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More Fashion Police

Written by PETA | December 29, 2006

PETA's Fashion Police

This photo was just too good to pass up. The caption, courtesy of The Commercial Appeal reads: “Busted by PETA “fashion police” wearing naughty pleather cop costumes at Adams and Main Wednesday, Dennis Abernathy proclaimed “I’m guilty, arrest me” and miniskirted Monika Meilleur of Durham, N.C., obliged.” The full article, which actually contains info about the demo can be found here.

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  • Chloe says:

    My sister and one of my cousins used to wear Burberry until I told them that used fur in many of their designs and I showed them a couple of videos about the cruelty of fur and factory farming. I told my cousin who wears a lot of leather reptile and snakeskin that if I see her wearing anything animal I would never talk to her ever again. She eventually stopped and said that are other nonanimal options out there that are stylish too. She now understands my concerns on animal cruelty as does my sister.

  • Judie Harrison says:

    How about a doll that talks nice to her children while on set for a photo shoot for Baby Phat clothing. Remember when you had dead animal skins with heads on the floor for one of your shoots? I do still have the photos of them.

  • Isabelle says:

    Your right Anon there are people starving to death in the world. But there is a lot more pain than that and a tremendous amount of that pain is being experienced by animals. Educate yourself on the issue before you speak. can help with that. Also I have been one of those girls we are not degrading ourselves it is our choice a 100. You degrade women by thinking you should be able to tell us not to “prance around”.

  • Anon says:

    Jesus! People in the world are starving to death and these people are prancing around degrading women and everyone around them because someone wore some leather shoes! Crazy bs!