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Even If You Aren’t Pamela Anderson …

Written by PETA | May 12, 2010

Veteran fashionista and new vlogger Kelly Cutrone recently confessed that she kills mice who make their way inside her home because she’s “not Pamela Anderson.”

Sure, there’s only one Pamela Anderson, but we can all work toward emulating Pam’s kindness and compassion, so we dashed off a note to Kelly to let her know that humane traps are available and that we’re happy to send her a supply. Mice really don’t want to bother you any more than you want to interact with them, and like us, they are just trying to live their lives.

Snap traps are awful, but not quite as horrific as glue traps, which are “hell on Earth” for animals who get stuck in them, who sometimes chew their own limbs off in an attempt to escape.

After she uses nonlethal means to put mice back where they belong, perhaps the sequel to Kelly’s bestselling book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside, can be called, If You Have Mice, Take Them Outside.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Melinda says:

    Let’s be nice to mice and to people too. Some people just haven’t considered animals’ pain and suffering. It’s our job to stick up for animals and educate.

  • SRC says:

    These mean spirited comment are one of the reasons people have problems with PETA! Seriously be nice to mice and humans too.

  • Diana says:

    omg!!! this kelly woman is always on my favorite radio show “the elvis duran show” she always giving advise and i always thougt she was so Annoying her voice her advise are all so stupid and she thinks she knows everything but know not only i dislike her but i totally hate her!!! hey kelly i have a book for you “if you have to breath go out side… the planet”

  • Darcy Williamson says:

    I found the neatest thing at our Canadian Tire here in Canada. It is a device that plugs into your wall that sends a low pitch mice do not like. They litterally leave voluntarily and stay out of your home. Ask your local home hardware stores. It worked for us and everyone is healthy and alive. Pets are not bothered by it as well. We have a dog.

  • Shian says:

    Alright Kelly so you are never going to be as cool attractive or compassionate as Pamela Anderson. Thats a given. However kindness to the mice in your home is not meaning you suddenly have to pretend to be a decent person. How about you buy a couple of traps and release the mice elsewhere?