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Our First Hurricane Irene Rescue

Written by PETA | August 27, 2011

The winds picked up in Hampton Roads early Saturday morning, with gusts that shook trees and water pooling in low-lying areas. Forecasters are now saying that tonight will bring the worst, as the brunt of the storm will hit at high tide. Already, a couple with a cat who thought that they could ride out the storm in their sailboat, had to be pulled out of the water by marine police. Miraculously, the cat survived. 

Our first emergency pager call came from a sharp-eyed Good Samaritan who had somehow spotted this little tyke tied to a backyard grill so tightly with a shoe string that she had to keep on her feet or she would strangle. Yes, she couldn’t lie down, and she had been left that way all night long. She was in a flood plain that had been evacuated, so there was no one anywhere in sight and the rains were bucketing down. We took her to our headquarters, dried her off, gave her a good meal, and she is currently in foster care.  She’s about 10 weeks old. What an introduction to human nature.

The worst is yet to come, but our Community Animal Project and other PETA staffers are out there, responding to emergency calls, and we’ll keep you updated. If you know people in the path of the hurricane, please urge, plead, cajole, and demand that they bring their animals indoors and take their animals with them if they evacuate. Thank you.

Written by Ingrid E. Newkirk

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  • BhramaraPrasad says:

    My heartfelt thanks to PETA and the team. I can’s say much because lack of words to express my true feelings.

  • jzadrock says:

    THANK YOU to ALL PETA people and ALL similar organizations and people like them dedicated to the fortunes of all animals! It should be obvious that a species that has no respect for it’s own kind would treat other species as unneeded or disposable just as humans do. It’s SO VERY SAD; so sad!!! Jut plain thank you ALL…THANK you ALL VERY MUCH on behalf of these helpless guys that depend on us for their fortunes. Thanks ALL so VERY much!! There is a need for so many more of these folks (there sure is a need unfortunately). It’s too bad that we have made these poor creatures dependant on us; otherwise they sure could survive without us in the way determining their outcome. We need sooooo many more PETA’s (unfortunately we need them) and people like them. I can’t say “Thank YOU” enough to you all for your wonderful hearts === really, I just can’t say it enough! THANK YOU ~~~

  • dinosaurgirl says:

    I would just like to say R.I.P to all the animals and people that have died. Also that I am so happy to see all the hard rescue work peta are doing, and I hope the people leaving animals behind get arrested for cruelty!

  • Chandra says:

    Please tell me people will be charged for this!! So thankful that this sweet puppy is now in good hands!

  • Maria says:

    God bless you. God bless you!

  • Diane P says:

    Poor baby!thank god for peta yet again

  • senzen says:

    Great work PETA !.. We are allways with you to help Animals !!

  • Mici says:

    It seems as if the hurricane did not go through this poor little girl would have suffered greatly from the “Owner”. She should be named Irene! I hope she finds a wonderful forever home.

  • LynSire says:

    Thank God for Peta!!! Love you guys for everything you do for our fellow beings!!! ♥

  • Susan Hill says:

    Thank the Lord for you all going out and searching those neighborhoods where the folks do not take care of animals, but make their conditions worse! I hope the one who tied this little dear dog, is convicted in Court for animal cruelty. I hope “Whitey” is ok in North Carolina. I contributed a dog house through Peta for her. She was chained up. She looked like my dog that died of cancer in Jan. 2010. I wish I could save her from a life of being chained up to a dog house out in the woods. Godbless you for your work.

  • Sparticus says:

    People are so destructive they have no idea what damage they do!

  • METHA says:

    I hope whoever left this poor puppy tied up is going to have felony charges against them.

  • Hayley says:

    Praise the lord that angels like you guys are out there doing what’s needed for these innocent animals x I shall increase my monthly donation x

  • KC says:

    Thank GOD for those of you who help these wonderful babies!! You are TRUE angels!!!

  • Alison Mason says:

    Way to go PETA. Congratulations on another rescue! Another life saved. Let’s all keep our eyes open for animals suffering & abused. May we all be their advocates & save them from those who have no conscience. Let’s end animal abuse everywhere, NOW! Keep the faith, keep it strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Conny, Switzerland says:

    Thank you so much for saving this little angel. How can people be so bad to animals?

  • Ilana says:

    thank you Peta! for this and for all you do for the animals! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Esme says:

    It’s funny how some people, like those in my family, and those of my friends, would rather die themselves than leave their pets like this. And yet, you see cases like this. It’s horrible. Thank you to PETA, and thank you to the person who called into PETA, to save this dog’s life.

  • desktopcad says:

    Amen PETA, I agree with others who have posted. Charges should be brought and how can you leave a “pet” to suffer what you yourself will not. OUTRAGEOUS! UNACCEPTABLE! People like that should not be allowed to have animals.

