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Finding Freedom for Little Bit

Written by PETA | December 4, 2009

Frail, undernourished, and lonely, Little Bit was a walking skeleton. She was confined to an electric kennel and rarely had access to food or water, and her only “shelter” was a tipped-over plastic table.


Little Bit


Shocked by the dismal sight of Little Bit’s solitary confinement, an area resident contacted the police, but the officers claimed that they saw nothing wrong with the pitiful and dangerous backyard setup or the obviously malnourished dog. Our complainant continued to push local agencies in the hope that someone would come to Little Bit’s rescue but hit wall after wall.

It took just a single day after the resident contacted PETA for Little Bit to find freedom from her life sentence—we were able to get a PETA fieldworker out to this property and convince Little Bit’s neglectful owner—who allegedly worked for local law-enforcement—to relinquish her into our custody.

Electric fences like the one in which Little Bit was confined, and so-called “invisible fences,” can cause physical pain and potentially serious injuries as well as incite patterns of fear and aggression in dogs. No dog should have to live in fear of getting shocked. If you know of someone using electronic fences or shock collars to confine or silence their dog(s), educate them about the cruelty associated with these devices. And always speak up if you witness animal abuse.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • lindsay says:

    maybe we should put that owner in a elctric fence and c how he likes it!!! onnce on this tv show some guy put a shock collor on and it only worked wen the dog barks and he screamed and it shocked and he kept screaming cause it hurt so bad but the ouder it screamed the more it shoked!! and he was tryin his best not to cause he new wat wood happen!! think of a dog how doesnt even no wat was happnen to them its terrible.

  • lisa says:

    Maybe someone could let us know how little bit is doing i think we would all like to knowan update would be good. Wouldnt it be fantastic if she found a new loving home just intime for christmas i wish i lived in America id give her the best christmas ever and probably the first one she’s ever experienced in her life. Please let us know her know she gets on.

  • Carla says:

    Typical police officers… they saw no big deal.. are KIDDING ME? Serve and protect my a!!!!! Thank god for this person who finally got this poor little guy out of that discusting environment and to a better home! I would have gone there and taken the dog myself.

  • janet hansen says:

    And what was Little Bit’s fate?

  • Nina says:

    Thank goodness the neigbour didn’t turn a blind eye. I am thoroughly disgusted with the police officers that couldn’t “see anything wrong”. Where is Little Bit now ? It would be nice to have regular updates on her progress.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Proof that an “invisible fence” is extremely painful On a show entitled “It Only Hurts When I Laugh” a man was shown walking across his yard holding the dog collar that goes with the fence. When he crossed the barrier he was thrown to the ground screaming. On the same show another fool put a shock collar on and found out first hand what that mode of correction felt like and he also showed the burn mark on his neck afterward. Also another man accidently leaned against an electric fence and almost lit himself on fire. This stuff hurts and I would never to that to any living being.


    i tried an electric fence once for my 2 dogs and was shocked and appluaded at how horribly they shock the dog. they are not reliable and the dog can be terribly shocked even when they are supposedly far enough from the fence. i would never use a electric fence and tell everyone i know how cruel and dangerous they are. they need to be made ilegal.

  • sabrina says:

    where is this animal at now??? Has she been removed from this awful place and given the help and love and TLC she needs? Action not words or media attention please.

  • Randall Cunningham says:

    Poor Little Bit to endure such a cruel life. I wonder what’s become of you RIP.

  • Lisa says:

    This is just atrocious and shameful.

  • Kelley says:

    This is what I try to teach my studentsone person CAN make a difference.

  • NT says:

    This shows that everyone has the power to do something when they witness animal neglect or abuse. ALWAYS speak up!

  • ava says:

    OMG THAT IS DISGUSTING! Can the owner be prosecuted? surely they should be that poor little doggie thats heartbreaking. Thank god for the neighbor reporting it to PETA and thank god for you people at PETA. True angels.

  • Missy Lane says:

    Bless the person who called and the awesome field worker who saved this angel! THIS is exactly why I’m so proud to work here.