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Every Bunny Loves Raymond

Written by PETA | October 19, 2009
Should Raymond say, “Out with the fur, in with the faux?”(opinion)

It seems like Raymond, New Hampshire—a town located about an hour north of Boston—is having a wicked bad identity crisis. In the market for a serious municipality makeover, the fine folks of Raymond have launched a contest in which they’re asking people from all around the world to come up with a new slogan for their town.

Our suggestion? “Every Bunny Loves Raymond!” More than just a cute slogan, we’re suggesting that Raymond adopt the motto and ban the sale of all fur. It would be a win-win sitch for everyone involved: No bunny would get skinned alive for a bit of trim, and Raymond would put itself on the map by becoming the first fur-free town in U.S. history.

By adopting this slogan and declaring itself fur-free, Raymond would be thumbing its nose at designers like Armani who continue pimping pelts. It would also be reminding citizens and visitors that no bunny, fox, chinchilla, mink, dog, or cat likes the idea of winding up as somebody’s collar or cuff.

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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