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EU’s Ban on Seal Fur Suspended!

Written by PETA | August 19, 2010


The European Union’s historic ban on the sale of seal products was set to take effect tomorrow. This ban was poised to end the sale of all fur torn from the bodies of seals who are killed during Canada’s commercial seal slaughter. But in the 11th hour the ban was suspended by the European General Court, which was responding to a challenge launched by an Inuit group (The court decided to intervene even though the ban provides exemptions for some of the products that come from traditional Inuit hunts).

Of course, these twists and turns are expected in legal wrangling involving governments—especially the shady ones who are trying to market seal heart valves—but we’re confident it’ll be upheld in the end.

It’s times like these that I like to turn to PETA Senior V.P. Dan Mathews, who said this about the decision:

The European General Court may wish to look more closely at the ban, but the court of public opinion around the world has spoken: The seal slaughter is uniquely cruel, and no market wants the pelts. At the end of the day, this is a consumer issue, and seal skin has a worse public stigma than herpes.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Francoise Phipps says:

    Eurocrats! What are you thinking of? You didn’t get elected to be complicit of torture Do you believe you are above anything moral/decent? Shame on a Europe that condones the agony of baby seals, yes, babies…

  • wolf.whisperer says:

    well, as much as i love animals, im a very outdoorsy girl. you must think about this from the inuits point of view. you have to remember what happened in the past. this is one of the original native american cultures still, and while us lot are livigthe’high’ life, whinging at everything but sitting on our arses all day, the inuits are striving to keep their culture from falling into the hands of the white man. they hunted seals for food for thousands of years, then white people come along, kill off all the animals e.g. fur, hatred, money etc. now we’re suddenly saying its their fault??? they’re trying to survive people!!! at least they don’t throw away half the seal and only eat a titchy bit of it!!! they waste nothing, and if we all did that as a first step towards ending meat farms, then we would save a lot of animals each year.

  • Iainvr says:

    If you ignore something does it happen? ask a politican. This cruellty must stop now but if the Canadian public & politicans ignore it as far as they are concerned it does not happen. Let the people know that ignorance will not be tolerated….SHOUT ABOUT IT!

  • reid says:

    Thanks EU. It will help us get out of the recession. And yes US, we have a recession too. Thanks for asking after we bail out all of your banks and car companies.

  • Shannon Joyce Martel says:

    As long as the Canadian people elect these officials the problem won’t go away. These government officials obviously do not care what the people want as they have ignored them so far so I say vote them out and get someone who is wildlife friendly and restore the Canadians good name and let these people know that you do not want their kind of governing. That’s the only way this will stop. Griping and writing about it won’t do. You talk the talkNow walk the walk!!!!!

  • Lynda says:

    I would just like to say that I take offense to the way those at PETA target the whole of Canada about the seal slaughter as if all of us take part in it or something. It comes across as though PETA is as ignorant as those who believe we still have pet polar bears and snow all year ’round. I understand that as Canadians we’re the ones who would do the most damage to the seal fur industry by talking to ou government and such but by generalizing us as seal murders and whatnot it puts me off the whole campaign. I live in Ontario where obviously we don’t have seals to slaughter and I don’t know anyone AT ALL who supports it down here. I’m aware that it’s part of the culture in provinces such as Nunavut and I’m completely against that but I just don’t appreciate it that all the provinces of Canada are being targeted as location where the seal hunting industry is alive and well. Thanks.

  • Lynn Porter says:

    Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy. Matthew 57 What goes around comes around. That also includes animals. After all the human body is also an animal.

  • Tommy Leitch says:

    Reinstate the ban NOW…seal fur “harvesting” is nothing less than coldblooded torture and murder

  • Elsy says:

    Unreal!! Again the animals lose.

  • Ed says:

    Clearly the Inuiuts are a ruined cultire that now must be stopped for their bad influence How sad a once proud people have now become the enemy of the caring human. Thanks for sharing this info PETA. Now we know who are Inuit brothers really are in this age dangerous killers who styike deals with the dirty white man. The spirits of their forefathers exact their revenge on them and in the meantime we will take care of the others legally!

