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Fast Food Nation on DVD

Written by PETA | March 7, 2007

Fast Food Nation DVD.jpgHave you seen Fast Food Nation yet? If not, the DVD was just released, so you can go rent or buy that jam this weekend.

Just like the book, this film does a great job of getting people thinking about the screwed up process of turning living, breathing animals into a bunch of 99 cent hamburgers. And it’s actually a really good movie too! Not that I’m biased or anything . . .

You can still check out our interviews with the cast and director Richard Linklater here. It’s pretty cool to see what they thought of making a movie like this and how it affected them personally.

Anyway, my weekend plans are now complete: Fast Food Nation screening with friends on Friday night, followed by my Willie Nelson party on Saturday. And my friend Joel just got a Wii, so I’m sure I’ll be playing my share of Madden ‘07 this weekend too.

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