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The EU Takes a Stand for Seals

Written by PETA | May 5, 2009


animals.nationalgeographic / CC

Seals around the world are throwing up their flippers in celebration—the European Parliament voted today to end the sale of seal products across the European Union (EU)!

This vote adds to the pressure on Canada to end the seal slaughter. It shows that the EU Parliament recognizes the inhumanity of the annual massacre. The ban will undoubtedly deal a strong blow to sealers’ profits—and that, in turn, will result in less blood on the ice.

The EU’s decision is in line with the wishes of the majority of European citizens and all good people across the globe, including, of course, all Canadian citizens who are ashamed that their country is party to the bloody seal slaughter. Eyes now turn to the Canadian government: It has threatened to challenge the EU ban on trade in seal products at the World Trade Organization. Instead, it should be using its own laws to ban the seal slaughter.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Justin says:

    Finally governmets are starting to realize the full extent of these kind of acts I hope the rest of the world follows in their footsteaps. BIG UP

  • josh says:

    why are you peole so busy worring about canada’s internal problems….why not deal with some real issues and forget about the EU good on them for banning seals but not banning somthing real like say OIL but lets deal with the small problems

  • Damnit123 says:

    Nobody gives a fk about the millions of mosqitos we kill each year by splattering them Cuz they aren’t has cute has seal. However they remain animals

  • Bloomer says:

    Only because they are cute people dramatize this situation… I don’t know but every years fish are slaughtered by millions and nobody give’s a fk…becuz they are not cute. Talking about fish seal are a threat in canada because they are out numbered and eat a LOT of fish…

  • Mike says:

    How is this any different than killing a cow or a pig? We call this so inhumane and brutal but doesn’t the exact same thing happen in slaughterhouses everywhere? Open your eyes just because an animal is cuter than another doesn’t make it any more worth saving. Just a quick fact The photo used in this article shows a whitecoat seal a baby. However it’s been illegal to hunt those for many years now. The picture was put up for the exclusive purpose of arousing sympathy.

  • Cody says:

    Excuse me if I harbor some resentment toward the sealers. I realize they are ignorant and don’t understand how to do anything more complicated than jamming a spike in the skull of a baby seal. So I probably shouldn’t feel malice toward the sick sons of bitches. But I do. There is no excuse they can find a new livelihood I’m sure it will involve hurting some other animal in some other way.

  • Michael Pineau says:

    I agree the slaughter of seals is a horrible thing. However this ban is not really accomplishing anything. The population of seals is going to skyrocket throwing an entire ecosystem out of equilibrium lowering biodiversity and ultimatley causing the endangerment maybe even extinction of other species. As well as elminating a vital source of income for the inuit. Seals will still be slaughtered in order to protect other species such as the pacific cod. The European union should lift their ban and the Canadian government should step in and advocate for a more humaine way to hunt seals. Im against the slaughter of seals and animal cruelty but we must approach these issues with an open mind.

  • John Finken says:

    I eat meat and stuff which I know is wrong but I still want to say that it’s awesome that they’re doing this. It’s all about getting people to UNDERSTAND what’s wrong with the world. THEN you can fix it.

  • Extinct_Meh says:

    Common people is their any evidence that people just slaughter seals and the ice with clubs? If so I want to see the pictures that PETA has. Others I cant give in. Just don’t asume about something is their is nothing to back it up. And as for the web master of this site opinions are allowed are they not?

  • pam says:

    Corine the polar bears are starving to death because they can’t get to their hunting grounds due to global warming not from lack of food. Besides polar bears prefer seal over fish anyway. Your comment about the natives you contradict yourself. You say they have NO job but the only reason they don’t commit suicide is because of their job. Worried about the seal hunters putting food on their tables? Did it not occur to you that our government spends more money financing the commercial hunt than it would if it simply paid these hunters EI?

  • Mélika Pri says:

    They are so stupid to do this to inocent baby seals ! im realy sad about this thing !!!!!! And im Happy Like Realy Happy tath they stop that thing so cruelty !!!!! …. Thank you and share your heart some times ! D

  • me! says:

    YES! and people say peta dont do anything! if it wasnt for organizations like peta seal products would still be sold in europe!

