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Facebook Banned PETA’s Picture―But You Can Still See It Here

Written by Michelle Kretzer | June 24, 2014

PETA isn’t exactly known for keeping quiet and trying not to upset the apple cart. But it seems that Facebook thought we went too far when we posted this picture:

Heres Rest of Your Steak PETA

The social network yanked our photo off the site and sent us a message that said, “We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.” But if graphic images such as this one are upsetting to people, they need to help put an end to the cruelty itself, not photos of it.

We’re not going to let this censorship slow us down. We’re going to keep showing people that eating animals means hurting animals, just as we did when we posted Peter Dinklage’s meat industry exposé, “Face Your Food,” which got many people’s attention and was widely shared.

Help show the social-media powers-that-be that animal advocates won’t be silenced while animals are still suffering: Share this video on your Facebook page.

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  • Rose says:

    So, they keep photos of tortured animals but take away photos of the meat industry?! Hypocrisy at its best! Facebook is disgusting and I’ve never been happier not to have an account there. Evil site run by evil people who shamelessly sold out to the meat industry. Yuck.

  • Don Urban says:

    I reported a skinned dog on a dog-hate page. My concern was rejected. Keep posting PETA!

  • linda Willaby says:

    I don’t want to see that silly Texas cheerleader posing with wild animals she has killed. Take her off facebook.

  • sandy says:

    I Love animals, and am a strong advocate of all ; I don’t eat meat,( feel sick when I have to pass a meat isle),. I struggle to see these images; these creatures feel pain, Too much of a blind eye on “where our meat comes from” and even though exceptionally graphic. it’s sadly the reality,and the reason why I can’t consume meat anymore. If people are upset by these images, then be upset by what you are putting in your mouths.

  • Jill Deane says:

    The most frustrating thing is getting people who “love animals” to acknowledge the pain and suffering that goes into meat and dairy production. Almost without exception the fellow dog walkers l meet daily, are ready to discuss the awful thing they saw on the news, usually concerning a small animal neglect story, but as soon as l put them in the picture regarding the awful plight of farm animals they plead “no don’t tell me, l won’t sleep tonight!”. My response is always, “don’t eat them then.”
    l don’t know how to overcome this head in the sand attitude. l find it is no good banging on about it as that has a counter productive outcome, l usually just try to slip in the odd comment, and find people are more prepared to listen if it concerns their own health. l am fast approaching 70 and like to boast my fitness, when l am told l look at least 20 years younger that is a golden opportunity to say, “that’s what a meat and dairy free diet does for you,”
    l think educating children has to be the best way of securing a better future for animals. Well done PETA for your tireless and effective campaigning.

  • sparkleygreen says:

    Right on Coral. Go PeTA! People need their eyes opened to see the truth. Keep posting thought provoking content and images! Humans cannot continue to hide their minds from where their food comes from.

  • Jade says:

    I just showed this video to my mother who would not even watch the first few seconds because she “doesn’t want to see it coz she likes her steak”. This frustrates me so much that some people will not even acknowledge the pain and suffering of these animals.

  • Joy says:

    I’m not on Facebook, but I’m all for PETA exposing the heartless acts of so called human beings on animals. If it bothers people, then they can continue to go about their daily life acting as though all is right in the world. Shame on Facebook, you are indeed adding to the problem! Open your eyes to the actions that we inflict on helpless creatures. They deserve our protection, long overdue.

  • To Coral, Margaret, and any others who are commenting that quitting “red meat” or exploiting animals less cruelly is adequate, it’s not. There is no valid justification for causing ANY animal needless harm. When cow and pig meat is rejected, it is often chickens and fish who are instead exploited. Since they are smaller, many more of them are killed for the same amount of meat. They suffer as much if not more and receive even less legal protection (= none). Do the right thing: GO VEGAN.

  • john says:

    Let’s see…, if Peta does not post such pictures of truth, who will?

  • Frances Bell says:

    Ah, what’s that quote…. “never underestimate the power of wilful ignorance”. Some people will see these images and turn the other way – but the thing is if the images are there they can NEVER AGAIN say they didn’t know. That some will change their habits and become more compassionate is the exact reason that images like this should be allowed.

  • Frances Bell says:

    How is this picture any worse than some of the other stuff they allow on facebook?