  • Syed Rizvi says:

    Good work PETA. Helping those who are often overlooked during the crisis such as these.

  • mb4721 says:

    People are horrible!!!!!

  • Ferret Mom says:

    Just as my sister wrote in her email to me….we need to find these people and do the exact same thing to them. Yes I am glad the puppy is safe and sound but try to imagine yourself in this pups paws. So sad. Glad there are caring people out there still!!!!

  • Donna says:

    Please make sure this gorgeous little puppy gets a good home. She deserves it!

  • Jesse Armaline says:

    I am so glad that he is safe!

  • Christine says:

    Hurricane, or not, you saved this dog from obvious abuse. Hopefully these people will have to answer for leaving this poor baby in this totally unacceptable manner. Thank you PETA for rescuing this little angel!

  • Jessica van Zijl says:

    Really loosing faith in people these days~how on earth could they leave the dog tied outside in a hurricane??!!!charges should be filed!!thank you for the wonderful work you are doing its GREAT to see that some people still care abt animal welfare!!

  • Jessica van Zijl says:

    Really loosing faith in people these days~how on earth could they leave the dog tied outside in a hurricane??!!!charges should be filed!!thank you for the wonderful work you are doing its GREAT to see that some people still care abt animal welfare!!

  • Sarah says:

    So glad he is okay! I don’t understand people who leave their pets, my husband and I would rather have our 3 babies safe than us.

  • Sara Izquierdo says:

    I know that you can’t take a pet to a shelter, but leaving him tied up outside with a hurricane coming is not only stupid but very cruel and irresponsible. I hope he finds a good home.

  • gail says:

    Thank God you found him. Poor baby hope his life will be good from now on. Thanks to all the Peta people.

  • Barbara says:

    Unbelievable. People should go through the same scrutiny to adopt pets as they have to adopt babies!

  • Erin says:

    Sick people in this world. Thanks for saving this lil guy. Karma will get these people.

  • Judy says:

    My heart just breaks for these furry kids when I read stories like this. WHY – why in GODS world would anyone take on the care of a pet that has no intention of treating it as a family member , one that looks to you for his/her wants & needs & is at your mercy if you mistreat it. How many of these furry kids that are treated badly go unnoticed & its just heartbreaking. I have 4 rescued dogs & a bird, their well being comes 1st. I can take care of myself they can’t. GOD Bless all the furry kids out there.

  • THERESA says:

    firstly if you tie a puppy up outside why are you even allowed to keep a dog/pet and secondly who are these people that are cruel and inconsiderate enough to bail out without their puppy? Would they do it to their child too! Bravo to the good samaritan for spotting it 🙂

  • bethnpaul says:

    I’m so glad the rescuers found him! I don’t wish harm on the people that had him, but they should have taken him with them or found someone to take care of him. At least he’s safe now!

  • Brittany Boudwin says:

    I’m so happy that there are people like ya’ll who do this for the animals. This poor baby, I just feel so bad for him, but I’m so happy you guys did what you did to save him!! I wish people would just understand that animals have feelings too! I can’t believe they did this to that puppy!

  • Rita says:

    Thank you to the un-named Good Samaritan & to your efforts. Tied to a BBQ w/ a shoe string in a hurricane!!! Imagine YOURSELF in weather like that… all night long… in the rain, wind, cold… no food… no shelter… winds 85mph!!! Why Lord… Why !!!

  • Mell says:

    It makes me cry to see how certain human beings can be cruel and selfish to animals who always trusted and loved them! Thank you PETA for being there for those who need you! You are amazing people!

  • Janet Sparrow says:

    I am embarrassed that someone would tie a puppy to a backyard grill in this kind of weather in my state.

  • Verena says:

    I am so happy for this sweetheart and so glad you found him! It is sad that people seem to care so little for their companions! I hope every single animal left behind will be found and be save!

  • ivzbakker says:

    Sick, this makes me just sick. I would rather die holding onto my animals than leave them – let alone tying them to a BBQ by a piece of string.

  • angel says:

    So glad this pup was found & is safe!!!

  • caroline says:

    So his owners just left him there thinking he would be okay or what? Hopefully they will pass the address along to the police when everything calms down. Sweet puppy, hope he’s okay now. Probably was so scared tied up like that!

  • EvaF says:

    They need help too, thanks for been there!!

  • D says:

    Thank you PETA for this rescue.

  • Jordan Turner says:

    Thank you for helping these animals, if we lived by you, we’d help in the rescue! (we live in WI. though).

  • Jordan Turner says:

    Thank you for helping these animals, if we lived by you, we’d help in the rescue! (we live in WI. though).