  • Ingrid says:

    As cruel as this hunt may be it is nowhere near as cruel as factory farming. Canada still uses pig stalls. Let’s give this issue more attention. The seal market is small. I am from Newfoundland and have never tasted seal. The suffering of pigs is huge. They suffer every day until the sweet release of death.

  • Jon Hunt says:

    I doubt if they were after a heart valve that they’d beat it to death but I totally agree with you that clubbing is hideous and there is never an excuse for it. I must say I thought that my comment would not be posted as it was not in total support of PETAs position on the matter but I was surprised that not only did it appear but I got a nice detailed answer from one of the people in charge of the blog. Impressive and well done.

  • BB says:

    Jon Hunt August 20 2010 0111 PM There is NEVER a good reason to beat the poor baby seal to death.

  • Katelyn says:

    This is terrible just awful. I can’t believe they suspended the ban! I seriously thought there was an end to seal clubbing but so far now there isn’t. Those poor innocent seals dying just for fur. This is a complete outrage. How come people are so dumb and inconsiderate? This disgusts me.

  • hani says:

    Baby Seals Need Your Help! This year by late March the Canadian seal killers armed with clubs and rifles will go again to the nursery floes of the harp and hood seal to massacre them in the largest mass slaughter of marine mammals on this planet! In 2003 alone 350000 seals where killed in this brutal way and this year and in 2005 each year they will kill 350000 more to make a total of over a MILLION seals killed within 3 years. Please sign this petition and send it to everyone who cares for the animals in the world to stop this extremely cruel slaughter of innocent seals in Canada.

  • Stephanie says:

    I sure hope we all dont stop here…we have to keep protesting against the killing of these seals…eventually we will prevail…keep it up people…lets tell these ignorant people to step up and be real here…we want our seals to stay in their environment and thrive without worrying about being killed…anyone who does this doesnt have a heart at all…How can someone watch the bloody killing of these sweet creatures…again please people lets keep protesting against this and get the bill passed

  • Marilyn Glasgow says:

    For those who think Canada is a kind gentle country I would like to tell you that it isn’t just the seals that they slaughter. The list of atrocities against animals is a bit longer. The Queens’ guards hats are made from the black bears murdered for their coats the polar bears are taken by sport “hunters” for trophies who come from countries where killing them is banned horses come here for slaughter now since the U.S shut down their plants there is scant protection for farm animals in transport and the list goes on. No this is not a kind gentle country.

  • Lindsey D'Antonio says:

    This makes me ashamed to be Canadian and I dont say that often. Its hurts me that the country I live in can deal with such brutality. I HATE Stephen Harper! I never voted for him! Gah!

  • Linda says:

    Hit the sealing provinces in Canada where it hurts most…in the pocket book. Please consider contacting the provinces of NewfoundlandPEI Nova Scotia and Newbrunswick and state your intent to boycott visiting there. These provinces rely heavily on tourism dollars. Do the Inuit not know that they are being used as pawns by the commercial sealing industry? The Inuit need to be upset with these people for dragging them into this whole mess and speak out against the commercial seal hunt.

  • Debbie Harden says:

    How do people who say they have hearts allow such horrible slaughter of such gentle animals they should be ashamed. i hope they have the nightmares they deserve. how do they sleep a night.

  • Sandra Conyer says:

    I am outraged! Canada is not a place I would choose to visit now I thought their government was smarter than that however they just proved the point…

  • Zelle says:

    So sad. The fight isn’t over yet. I too am sick of hearing about “tradition” and “culture” used as an excuse for murder. Until we win this fight boycott any product coming from Canada let the Canadian government and the Inuits know that we will not back down and that seal fur will not be bought or sold in Europe. End of story.

  • Chantal Guidi-Rontani says:

    Message to the Inuits You are thinking that tradition is always good ? Cannibalism was once a tradition in my tribe … therefore I have the great “desire” to meet you … Miam !!!!!!

