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Eva Mendes’ Racy New Ad

Written by PETA | August 5, 2008

There’s a lot of buzz on the interwebs about Eva Mendes’ Calvin Klein ad that showed so much skin, it’s been banned from U.S. television.I just wanted to remind the world that before Eva revealed her smoldering body for CK (a designer who WON’T use fur, by the way), she bared it all for the animals. How hot is Eva?!?!Not only do PETA and CK share a friendship with Eva and a dislike of fur—PETA has also had one or two ads banned from TV in our day. Heck, who are we kidding—we’ve had dozens. View our favorite banned ads here!

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  • lynda downie says:

    Lovely! Thanks Eva! Great comment Nai. lol

  • Nai says:

    Hey! Why did y’all use my body for that PETA Eva ad?!?

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Daunna Where do you see “extreme nudity”? I’ve seen more skin in art and photography galleries. It’s a tasteful pic and a beautiful human body.

  • bobby says:

    the reason its 100 a good thing for PETA to use nuditysexuality in their advertising is that its the most effective marketing ploy. it grabs everyones attention. even if its only in a primal way it grabs peoples attention and yes a lot of them may not be interested in the content of the message beyond the hot girl…but some people will perhaps out of sheer boredom go ahead and read on. a lot of people are like that. like pinball machines once you’ve grabbed their attention you can shoot their focus in the right direction…and the racy advertisements are the bait…

  • daunna says:

    I encourage PETA to remain true to its values and to maintain high standards when advertising. Posting extreme nudity to make a point is not acceptable in my view. Taking advantage of a human beheading is totally unacceptable and I am disappointed with PETA!

  • Megan says:

    Can you say AIRBRUSHED? Ew!

  • Eye Witness says:

    Eva and Peta wone my heart once again! I heard that she is also a vegetarian now!

  • claire says:

    How can people say Eva nude is inappropriate for television?when we have people on America’s Got Talent forceing their cats to stand upright and push pushchairs with dogs inside.Go Eva!I’d rather go nude tooits more natural then wearing fur or skin.

  • roxanne Delgado says:

    damn I wish I had in common her body but I do have in common her compassion. Ban Fur it is cruel and ugly.