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Florida City Bans Pet-Shop Puppies

Written by PETA | February 18, 2011

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday night, Lake Worth, Florida, became the first city on the East Coast to ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores. (Two California cities—South Lake Tahoe and West Hollywood—have enacted similar laws.)

Lake Worth’s new law only allows the sale of dogs and cats on the same property where they were bred, which effectively prohibits pet shops from selling animals, because such stores normally obtain puppies from brokers, who in turn obtain them from puppy mills, which are often located hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

“My goal is to stop the importation of these animals from puppy mills that are inhumane and cruel,” said County Commissioner Shelley Vana.

Which brings us to our weekly reminder to never, ever purchase an animal from a pet store. I know, I know, they’re so cute, pitiful, etc. But repeat after me: You are not “rescuing” them—you are paying puppy mills to breed another litter. Without paying customers, puppy mills would go out of business. It’s that simple. Meanwhile, by adopting from your local animal shelter instead, you can help keep it in the business of rescuing, spaying, neutering, and placing homeless animals. The shelter may be a little farther out of the way than the local strip mall, but it’s worth the trip.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • black russian terrier breeders says:

    Some dogs spend much of their time alone with very little contact from their owners. Some of these dogs develop the habit of eating their own or other animals faeces, as a way of provoking a reactions from their owners. This kind of behaviour is highly self rewarding, as the dog receives attention he would not otherwise get.

  • Marla says:

    Thumbs up to Commissioner Shelley Vana for her courage and insight. given the millions of dogs that are euthanized every year in the US, it is unconscionable to allow more breeding. Puppy mills need to be stopped. Internet sales of dogs need to be stopped. Breeding should be discouraged. People who insist on having a purebred dog do not love dogs, they love the breed, not the dog. A true dog lover goes to the shelter, the pound, a rescue group and takes home the neediest dog they have, regardless of breed. Our aim as a civilized society should be to reduce the number of dogs and eliminate unwanted litters. Spay and neuter.

  • melissa says:

    i agree with kylie it is not most of the breeders that are the problem ,it is the irresponsible pet owner , a good breeder can enhance the breed but the irrisponsible people either disguard the dog when inconvienced by health or behavior issues, or neglect and abuse them so that i’m sure they would rather be discarded. As for being interviewed by someone as to whether or not i should be allowed to buy a pup from them i do not agree with how they usually go about it and what questions they ask. i have been told by several that they would not sell me a dog because i was a truck driver citing “well they wont get enough excersize” and even as far as telling me they would not have a “stable” home. my dogs go with me everywhere and i spend 24/7/365 with them. they are my best friends and have the luxury of going to all of the united states not just 1 block or backyard. they keep me motivated because of their excersize needs and are actually smarter because i spend so much time talking and being with them. Does your dog know to watch the mirrors in your car for what is going on behind or beside you? Mine do. My dogs also have rules to follow that i enforce all the time, todays society wants you to be upper middle class and have a fenced yard so as to “let te dog run” rather than to walk it on a leash so you keep constant control of whatever situation arises. even tho i have a fenced yard my dog stays on a leash because of irresponsible pet owners that leave their dog in the backyard alone not knowing what they are doing leaving chance for escape or injury. stop putting blame on just the breeder and direct it where it belongs… to the uncaring,irrisponsible,cold hearted,selfish,spoiled,dehumanized people!

  • crate training puppies says:

    I’m so glad to read your blog about protecting animals….specifically puppies

  • Higgins says:

    Well Said Kylie! The bottom line is when committing yourself to a pet DO YOUR HOMEWORK! The shelters by me are full of Pit Bulls and Pit mixes…not everyone wants a Pit Bull. Rescues in my area have to get dogs from the southeast to push. A well bred purebred dog is not better than a mutt. But the purebred dog from a good breeder will come with a health guarantee against genetic diseases, lifetime support from the dogs breeder who screens carefully for good lifetime homes and will take back a dog they produced FOR LIFE. A good breeder will not be seen selling puppies off a truck in a Walmart parking lot or raffling them off at the county fair. 3 of my co workers adopted black Heinz 57 mutts from rescues within a year of each other. They all came from down south. One local shelter didn’t even screen my friend for refernces or anything! She paid and got the dog the same day. She is a great home but what if she wasn’t? Nothing is black or white. All breeders should not be lumped into the same lot because I know of some pretty lousy rescues too. And bottom line is to NOT contribute to the shelter population – a pet is for life! No matter where it came from!

  • Doreatha Penn says:

    All Shelter dogs are not Mutts. Check it out! There are now more Pure bred dogs at Shelters and Rescue sites than ever before. And by the way they all have their shots and are usually Potty Trained.And they are much cheapter than at a Puppy Mill or Back Yard Breeder!

  • nancy says:

    Kylie, I question why you visit this board. Animals are not here to serve humans. Dogs shouldn’t be bred at all.

  • Cyndi H says:

    I wish Canada follow you league,but I guess the Canadian Politicians are stuck in the horse & buggy day of 1892.The Canadian Animal cruelty laws has not changed in 119 years. Bill S-213 will only increase penalties ,many politicians think they have adequately solved the issue.Tougher penalities don’t do any good if animal abusers cannot be presecuted in the first place.

  • nancy says:

    Thank you for another success!

  • Derek Watson says:

    we need to keep up the good work never give up the fight

  • Kylie says:

    That last sentence isn’t entirely true. While I agree that puppy mills are bad, most people will go several hours out of their way to buy a puppy from a breeder even if they live right down the street from the shelter. People want predictability in a dog. Mutts can’t give you that. And not all pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills. Our local pet store and the only one of the kind in the area, used to get their puppies from puppy mills. They could not afford to keep the shop because people weren’t buying enough puppies because of the lack of quality in the dogs. The store was bought by a local family who gets their puppies from local breeders. How do I know this is not a lie? 1) They will happily give you the name, phone number, and address of the breeders themselves so that you can go talk to them or see the parents as well as other siblings. 2) I used to work there and made many trips to the breeders for the shop. Don’t lump them all in there together. Not all pet shops are bad, just like not all breeders are bad. After all, whithout breeders, we would not have intact dogs and without intact dogs there are no more puppies. That’s a good thing, you say? Well ask yourself this… What happens when all breeders are gone and all of your spayed and neutered shelter dogs die from disease and old age? There are no more dogs. Breeders are essential to the survival of the species. We have certain breeds for a reason. Mutts aren’t the answer to every family’s dog dilemma. Mutts are not automatically healthier either. My dad’s dog has been on pain medication for hip displaysia since he was 4 months old. He is your regular old Heinz 57. His litter was dumped into the shelter BECAUSE of their bad hips. Mutt does not equal healthy. Mutt does not equal smarter, happier, or more lovable. All dogs are equal and there is a place in this world for both purebreds and mutts. Don’t go after the breeders. They are not the problem. Go after the real culprits. The irresponsible pet owners who give up on good pets just because the dog stops being a convenience.