  • Raye says:

    This Is In response to Jay Everyone who doesnt really know the facts on the seal hunt newfoundland. firstly sealers are trained in what they do to make it as humane as possible the tool used has been proven the most effective way to kill seals .. secondly as mentioned in earlier posts they are not allowed to kill whitecoats it is illegal .. most of the sealers come from very small communities and they do use the seals for more then just oils and the fur i can assure you every part of it is not wasted. I am a canadian an albertan to be exact and most of alberta is made up of newfoundlanders here working to make a living because the torie government screwd newfoundland hard core and i dont see why newfies should have to leave their beautiful province because a few people think the seal hunt is wrong or a government doesnt think that newfoundland is an important province to fund in .. its a shame really. Also the seal hunt is population control like said earlier if we just let them breed and breed and breed then we would have a serious problem … lets focus on china or some country that beats animals first. Whats the next thing to get banned and ruin the livelyhoods of many people the tar sands that kills animals to … get over it

  • Basak says:

    Great news for humanity. I hope there will be further acts in the future to ban all fur products ritual slaugthering bullfighting and the worldwide brutal practices of slaughterhouses. Best

  • Corine says:

    httpwww.canoe.comsportsnouvellesarchives20090520090507175300.html This is a link to reassure you. This is a french site that is explaining that athletes are against the fact to wear seal fur. The government of the province of Qubec desagry this suggestion. And for those who do not know usually the government of quebec have often what they claim because we are making a lot of noise. Even if a lot of natives are living in quebec they are against that suggestion. And the canadian olympic’s administration stipulated that they are not doing politics and that this is not the job of the olympic’s athletes to do that job. And one of the canadian athletes has stipulated that this is a law in the olympic’s games that no propaganda or manifestation is allowed. The olympics games are a big party and this is not a place to resolve our problems. I hope that this will relieve your fears! But do not stop to complain about Harper and his ideas. This man’ ideas are even worst to my opinion then Bush ideas! In Canada we need a big change too! This man is against Kyoto project we are now going backward!! HELP US!! I’ve realised that the canadian government will try to erase this olympic’s law!! But i actually do not think that this will work. EU government will boycott to my opinion cananians olympics if they wear the seal fur. Here what everybnody should to menace the Canadian government to boycott olympics. You can sent a letter to the prime minister at Service Canada Ottawa Ontario K1A 0J9 Canada ATTN Canada Site co Canada Enquiry Centre or just send a email to If you have any problem with the adress or email the canada’s government web site is I will actually do a petition and send it to the government of canada and it would be great if you would like to do the same!

  • DEVDUTT DAVE says:

    All the countries should ban any product specially Chinese that has a direct or indirect link to animal fur.

  • Cathy says:

    I am also a Canadian Melodie and I am outraged but not surpised at our inept Prime Minister’s olympic suggestion. I have tried repeatedly for many years to advise people to boycott Canadian seafood but you know most people are in to their own self gratification and simply cannot possibly give up such tasty food. Until we all band together and say enough is enough the animals in this world will continue to suffer. Unfortunately most people are only into themselves.

  • Corine says:

    The only think that i’m trying to explain is that i know that this is cruel to kill them like that but the inuits don’t have any other solution then doing that hawfull work. To my opinion this was just not the right time to stop sealind the seal products. These people don’t have any other job then this one! We sould have more time to get prepared for that situation. And to answer to Oliver no offence but you are wrong about inuits…they are not living in tepees but they are near from that. They are extremely rejected by the society it is not like un united states where they are selling all this crap to travelers… they are isolated in the north and they are living with the help of the Canadian Government. A lot of those Natives do not have any job they are alcoolic and there’s a lot of these kids who are dying from suicide because they feel leaved aside by the society. People should read a little bit more about the natives from the Province of Qubec and maybe they will maybe understaind that their job keeps them alive! However they sould find another way to kill them a way that would be less cruel. McDonalds and KFC are worst then native. At least this money is going to all the community instead of 23 extremely rich guy from united states! Here a little something that everybody should read to maybe understaind a little bit more the situation in canada with amerindians and you could even extend your research to learn about them a little bit more httpwww.cmaj.cacgicontentfull1656749 And the problem if we are missing fish in canada this is not going to be only the seals that are going to die but the polar bears too they are eating the same kind of fish. here’s a picture un french but you will understanid a little bit more with that. httpwww.climatechangenorth.caimagesillustrationsFr102.gif

  • Marion says:

    Are the Fed Gov’t MP’s absolutely out of their minds? How dare they assume to represent all Canadians with this horrendous plan to use seal pelts into the Olympic uniforms! What happens when an athlete refuses to wear the “uniform” are they banned from participating in their sport? How will this “help” protest a EU ban just shows the EU members are smarter more caring more humane more politically organized more….than our stupid Cdn gov’t. Do our MP’s have any idea of the torture and pain that these poor seals endure while being skinned alive all in the name of “fashion”? I’m ashamed to be a Canadian today!

