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The EU Takes a Stand for Seals

Written by PETA | May 5, 2009


animals.nationalgeographic / CC

Seals around the world are throwing up their flippers in celebration—the European Parliament voted today to end the sale of seal products across the European Union (EU)!

This vote adds to the pressure on Canada to end the seal slaughter. It shows that the EU Parliament recognizes the inhumanity of the annual massacre. The ban will undoubtedly deal a strong blow to sealers’ profits—and that, in turn, will result in less blood on the ice.

The EU’s decision is in line with the wishes of the majority of European citizens and all good people across the globe, including, of course, all Canadian citizens who are ashamed that their country is party to the bloody seal slaughter. Eyes now turn to the Canadian government: It has threatened to challenge the EU ban on trade in seal products at the World Trade Organization. Instead, it should be using its own laws to ban the seal slaughter.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • cathy adams says:

    Ms. Shea you do realize it’s 2010 and civilized humans don’t bash in animal’s heads with spiked clubs anymore to obtain a product as out of fashion as it is socially unacceptable? We all need jobs that’s not an excuse for senseless slaughter. Time will define Ms. Shea a part of the human species disappearing as the rest evolve. Ms. Shea please listen to the rest of the world and immediately stop the seal hunts. Thank you. Cathy Adams California

  • alexis says:

    thank you for EU c

  • Captain Awesome says:

    Hm. For one the EU Parliament is a useless legislative body the measure probably won’t go into effect and the seal slaughters will continue. Oh well.

  • John says:

    Why do you edit on what people post? Is this site like the Iranian government censorship? Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner.

  • John says:

    Stop all abortions and only then we can save the seals.

  • Mash says:

    Please stop killing animals. They have a life like you as human been

  • GAVIN KENLY says:

    Thank goodness for organisations like PETA and everybody involved. This is such welcome news.

  • Joan Faszczewski says:

    I’m very happy too. These people that kill all these seals wil die someday and then they will go see God and he is going ask were they good people and I know the answer it will be no. So guess where there will be going. What they did is a sin. I felt sorry for the mother seals crying for there young while they being murder for greed.

  • Liliana Closa says:

    John…. May 5…. Families can definitely find other ways of making a living without putting innocent and defenseless animals in pain and suffering! Besides this kind of living would not exist if it wasnt for people who buy these goods made from seal skin. Hurray for the animalsrights!!!

  • Olive Josuweit says:

    I realize that when something is a tradition it becomes the norm. However I speak for the seals!


    I am so happy. Thanks God!!!

  • cath ens says:

    the fact is to Nfld. fishermen the seal hunt is NOT a significant part of the seal hunt! Nor for other groups of Canadians who take part in the commercial hunt. Secondly the seals will not all starve to death if they are not harvested nature has a way of balancing in years of high densities of food seals and other animals thrive in not so good years the numbers born are lower and mortality rates higher … whoever posted the comment that seals would all starve to death has some catching up to do on hisher reading.

  • Ana Kelly says:

    Even though this terrible story has an end. The “humans” need to learn to have more respect for the animals that do not leave their habitat to bother anyone unlike us who always invading and destroying their places.

  • vincenzo says:

    finally after so many years good news for the seals dear of canada . I know that there is still much work to do to end the horrible game but this result encourages us to move forward! Vincenzo Italia

  • Elvia Nunez says:

    I’M SOOOOO HAPPY!! I’m Crying tears of joy thank God this is happening.

  • Linda.Thomas says:

    Hey Yopaz. We are over populated with humans but we dont bash their sculls in !! Hallo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Victory for the seals and shame on you sealmurders I hope you burn in hell. How would you like to have your sculls bashed in and skinned alive you ungodly monsters.

  • Joy Guinto says:

    Thank you PETA! More power to you. Hurray for the seals!!!

