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Everybody’s Somebody’s Baby

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 23, 2011

Philadelphia and Baltimore may be a little safer after PETA members worked tirelessly to get baby-killers off the streets—the killers of baby turkeys, that is.

A baby doll bedecked with frills served as the centerpiece for this eerie Thanksgiving dinner, making the point that farmers drug and breed turkeys to grow so fast that most are only months old when they are slammed upside down into metal shackles, only to have their throats slit. (What kind of job is that? But who pays someone to do it? The consumer!)

But as we hear out there, ever more people are turning to a meal that celebrates life and spares a turkey, not “pardons” one. After all, what crime could a baby have committed?

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  • E says:

    So with this ad you are suggesting to treat animals like we treat babies of America? Seriously? 50 million babies have been murdered through abortion.

  • Liz says:

    @Rev. Meg Schramm. If they have no documentation, then they are illegal and are breaking our laws and should not be here in the first place! Besides, there are plenty of undesirable jobs for them to pounce on, not murdering babies. You are a Reverend, I’m sure with your religious background, you are able to understand and have a great respect for all of God’s creatures. I’m sure you can agree that even those for meant slaughter should be taken care of and be shown dignity up until their last moments. What these people do is evil, evil for the sake of greed. Corporations don’t care about the suffering and fear of these animals. Why, they are so concerned with making money, that they will even hire undocumented workers to save a few dollars!! The entire situation is upsetting!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    From what I’ve seen in news reports and movies such as Food Inc., and Fast Food Nation, as well as read about in books such as Slaughterhouse and Atonement, the people who are taking these jobs are those who don’t have many other options. Many are immigrants with no documentation to whom the worst job in the United States is better than the best job in their country of origin. It’s not that they were raised to be cruel, it’s that they are trying to make a better life for their families.

  • Kathleen Kennedy says:

    This whole bizarre ritual of brutally killing these innocent animals is beyond my comprehension. I truly believe that humans are inherently evil…we abuse and kill eachother and we willingly abuse and kill anyone and anything we can control, who can’t fight back. I am so disgraced to be human. I don’t understand this bludgeoning of animals to do what??? Oh yeah, I forgot…everyone tells me I need protein. This is such BS and everyone knows it. This slaughtering of animals is an atrocity that needs to stop. I am so disturbed by it all. I am the most offended by humans who, when I tell them I don’t eat meat and why…are completely dumbfounded…like they never even considered that their meat had a life and more importantly…deserved a life…PETA, as long as you keep fighting for the animals, so do I. I get so discouraged when I see and hear about so much abuse…who is raising these people that need to hurt the defenseless? It frightens me…