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Flee From Feather Hair Extensions!

Written by PETA | July 28, 2011
Sami Sieranoja | cc by 2.0

Update: Fine Featherheads has deleted the statement from its website indicating that the roosters are “treated ethically.”

Fine Featherheads, which tacks the feathers of gassed roosters into its customers’ hair faster than you can say “misinformed fashion victim,” had the audacity to post on its website that the roosters are “treated ethically” at its exclusive supplier, Whiting Farms. PETA has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Fine Featherheads founder, Dakota Hills, demanding that she remove the blatant falsehood from the site.

“We are informed that you visited the conditions in which the roosters are confined and killed for their feathers,” wrote PETA Foundation General Counsel Jeffrey S. Kerr. These conditions include confining roosters to solitary cages stacked one on top of the other in noisy, windowless sheds until the birds are finally gassed and skinned. Mr. Whiting admits that he and his workers abuse the birds, even hurling them across the barn.

There is nothing “ethical” about the treatment of the roosters at Whiting Farms, only a financial motivation for Hills to mislead customers. If she does not remove the false statements from her website, PETA will pursue action with appropriate state and federal regulators.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • hifeather says:

    it’s really not worth to kill rooster or birds for human beauty!

  • Sabina says:

    Thanks to PETAs articles, and making me aware of what is really going on with hair feathers, I was able to convince my salon to stop selling the real rooster feathers and switch to synthetic. You can get awesome heat resistant synthetic ones online. I got mine at

  • gourdgoddess says:

    Ummm, have any of you ever been raised around roosters?? Apparently not. You see, if roosters are left to roam free amongst one another, they fight. They fight to the death in order to remain the dominant male. That is why in all farms that raise chickens/roosters/etc., they always seperate their roosters. Ever given a thought as to how or why cock fights happen?? Hello, they CAN NOT be put together, they will fight to the death. The isolation is for their benefit, as far as having more than one rooster in a general setting. On another note, I am totally suprised that none of you have taken note of… why does Whiting Farms exist in the first place?? Well, he sold his pelts to fly fishermen. Yes, fishermen actually used these feathers in the first place, in order to catch… wait for it… yep, folks… FISH. Yes, a product that was originally intended for people to catch fish with and eat, or catch and release, now has a buyers market for another use that isn’t involved in the death of another animal. That absolutely cracks me up, that PETA has either not done their homework, or is afraid to jump on THAT bandwagon, after all, it isn’t in the news, and therefore their efforts would be mostly wasted as they seem to spend most time and effort in hopping on the coat tails of someone that is already in the news for creating a new and positive business for their community. Something to chew on…

  • hairextensions says:

    Hi, simply great post.

  • jackie pannone says:

    can wear man made not the real feathers

  • Seth says:

    Has Peta contacted animal lover Ke$ha yet as why she is sporting the fad?

  • Remy Hair Girl says:

    Personally, I have found the use of any animal for just decoration to be unpleasant. I would much prefer to see jewelery in hair anyway.

  • ntorres says:

    i bought some hair feathers online from a farm called Rosa Red farm, they dont kill the animal for the feathers..they only sell you the ones that are shed naturaly and they have several different colors. just look them up in price is good too!

  • Carol Moragas says:

    I would never wear real feathers from any bird that was tortured in order to look in style. There are many faux feathers out there for me to chose. Thank you PETA for taking action to stop false advertising.

  • mimi says:

    i love feather extensions!!! my fake feather looks better than the real ones anyways!

  • marisa says:

    I saw that they post comments on Twitter, I think we should follow and tweet about how these birds are killed for their fashion

  • Hunter says:

    You can get the fake feathers at any salon, just ask for clip in feathers. The clip in ones are totally fake, just remember to ask for the clip in ones, because if the salon does them their selves the feathers are probably real.

  • susanna says:

    Its big at the craft fairs and sat markets and people do not know or think. it is a bad vibration to be walking around with. i thought it looked so good and was going to get one until i read this awhile back, thanks peta and i will post in my sat market group.

  • Salina says:

    Why do they have to kill roosters for their feathers when they have fake feather that look just as cute.

  • Rose says:

    I was going to get one but after reading this article i said no but does anyone know where to get the fake ones

  • Carla* says:

    Gina, how can you be so sure?? Look what Fine Feathers stated??

  • jenn.pierce says:

    Wow, I’m feeling throughly repulsed and ignorant right now. I just cut my feather extensions out of my hair once I read this. I really hope it wasn’t real. I mean, really?.. torturing birds for the sake of a cute hair accessory? Things are just getting more and more outrageous.

  • kcameron13 says:

    Seriously? They sell cute fake feathers at every craft store in the country. Ones that are made of plastic and synthetic materials just like the kinds used to make humane fabrics and thread! Why start killing birds for real feathers when the other kind are cheaper and can come in even prettier colors and designs?!

  • Susan Pew says:

    They have to kill these older roosters just for the feathers. I wouldn’t even buy one if I fished.

  • xxxjessicatxxx says:

    I use feather hair extensions but I make sure they are fake feathers[:

  • Gina says:

    As a cosmotologist, I would never buy feathers or put them in anyone’s hair unless I knew for sure those animals were treated right. I don’t care if it’s some big craze in fashion right now, it’s horrible to think that the feathers came from a tortured bird.

  • Maddy says:


  • Christine says:

    Money really is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL and animal torture! Shame on you, Dakota Hills! Keep up the good work, PETA! I love you for all you do for animals! Beauty = going vegan!

  • dtonvegan says:

    I’m a hairdresser, and I can’t believe people use these feathers. When I first heard of them, I swore I would never recommend them to a client.

  • rah says:

    First comment! I get feather extensions, but only the synthetic low quality cheap ones…