  • Melissa says:

    As a Canadian I have no sympathy for various groups using custom and religious beliefs as an excuse for cruelty…we can not progress to being a cruelty free race if we refuse to accept the old ways of thinking are done and close to over. Canadians need to stop being Apathetic as a majority and demand change on many feints…why any government allows cruel chicken houses and dairy farm is beyond comprehension!…seal hunting is on par with cruel meat industry and it ALL needs us to push for ALL cruel practices to start… Your medicine tested on poor rabbits or pigs for surgery or those eggs in your fridge even yet….the industrial pollution buidling your computer you are on and how it has affected nature where those animals live. The list goes on…very small step can join to form a chain of new reality. Do something about it now even something small WILL make a difference!

  • Mike says:

    As a Canadian I am some what ashamed of these seal hunts still taking place. I could see if it was an upmost matter of survival but for the trivial materialistic needs to have something luxurious at the cost of these animals lives is no excuse. I can only hope that in time things will change and people will see that Canada is one of the leaders of that change The government however is another story all togeather. The people have spoken they want the change but unfortunatly it often falls on the def ears of the politicians.

  • Betty says:

    Anyone who condones this behavior is a Hitler plane and simple and finds pure satisfaction in murdering innocent beings..

  • courtney says:

    We cannot generalize all of canada as being cruel but those who do not see the horror of what these animals experience and only care about the money that comes from it. we have cruelty going on in every part of the world..lets focus on making everyone realize it is not right to treat any of god’s creatures in a way we wouldn’t want to be treated.

  • Sheri Philcox says:

    OMGI am so happy to see these postings and to see the outrage!!! Maybe there is hope for the human race yet. We must forge onward even against the toughest resistance. This just has to stoptoo many people are up in arms over this senseless practice. My husband’s Mom is from Canada and we once wanted to visit there but after learning about this atrocity I will never go there and will boycott anything Canadian.

  • Jennifer says:

    I too am ashamed to be living in Canada at the moment under the authority of such a callous government. It’s disgusting.

  • Heather says:

    Not really any surprises there money always talks and that is what this is really all about the Inuits are an excuse not the cause.

  • Beata Stawska says:

    The human being is te he worst animal in the world …

  • Anastasia says:

    This is terrible news! In this case so called culture or tradition is not worth the cruelty it takes to preserve it. Like bullfighting in Spain this issue just leaves me confused and saddened at human nature.

  • Miglena Bozhikova says:

    If you are normal humans not machines you will continue the ban on the sale of seal products! I believe you will!!!

  • Steve says:

    unbelievable but this world is already lost! Burn in hell bastards!

  • Jon Hunt says:

    If one of your loved ones needs a heart valve and a seals will work would it then be ethical to take it or is this simply a fur issue?

  • michael mackay says:

    Fight fire with fire. Dont buy any products from Canada full stop. Let the politicians know how many people are willing to do so and heads will turn. Governments use sanctions against countries all the time our weight of numbers would make an impact and Im sure would attract media attention

  • Daniel Harriman-Gisborne says:

    This is awful news.. Please tell us what we can do to help push it through. I am so disappointed

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    A message to the Inuits tradition is not always good and some traditions need to come to an end. Cannibalism was once a tradition in many tribe and in some areas it still is…does being a tradition make it acceptable in the 21st century? How about human sacrifice is that acceptable? Again some traditions need to come to an end and your tradition of killing seals is one of those. Get into the 21st century please.

  • la montanara says:

    the human greed is never contented they want more and more like those vivisectioned chimpanzees who have to return again to be abused until there is nothing left the whole planet is plundered until there shall be no seal no fish no bird no mammals! the best for the abuse of mother earth would be a complete halt to the human species that means the very end!!!!!!!! and then there was a quiet fresh breeze in the air and a big time of rest…

  • Samuel says:

    How can we contact the Inuits? I must say I have lost respect for them as they seem to be more interested in helping massive animal abuse corporations than anything even remotely connected to “culture.”

  • Joan Swain says:

    Canada is generally known as a kindhearted country. Why they continue to allow the annual bloody mayhem on the ice does NOT fit that image.

  • Aneliese says:

    I was infuriated about this watching it on the news the Canadian news. I can’t believe my government is run by such idiots.