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Feds Agree: Circus Endangers People

Written by PETA | August 5, 2011

It’s official: The Carson & Barnes Circus puts people and animals at risk. Coming on the heels of three complaints that PETA filed about the circus’s dangerous animal-handling methods, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has cited the circus for handling elephants in a cruel and dangerous manner. In one instance, a handler answered his cell phone and walked away even though an adult and six children were riding on an elephant’s back.

The inspector also noted that a handler with no elephant experience repeatedly used “excessive force while tugging at the elephant [Viola] with” a bullhook. The report also notes “many instances” in which elephants who were being used for rides were not under the direct control and supervision of a handler, creating a “risk of serious injury to members of the public.” Carson & Barnes was cited for not having a sufficient distance and/or an appropriate barrier between the elephants and members of the public, making it possible for a spectator to grab an elephant’s trunk.

Please never buy a ticket to any circus that uses animals. And if you’ve already made the mistake of buying a ticket to the Carson & Barnes Circus, you may be entitled to a refund.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • terezia ildiko fogarasi says:

    Please never buy a ticket to any circus that uses animals

  • Another in Arms says:

    These animals deserve to be rescued and brought somewhere they will be cared for properly. It also bothers me that the man who seems so fond of the bullhook drops the f-bomb every other word, as if it makes him more manly or something. Just… stop! STOP being so cruel to animals, already! How on earth can you possibly be so cold-hearted?!!?!!?!!? And all for what, money? Is it really that important to you? That is sick.

  • Marisol says:

    I don’t see why anyone would want to use animals for entertainment if they have to be trained. You’d think they’d do something about it since people tend to care more about human safety yet they neglect safety as a whole!

  • Meghan K says:

    What can people do to help stop stuff like this? Reading these stories makes me feel sad and helpless. And mad!

  • Holly Wright says:

    This is SO awful. I’ve always hated circuses with animals, even since I was a little kid. There’s too much bad stuff happening to animals now. It’s got way too out of hand. It needs to stop!