  • Melodie, North Vancouver, BC says:

    A long awaited victory for the seals but on the flip side our Canadian government and the wonderfully oblivious Stephen Harper gang is trying to promote the seal slaughter by wanting suggesting the 2010 Olympiads wear seal products. This is a typical government move to have the 2010 Olympiads promote most likely without their full knowledge the seal slaughter. I do not support the 2010 Olympics but I will be damn sure I will be protesting if and when our ‘wonderful’ government votes ‘yes’ and ‘persuades’ our Olympiads to wear this distasteful product.

  • kelly says:

    I am disappointed in the Canadian government!!! To even consider having our Canadian Athletes wear seal skin Olympic outfits for 1010 winter games out of protest to the EU?!!! I am disgusted at the current administration. PM Harper needs out of office this is childish and embarrassing for the rest of us Canadians.

  • Robert says:

    Great to hear that we are making progress towards a great cause. There will always be those who oppose for various reasons but let us continue the fight for those animals who can not fight for themselves.I am thankful for those of us who continue the fight until the there is definite change. Thank you to all of you who continue the fight and please do not give up. Keep fighting I will.

  • Jenny says:

    What a tremendous victory big nail in the coffin of this vicious barbaric slaughter. “Yank” needs to get facts rightsealing is only 5 GDP for the region. They are just “killing” time until fishing starts. Hopefully the millions that have been slaughtered over the decades have not died in vain.

  • Carla says:

    High Five on your post Angela!!!!!!

  • carla says:

    Excuse me Jay! Then let them get a real.. job.. be it 9 to 5 or otherwise. Jesus…. Clubbing seals is not a job!!! It’s discusting and barbaric!

  • carla says:

    Jay. Dumb statement. There is enough fish and if not… and they die.. well that’s how God intended it to be… it’s not Canada’a place to kill these seals…Who the hell put us humans in charge of animals anyway????????

  • carla says:

    Elizabth… Peta is not giving false information…. who cares what the picture shows! Is that ALL your concerned about is that the wrong picture is being displayed?????? Put your energies toward stopping the hunt. It’s wrong. Get over it…

  • carla says:

    Excuse me John!!!!!!! Your worried about families… go out and get a real job you fool… and stop depending on innocent seals. They were not put here to support your family or anyone else’s family for that matter. It is F…… barbaric and cruel… I do care more about the seals than all of you jerks who support this!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carla says:

    Great News!!!! Tears of joy! I hope this is the END of all the seals being murdered in Canada!!!! Because Canadaian Government it is Murder!

  • sydnie says:

    thank God! they finally see how awful the whole situation is. Izza stop talkin about the innuits and the natives. if you havent noticed you dont go out for a drive through the country and see tepees and Native Americans chasing down buffalo anymore huh? theyve already pretty much changed to living modernly. there is no reason for a baby seal to have its head bashed in and frankly im sorry that youre trying to give them an excuse. these people are greedy and heartless and thats all there is to it.

  • Oliver says:

    Wonderful …. It made me really happy when I read about it in the newspaper … We are on the right way now Amen

  • reidjr says:

    Izza Again i ask what about the innuit and natives.There way of life is to eat of the land.

  • Corine says:

    Europe got is own mistakes and they should look at themselves at first instead of triying to change the mentality of other countrys .. It won’t stop the mentality it will just make people more angry and everybody won’t try to resolve the problem. Canada will now sent their products by the pacific ocean instead of the atlantic. France is still doing foie gras and Canada stop doing that. To my opinion this is more awfull to gave those birds they are sufferinf enven more longer! So think about it we should look at ourselves before triying to change others. Brigitte Bardot is the french Pamela Anderson and I have admiration for that women but she should look at her own country before tring to change Canada and Egypt.

