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Five Great Things About Rising Fuel Costs

Written by PETA | July 2, 2008

I know what you’re thinking: There’s an upside to rising fuel costs? We won’t see it at the fuel pump or in the grocery story, but perhaps there really is a silver lining—and not just for the Saudis and the speculators.

This isn’t news to loyal readers of The PETA Files, but fattening and killing animals so that we can eat them is wildly inefficient, to say nothing of gross. It uses up a lot of grain and fuel. With the prices of corn—which makes up 60 percent of turkey feed—and fuel going through the roof, some factory farms and slaughterhouses have started cutting production.

A turkey slaughterhouse in Utah is putting operations on hold for three months, and the turkey breeders, turkey hatcheries, and other operations that supply turkeys to the slaughterhouse will be cutting back on production. Over one million turkeys—”smart animals with personality and character,” in the words of Oregon State University poultry scientist Tom Savage—will be saved. Check out the letter that we sent to the farm today asking it to consider stopping turkey production all together!

Here are five more good things about rising fuel costs:

  1. Squid fishers suspended fishing for two days to protest rising fuel costs. Don’t let any dopey people shrug their shoulders and think, “So what?” When you can, show them this mind-blowing video about squids’ satin-smooth seduction moves.
  2. Later this month, 230,000 Japanese fisherman will strike over fuel prices. Sushi lovers fear shortages of tuna sushi and sashimi, but vegan sushi is delicious and doesn’t require that the seas be fished until they’re devoid of all life. Win-win.
  3. A rash of gas thefts across the nation might inspire reward money for nabbing criminals caught siphoning gas. Crime is bad. Reward money for catching criminals is good.
  4. With airlines now charging for checked bags and soda, there’s speculation that they might start charging by weight, which could inspire more people to go vegetarian.
  5. And leave it to our friends in Boulder, Colorado, to strip down to the basics and wheel out the fun with a caravan of naked bicyclists. The cyclists’ message? Depending too much on oil is nuts.
Posted by Grace Friedan

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  • shore tours in Russia says:

    Matchless topic, it is very interesting to me )))) tHANKS tEAM best regards

  • lynn says:

    i agree with allie it dont take much to grow a garden i was in the store the other day and was looking at the yellow squash i have some that is 10x bigger i cut it up and had 4 gallon sized bags filled and frozen i’m not paying 1.79 per lb for nothing

  • James says:

    4 might be the dumbest thing i have ever heard. Talk about a reach. Of course I heard that because of rising fuel costs horseback riding is on the rise. Metro police are investing in more and more horseback police officers.

  • Chris says:

    Aleksandra you do know that Meat is usually grown locally and veggies are imported from as far as south america right? meaning Veggies are gonna take a bigger increase in price from rising fuel costs.

  • Didi Sharp says:

    A good thing about high gas prices is that it will keep the drunks off the road. You can’t afford gas AND alcohol! ALSO stealing gas is wrong. Everyone should have a locking gas cap small investment for that pricey gas.

  • Tabitha says:

    Aleksandra if gas is $10 you’re not going to be able to afford veggies either. It’s called “fuel surcharge” and it’s being added to EVERYTHING.

  • AT says:

    Well I will definitely sleep a bit better now. However I don’t even own a car and I’m still hurting over food costs. Allie That is hilarious resourceful. Thanks for the info.

  • Aleksandra says:

    Beautiful! I hope that more stories like this will surface. I’m all for gas getting up to $10gallon. My other hope is that the price of meat shoots so high that all these people who depend so much on steak sausages bacon and other disgusting meat won’t be able to afford it. I saw an ad for 4 “chicken” $1 Mcnuggets the other day. Yes it’s costing you less to feed your dumb family but you’re feeding them crap and you’re supporting animal abuse in the process. Try a carrot every once in a while and you may not be such a wide load.

  • vegan4animals says:

    Hey this is awesome. Animal slaughter is going to come to an end as the oil crisis reveals that it’s stupid to use fuel to feed crops to animals and kill animals when the stupid fools should just eat the raw fruits and vegetables. I have been eating raw vegan for 2 years now and vegan for 15 years and I am healthier than I have ever been. I will jump for joy when fuel prices go to $6 $8 a gallon. When the govt. can no longer afford to subsidize such a backwards ass way of eating eating animals instead of fruits and vegetables the sleeping stupid masses will be forced into a change. I suggest everyone plant fruit trees and prepare.

  • Allie_Ham says:

    Yessss that is great news I didn’t think about the fact that farmers can’t kill as much with these gas prices. we should plant our own vegetablesfruit and sustain ourselves a little more. has anyone heard of “plant bombs?” take some hard claysoil some watered down newspaper stick some seeds inside roll them up in a little ball let them dry and start throwing them everywhere I made some and threw them around the “bad” or rundown parts of downtown and veggies will actually grow out of the “bombs” you can put them anywhere a crack in the side walk the median a curb hungry people will appreciate a random tomato or cucumber. You may have to stop by and water them from time to time if you live in dry areas

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    GW All of the products you mention require petroleum to produce.

  • katrina says:

    i live out in the country to save gasturkeysfish and seals i can buy a gun shoot and eat all the wild animals that run around my yard i’ll make sure i cook them over a open fire so i don’t have to use my oven to save the planet even more

  • Chris says:

    GW that’s just food i’m talking about the synthetic clothing like faux fur and pleather if you would of read what i wrote i gave an example

  • Heather says:

    I think its great if we save the animals even if its just one. I believe 100cotton… I think if the American people stand up and fight harder for what we really need then we can acheive it. We need to stand up and say lets do our own work… keeping jobs here in America and coming up with a better source for gas which will prolly be when my kids are grown because they want their money.. but why not drill in the usa instead of going to war with people over it. If this saves one animal I am for it. And why is all the good food so darn high?

  • GW says:

    Chris fruit veggies tofu pasta beans etc are make from petroleum products? gee thanks I didn’t know that.

  • Chris says:

    What really doesn’t help fuel costs is the fact that most of the replacements to animal products that PETA recommends like faux fur are Petroleum products.

  • Carla says:

    WOW!! I love ’em all!! I’m not for raising gas prices cause here in the Peg’ somewhere in Canada we’re paying $1.54liter thats a liter! And it doesn’t make sence they continue raising it to support their own greed! But on the other hand if it’s going to save alot of factory farmed animals from even being born so they could spare the feed transportation and all I’m all for it!!

  • Chris says:

    Uh by my calculations not a single turkey will be saved there will be 1 million turkeys that are not born so they wont exist to be saved. other slaughterhouses will just up production to meet demands or another type of animal will be killed for meat. Chris

  • NT says:

    Good points! I am also hoping that the longdistance transport of “food” animals will be reduced greatly and those animals that will inevitably be killed for food won’t at least have to endure days or weeks of transport in horrible crowded filthy conditions before meeting their cruel fate. Also this year many sealers in Canada decided not to participate in the hunt because of the price of fuel and the low price of the pelts. Hopefully next year it won’t make financial sense to go out on the ice to bash baby seals’ heads and countless seals will be spared. I don’t mind paying more for gas if it means many many animals will get to live.

  • Tabitha says:

    That’s all fine and good but most of these people that you think are so great that they’re not working are not not going to eat ANYTHING cause they don’t have a JOB. And they can’t buy ANYTHING much less meat. Down goes the economy. Which means veggies will be paying even more at the grocery store for their nonmeat than they are now. However I agree with capital punishment for gas theives.