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Fake Butcher Shocks Supermarket Shoppers

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 10, 2012

As it turns out, people are genuinely taken by surprise when they find out where sausage meat comes from, as evidenced by this amusing Portuguese video showing what happens when a fake butcher pretends to make sausage from scratch.

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  • Skrivet i Blod says:

    Obviously this is one of those “whacky” comedy shows where people get tricked into believing a scenario that’s a conflict with reality i.e a camel driving a car, man disappears after he asks you to watch his dog, etc , etc.

    This one raises a serious issue where people who eat animals are seriously offended when confronted with the reality of its origins. If people can eat their disgusting piles of charred flesh and not be bothered by how it came to be, then they’ll keep eating it. But if they’re shown how it’s made and the suffering inflicted on those they consume then it becomes and ethical conflict. That’s why we’re kept as far away from that aspect of the meat industry, so we can distance ourselves from the horrors. Stop eating meat. Just knock it off.

  • Ray Budiardja says:

    If human can at least reduce their meat consumption, maybe the global warming can be reduced. Livestock produce a lot of CO2 which directly contribute to global warming.

    Being a vegetarian is OK, vegetables s.a mushroom can also give the same nutritional value of meat.

    People should try vegetarian food, I bet some of you will love it.

  • anna says:

    Want some facts here they are 🙂 Why eating so much meat is not good for the plantet : Why meat and especially in the States isn’t healthy : What goes on in slaughterhouses :

  • Schwedt says:

    @Maukmaukvegan being a vegetarian and having a vegan lifestyle are two completely different things. Vegans do not consume or use anything that has animal byproducts in it. Vegetarians mainly choose to not eat meat, while some still eat fish, but do use products with animal byproducts in them. And for you to say that we need to move up the evolutionary ladder??? Moving up that ladder is exactly what we did by eating meat. We are at the top of the food chain for a reason. Speaking as an Animal Science major attending the Ohio State University, I can confidently say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with consuming meat. The ignorance, and uneducated views of many people is what leads to people such as yourself. Please, before you sway anyone else’s views in the wrong direction with misguided information, do your homework and find out the facts.

  • Grey says:

    @EnvyShadow In your comparison, you seem to have left out a stage. Certainly we are not suited to be carnivores. Honestly, most people eat far more meat than their bodies are meant to, which is why meat begins to rot in our system. Should people limit their consumption to the levels that our omnivorous bodies are designed to, we would not have such issues. We have molars AND eye teeth for a reason. Although I agree, many of the processes in which we acquire meat foods are cruel and/or horrific to watch. Eating meat in general is not bad. Doing so excessively and cruelly is. 🙂

  • EnvyShadow says:

    Actually, we are not suited to eating meat AT ALL. if you compare us to carnivores such as lions or whatever, their canine teeth are used to tearing flesh, ours are pathetically small for that use, and they don’t have molars, which herbivores do, for grinding up vegetable matter. Along with that, our digestive tracts are much too long for eating meat, compared with carnivores, meat actually starts to rot in our bodies because our colons are too long. There are many other ways in which we are not suited to it at all, but I’m not going to list them all.

  • EJW says:

    I bet you Vegans taste terrible, but I’m willing to try anything once.

  • Kanibal Krow says:

    hmmm…hungry after watching this!! Getting me some steak for dinner tonight! It isn’t disgusting to eat meat. I do agree that some places need to go over their methods of their killing, but I went to a meat packing plant and took a tour. Honestly I was hungry for a good burger after it 🙂

  • Jay Wulf says:

    I happily shoot and prepare my own meats. We as a species are made to eat it. If we did not there would be a huge over population problem with deer, pigs, cows ect.

  • Maukmaukvegan says:

    Eating meat is disgusting, unethical, and primitive. Being a vegetarian and adopting a vegan philosophy is a way for us to evolve into more dignified and compassionate beings. Killing animals for food is not acceptable, no matter how the process is carried out. We are no longer cavemen. It’s time to evolve up the evolutionary ladder.

  • laaaav it my son!! says:

    I eat meat and Im proud, its part of what made us human’s, its the reason it tastes so good! But Im fully prepared to kill any animal im willing to eat, otherwise it’s a conflict of ethics.

  • Dkris says:

    The problem is not eating meat, its the way its killed now a days.

  • Joseph says:

    I didn’t evolve for 6 million years to eat carrots.

  • alphanon says:

    She’s saying that he didn’t properly clean the animal and that grinding it whole is disgusting because of the fecal matter, bones and hair… Not that she’s against the killing of the animal..

  • danusia says:

    that video isn’t portuguese, it’s brazilian, from a sunday tv show hosted by a man called silvio santos. he probably didn’t mean to educate anyone on meat and where it comes from, but the video sure makes a point at the end, showing how clueless people are when at the supermarket.

  • melissam says:

    I have always said that I do not eat meat because I could never kill an animal. If these people can’t stomach this prank prehaps they should rethink thier choices.

  • Kvettria says:

    I know slaughter houses aren’t exactly humane. Pigs aren’t usually ground up alive though.

  • Zach Olson says:

    There are a lot of things that would horrify someone who was unprepared for it. I think this video does do a good job of showing how senseless meat eaters are when they shop at the store, but I don’t think it would deter a farmer or a hunter who is ready to deal with the reality of ending a life for meat.

  • mickey says:

    Anyone else really want some bacon after watching this?

  • Alfred says:

    This video is from a Portuguese prank show and isn’t meant to show people where their meat comes from rather its just a big joke…

  • seolyk says:

    @Jill thats fully BS, lots of people know where meat comes from and so long as they know the plant is clean they’re fine with it. I know people who butcher their own meat

  • Julie Peters says:

    This video is great! It goes to show you that if people saw exactly where their meat came from they may feel a little bit differently about eating it and how it was treated.

  • Carla* says:

    I say every super market in America should have one (fake one that is) to show the people that your little nicely wrapped packets of “meat” is from a tortured soul that wanted to live just like you and I. It’s now dead and rotting, yummm!

  • Angela says:

    Excellent video. 

  • Jill says:

    This just goes to show u that if slaughter houses had glass walls everyone would be a vegatarian!!!! People dont want to know where the meat comes from.