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The EU Takes a Stand for Seals

Written by PETA | May 5, 2009


animals.nationalgeographic / CC

Seals around the world are throwing up their flippers in celebration—the European Parliament voted today to end the sale of seal products across the European Union (EU)!

This vote adds to the pressure on Canada to end the seal slaughter. It shows that the EU Parliament recognizes the inhumanity of the annual massacre. The ban will undoubtedly deal a strong blow to sealers’ profits—and that, in turn, will result in less blood on the ice.

The EU’s decision is in line with the wishes of the majority of European citizens and all good people across the globe, including, of course, all Canadian citizens who are ashamed that their country is party to the bloody seal slaughter. Eyes now turn to the Canadian government: It has threatened to challenge the EU ban on trade in seal products at the World Trade Organization. Instead, it should be using its own laws to ban the seal slaughter.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • hj says:

    the way we treat animals shows our level of civilization

  • Betty says:

    Please, all those who made comments on this page, please, click on “I like this.” Also, vote/send email to end this stupid massaccre. Please, do not just say: “end this”…do your part!

  • MB says:

    God please punish those killing innocent animals. Those people should feel guilty by killing animals. Just think that they also have live like you and your family. SHAME ON CANADA

  • Paulo says:

    Animal is not toy!!! Stop to kill!!! I beg God! Please God help that men stop to kill animals!

  • mash says:

    May God punish very badly those who make the innocent animals suffering. Those people must be paying for the bad they are doing to the animals

  • monmon says:

    Such a great news for seals.Really asshame for many guys who want profit from an helpless animal.