  • Carola says:

    I want to tell “Jigz” and the ones who think seal hunt is needed to keep seal population under control nature is so perfect and the ones who destroy that perfection are us “human” beings. A lion is not a killer compared to us because he does to survive but we do it just to do it to have fun to consume more protein than what we really need to try to prove others we have “glamour” wearing a fur coat and more questionable reasons. I live in a country in the “Third World” in Central America my mother language is not even English but I have studied hard Mathematics not only to earn money I’ve done it to become a better person a person with principles and values and the one who does not respect animals has no principles and does not deserve living in this world. As Blaise Pascal one of the greatest mathematicians in history said The more I see men the more I love my dog. Peace!

  • Shannon Shepherd says:

    I am so happy that we are winning in the war against fur bearing animals. I can’t believe that their fur is still so important to some. The trapping and slaughtering of critters is appauling and disgusting I don’t have any tolerance for this type of cruelty. I just found out about the killing of cats and dogs and that Canada allows these furs to be imported and that some outlets in Canada stock and sell it apparently it doesn’t have to be labelled as fur. This makes me sick. To buy anything with fur sometimes we think it fake but in reality it is dog or cat fur. Don’t be fooled and don’t buy anything with any kind of fur. I would really like Peta to investigate this claim. It is legal for Canada to import these furs. Disgusting.

  • Tessa says:

    I am disgusted by the misinformation of a few select fellow cdns on this topic. Stop being idiots and stop LYING! The depletion of fish stock has NOTHING to do with seals it has to do with overfishing by foreign vessels and by greed and mismanagement by the fishermen. Fish stocks were just fine before humans and their greed for taking more and more kicked in. As for those ‘poor’ blood thirsty sealers they can find another move civilized way to earn a few extra bucks. OUR TAX MONEY funds this insane unnecessary slaughter. It’s a blight on Canada’s reputation and the majority of canadians do not support this bloody carnage.

  • Jan says:

    The tide is on the turn for respecting the animal species with whom we share this planet.What started as a whisper by a few humans to help animalshas gained momentum and this in turn will become a swell of worldwide human voices to change the present view that animals are our possessions to do with them what we think fit. Leonardo da Vinci 14521519 “The day will come when men will look upon the murder of an animal as they now look upon the murder of men.”

  • anne hoesch says:

    in reply to jay and raye and everyone else who is griping about the ban and the loss of income for people who live off this barbarism…..get real!!! this has been proven to be a sick horrific and inhumane practice where many baby seals and adult seals are actually skinned alive!! this has been documented often enough on camera and in photos the simple fact that these animals have their skulls bashed in by club weilding barbarians is enough to cause most “thinking” humans to object trying to defend the practice is ridiculous the only reason for this is money and profit there are more humane ways to kill animals any idiot knows that maybe you would change your mind raye if this was done to you!!!!!

  • Nigel Greaves says:

    Excellent! However isn’t it awful that so much effort has to be made to stop people aiding the vile cruelty of seal slaughter? At least the ban is another step in the right direction.

  • gaby says:

    thank god!! i am so happy to know the seal slaughter ended.. lets celebrate for the seals!!

  • prpa says:

    Yopaz are you kidding? we are all working hard to stop the corridas unfortunately spain is really old fashioned about it…but it does not mean we won’t push it more….

  • kathy says:

    I am proud to live in Europe. I hope that many others will follow the example of the EU. Finally some action !!!!! Eat st Canada in your face !!!!!!

  • Melanie says:

    Hooray !!!!! My faith in humanity is being restored. To the PM of Canada dont you think youll be more liked if you weren’t so narrow minded. Seal have a right to live just like any other living creature in the world. Shame on YOU!!!

  • Victoria Phelps says:

    At last we are getting somewhere with this unnecessary cruelty that takes place. Carry on fighting for these creatures that need our help and love

  • Kirsten Williams says:

    In response to the comments that the barbaric clubbing of seals is necessary to curb numbers… er NO ! If this was a problem there must SURELY be a far kinder way to do it ! In response to the fact that the EU still allows Bull fights… this is not something that as a member of the EU I would ever be an advocate for. I want this to stop also ! Just because the EU has shown good judgement in the banning of seal products does not mean that the EU is without fault. There are still issues to be rectified… this is an obvious truth. Do not use Bull fighting as an argumnet to still support the clubbing of Seals ! I signerd the petition for the ban… I forwarded the pettiotin to everyone that I could. Hurragh for the ban ! Hurragh that this cruel and disgusting practise will stop ! Hurragh ! Hurragh ! Hurragh !

