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Fashion Police at Fashion Week

Written by PETA | September 6, 2007

Scantily clad in sexy pleather uniforms, high-heeled boots, and police hats and holding signs that read, “Animal Skins Are a Fashion Felony,” PETA’s pair of sexy “fashion police” are taking New York fashion week by storm. They’re handing out violation notices resembling citation tickets to fur-, leather-, and wool-wearers for “violating the code of common decency.” This dedicated duo is staking out the shows at Bryant Park and anywhere else suspected violators—including designers—gather. And get this, at their first outing yesterday, they even gave a citation to the notorious pelt pushing fur hag Anna Wintour.

Here are a few pics of their first outing.


Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get a shot of them ticketing Wintour, but I like this shot of the hag getting a pie in the face in Paris a couple of years ago better anyway . . .


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  • P. C. Preston says:

    Phoenix AZ NBC 12 News 9102007 446 PM While doing a story about Cedric the King Cobra serving guard duty at Harrod’s Lin Sue Cooney said that Cedric “would make a nice handbag”. Could this be the attitude of NBC?

  • Soli says:

    Dear Anonymous So as a woman I should have the right to make choices about my body right? The right to choose how it is used dressed and publicly displayed every day. If I chose to dress like that young woman in my daily life or even for a night out at the club am I being exploited? NO. If I choose to put my physical appearance to use in support of a cause that I wholeheartedly support are you going to tell me that because I am a WOMAN and it might be exploitation I CAN’T? How is that feminism? How can a feminist tell me as a woman that it’s ok for me to stay fully dressed and hand out fliers but not ok to choose to be scantilyclad in support of my cause so that people take notice? You can’t have it both wayseither I am entitled to use my female body in any way that I choose or I’m not.

  • Jessica says:

    I have to disagree about the exploitation of women. Besides the fact that men have posed the same way for protests as the women being referred to these women are given a choice. It is obvious by the amounts of clothed and equally attractive women participating in these protests that no one forces them to do it. It’s a simple matter of “Hey do you want to pose nakedseminakedin a skimpy outfit?” and “Sure I have no problem with my body.””Naw I’m too modest for that.””That’s not for me but I’ll participate in other ways.” I mean really it’s not exploitation when women do it entirely willingly. It should be entirely acceptable for women to be proud of their bodies and show them for good purposes.

  • emma says:

    anna wintour is a disgrace of a human being and should play in traffic

  • Rex's mom says:

    I am all in favor of picketing these fashion shows when they show fur but out on the street it is still warm. I dont think they would be seeing anyone wearing fur just yet to give them the violation notices.

  • Anonymous says:

    So let me get this straight. Its not ok to exploit animals but its ok to exploit women. Come on using sex to sell your views smh. Hyprocrits are you kidding me. The only reason people will stop to look at her is because she is dressed up like a playboy pinup girl not because of the message she is holding. PETA has issues big ones. Its not ok for animals but its ok for human women to be exploited. Did she really need to be dressed up like a hooker no. You could have gotten someone else and why not a fat person would that take away from PETA look that all people who do not eat animals are skinny and sexy. Please. By the way eating meat and dairy products dont make you fat. Eating a large amount of any type of food mean or not will make you fat if you do not exercise.

  • Ferretboy says:

    haha that woman deserves the pie. awsome job guys!

  • rojo says:

    If you’ve seen pictures of unshorn sheep you will realise it is in their best interests to swap wool for food and an annual haircut.

  • Sheldon says:

    Awesome! That’s Christina Cho! She went to my high school! You go girl!

  • kelly says:

    Anna Wintour destroyed Vogue. How they let her drag her old bones around Vogue’s offices any more is beyond me. Time for a change.