said “This is for Kris Humphries” It wasn’t stated anywhere about it relating to fur/