  • Corine says:

    I am a canadian an I have to hadmit that the way that we are killing them is hawfull but this is normal to kill them if they are to many they are going to eat all the codfish in the ocean ans they won’t have enough food anyway and they will die! The best idea would be to find a better way to kill them and be more severe with the quota to let others survive! To my opinion it is worst to let them be killed by a lack of food…

  • Izza says:

    Stop animal killing

  • reidjr says:

    Angela Natives and innuit eat off the land that is there way of life.You just can’t say sorry you can’t do that any more.If there did not eat off the land there would be no way possible for all of the animals etc to last due to food and the areas would be way over crowded.IN ottawa there looking at opening up a legal dear hunt because the city is over whelmed by them.

  • Viktoriya says:

    STOP KILLS!!!!!!

  • Alice Adams says:

    Unfortunately the EU went the wrong way on the Animal Testing Directive vote yesterday this message from Labour MEP for London Claude Moraes “The final crucial vote took place yesterday and sadly we lost many of the key amendments that I feel are vital to ensuring the high levels of animal protection we in Europe should be pushing for. My Labour colleague Brian Simpson MEP who led on this issue for our Party has tried to find a good balance between his own strong animal welfare concerns and the needs of people suffering from serious medical conditions for whose main hope of relief depends on the continued use of animals in advancing our scientific and medical understanding. Regrettably I believe that many of the key proposals were watered down by the European Parliament out of fear that the research industry would leave Europe if too many demands were placed on our research establishments. My view is that many of those demands are essential if we in Europe are to ensure high levels of animal protection. There were two crucial issues for Labour MEPs ahead of the votes. Firstly we wanted to move European research away from its reliance on the capture of monkeys from the wild for breeding purposes. I believe that Europe needs to take a strong line on this leading the way in reducing pressure on wild populations and preventing the cruelty associated with the trade in wild primates. Secondly we fully supported the need for authorisation of all experiments involving animals by a central competent authority. Authorisation of all projects is key to at least two of the principles that guide my thinking behind the revision of the rules on animal testing that we reduce the number of animals used in experiments and that animals are replaced with alternative methods of testing wherever possible. Not only did we lose on these two issues but also on the issue of protecting animals from enduring pain that is both severe and prolonged. I feel very uncomfortable with the notion that we should allow animals to feel severe pain that is prolonged. Sadly the European Parliament missed the opportunity to take a strong line on animal protection.”

  • Joanna says:

    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! I speak for the seals and all humane animal lovers out there!

  • Joyce says:

    that’s great !

  • POOJA says:

    that is a great news !! hats off to peta and we all indians look upto you for the compassion you show towards these animals and be their voice…

  • derek says:

    coming from Canada this is great news and i hope it is only the start to the end of the slaughter of seals !!!!!

  • Janine says:

    Mr. Stockwell Day the trade minister of BC is planning to take the EU’s decision to court. As a newbie lawyer and a firm believer that Canada should create humanesustainable industries I am disgusted that Mr. Stockwell Day plans to use my tax dollars to try and overturn the EU’s decision. Let him know how disgusted you are that your tax dollars are being used without your permission to continue the inhumane slaughter of seals.

  • Flora says:

    We are victorious! Goodness and mercy will eventually win. Free the seal from terror! Ban all seal hunt!

  • Angela says:

    To Scott Hillen I live in South Africa where we cherish our wildlife and have travelled to Canada only to be appalled by the way you treat all of your animals not just your seals. If people in Africa can have laws that protect wildlife and ban poaching and slaughter why can’t a ‘first world country’ like yourselves?

  • Ravi Kiran says:

    Excellent news!! Hooray!! for EU.

  • lynda downie says:

    Great news! Thank you European Parliament! But of course not surprisingly the good old CBC Radio only aired interviews with prosealers in their report of it today.

  • Maria Meringolo says:

    O my goodness thought I was dreaming when I received a text with this wonderful glorious newsfinally progress!!!! makes you feel like all of your efforts and hardwork are finally making an impact and difference in the welfare of these lovely and defenseless seals.

  • Pauline says:

    Thank God!!!!!

  • roxanne says:

    The united states needs to follow suit. why is the united states so slow to follow. boycott red lobster