  • Calyn says:

    Thank goodness. The world can breath a sigh of relief. However the Candadian government should be ashamed at wanting to challenge the ruling.

  • Vivienne Murray says:

    To the ‘Sealers’ upset about losing an avenue of income… how would you like your child to be skinned alive and bludgeoned to death or even worse left skinless in the most barbaric way imaginable to die a slow torturous yet certain death? Have a think about it really would you be ok with this? I think NOT!!! Have a bloody heart you idiots. People who have been deeply concerned about your brutality to defenceless seals in the name of ‘working’ would undoubtely encourage you to source a new means of employment that does not entail abject brutality to other sentient beings. I unreservedly applaude the EU Parliament for its decisive and compassionate stancedecision to put an end to such barbaric behaviour. It is supposedly what makes us ‘human’ the capacity for both reflection and planning ahead. The actions of Sealers does NOT fit this definition. I am estatic at the EU Parliaments sound decision!!!

  • Linda Em says:

    Bottom line is this the EU can decide to allow or ban any products it wants. You can’t force a country or a group or an individual to purchase any product be it tobacco drugs foods or seal skins. So trying to reverse that ban legally is ridiculous. The EU is not telling Canada to outlaw the slaughter. It is just saying they don’t want the results of the practice. What the sealers and the Canadian government choses to do about their “product” not being saleable is their problem.

  • Debrah says:

    Canada needs to stop subsidizing the killing of baby seals and it needs to also end the production of fois gras. Why is it acceptable to torture and abuse animals must because we can use language and make plans for life? And while we Canadians plead with our government the Spanish AR folks and yes the rest of us can turn our attention also to ending the bullfighting and every other countries animal abuses. It is a battle with many fronts.

  • marion koenig says:

    The fishermen who kill these gentle seals started out at 12 years old crying and begging NOT to do this but their Dads and Uncles insisted A relearning of gentleness needs to be taught. Noting the comment FOR seal slaughter due to economic needs of Eastern Canada I believe this may be helpful The Humane Society has offered and still offer ecologic Tours on boats your fishing boats. You could make more money seasonally than seal slaughter. Noting comment on Seal Slaughter elsewhere Let’s get on it I personally did not know. Scotland how barbaric and unnecessary. N. may have economic issues we need to give a better choice to. For some a slice of bread is like God. bless all animals tonight.

  • M says:

    Well you are right about bulls in Spain its another thing to change. But you forgotten that we not gods animals can survive without us we are not for control them so seals not gonna die if we only let them live population will stabilise. There is no problem of too big population its a hunters excuse. If we stop put in animals life then they will survive as well as they do before we came becouse we are the biggest disaster for the planet and we must fix it. ps. sorry for my english

  • marlene VanDyke says:

    Canadians I urge you to support Canadian Senator Harb’s efforts to end Canada’s cruel commercial seal hunt. This hunt only continues to exist because it is propped up by government support and taxpayers’ money. For years the vast majority of Canadians and caring people worldwide have been calling for an end to the hunt and the time to act is now. The animal welfare concerns associated with Canada’s commercial seal hunt are well documented. This hunt is unnecessary and economically unviable. The time has come to transition Canadian sealers into new and more rewarding industries that do not involve cruelty to animals. Please use your power as a concerned citizen to fight for an end to this cruel and unnecessary slaughter. The world is watching. As Albert Schweitzer so eloquently said “Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things man will not himself find peace.” Canda stop this cruel trade in animals skins .

  • M says:

    I love my Europe D I remember when UE made a questionnaire to see what we thinking about it I sent it to all people I know and now its forbidden yeeeeeey!

  • Yopaz says:

    Those who know history would know seal hunting is portrayed barbaric but needed to take care of the nature. EU has Spain who kills bulls by tormenting them and stabbing them with spears in front of an audience as entertainment France overfeeds geese by shubbing food down their throats with sticks to make the liver grow just so they can eat goose liver. Seals grow into large populations and make it hard to survive for all animals with the same niche. They can actually make a lack of fish and lead into hunger problems for both animals and human and hurt the fish populations. A lot of people live from the meat we get from seals. Banning seal hunting wont do us any good it can at best make seal populations so big that they will eventually die from hunger or the diseases that come when populations grow too big. Now who are the bad guys? Canada killing seals or Spain torturing bulls? Btw Spain is a part of EU so is EU that great?

  • corine says:

    I wil try to put that petition on my facebook to let people sign my petition i will give you somr news when i will be finish with that.

  • Mark says:

    For those who are saying whitecoats aren’t killedthat’s wrong they are. Officially not but the DFO spits on its own regulations it and has no ability and outright refuses to monitor what happens over hundreds of square miles of ice. 95 of the seals they torture are between 2 weeks and 1 month old because of the condition of their coats in other words BABIES that can’t eat solid food or swim. Year after year independent veterinary reports have shown an average of 40 of the seal pups killed are still conscious when skinned in other words SKINNED ALIVE. Half the seal nurseries last year disappeared from loss of ice cover due to climate change but the corrupt officials pimping for votes ignore the plummeting seal populations in their sham “management” plans.

  • Adam says:

    I live in Canada and it’s quite absurd that this still goes on. I can’t believe that our Prime Minister would allow this to keep going on. He’s a horrible leader a conservative and mearly a mechanized organ of the party. These injustices need to stop. It’s bad enough that indiginous people do it for survival but now it’s a sport and an industry. It must stop now! Go Vegan!

  • corineq says:

    have they voted for real?!?? I haven’t heard about all of that!?? They actually have to change the laws of the olympics games! let’s boycott olympics anyway. My petition is finish with a good number of signatures. I Will send this petition to Harper and to the partners of the canadians olympics top tell them that we will boycott their products if they encourage Harper. If you want to do the same just go on the olympics web site and the names of the partners are given!!

  • learn says:

    you guys have it so wrong it hurts .. BABY SEALS or WHITECOATS ARE NOT SLAUGHTERD GET IT THROUGH YOUR FRIGGAN HEADS. the hunt needs to happen whether you like it or not … and for the record WE CANADIANS ARE NOT PUTTING SEAL FUR ON OUR OLYMPIC UNIFORMS so dont go beleiving everything you hear..

  • ej says:

    well i say we boycott the olympics the canadian government has voted that the canadian olympic team uniforms will be inlcuding seal pelts….. how awful!

  • Jigz says:

    Good job everyone completely ignore that whitecoats arent killed and the seal hunt is needed to keep the seal population under control. Without it the seal population would explode resulting in massive over fishing and the death of many many more animals. Even with the ban of the sale of seal products in the Eu the hunt needs to continue to balance the ecosystem. You’ve just lessened the value of the deaths of seals not made it less necessary.

  • Nancy says:

    Iam soooooooooooo happy that the EU stoped the killing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • corine says:

    NO no!! This is not all the natives who got jobs! those that have no work have more chance to try suicide

  • corine says:

    Im sorry i did a mistake wile writing. The polar bears are eating the seals sorry you’re right!…on this point…the thong that i was tring to explain is that is seals are missing fish polar bears are going to have a lack of seal because they will die anyway! The intirely worl can’t stop killing only one kind of animal. This will create a lack of fish because humans are not stopping killing fish!

  • Kelsey says:

    It’s good to know we’ve accomplished something. I hope the seal slaughter will end.

  • salem says:

    the massacre of the CUTE baby seals has to stop. the ironic thing is i have to do a report for my eleventh grade oceaography class about seals harp seals and this is one thing i need. if theres a petition i could print out to have my friends and class mates sign send to my email. SAVE THE SEALS!!