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E.U. Finalizes Seal Product Ban–Canada Still Clueless

Written by PETA | July 27, 2009
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Seal Kiss

A few months ago, we told you about a vote by the European Union (E.U.) to end the sale of seal products. Well, now is the time to do a little victory dance, because the ban has just been finalized! According to the AP, Canada exported about $5 million worth of seal products to the EU last year, so this ban is another big blow to the country’s annual seal massacre.

Since most of Europe has denounced the shameful slaughter of baby seals loud and clear, you’d think that Canada’s government would finally get a clue and take action to end the annual bloodbath, right?

Think again.

Sorry to say, but once again, instead of enacting the ban that good people around the world—including a great many in Canada—are demanding, the Canadian government continues to pour all its efforts into keeping the massacre going. Until the last minute, it was still lobbying the E.U. to change its mind.

Canadian bureaucrats can be pretty thickheaded, but we are determined to keep the pressure on them until they can’t ignore it any longer. That means pushing the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Games to get involved, buying American maple syrup instead of Canadian, and spreading the word to get other folks involved too!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Wendy Bohatyritz says:

    I’m just still trying to figure out why? I am an American but I have visited Canada and still have not seen any need to kill something else that holds no need or wish to kill us humans. So WHY? Why do we need to kill something else? Why?

  • Gilles Dubois says:

    That is what I found on an Internet site. Nice no ?”Except for NuTan all of Canada’s seasonal seal processing companies have been shuttered forcing the JeanMathieu crew to “throw pelts back in the water.” These so called Hunters are surely mentaly disturb like the hunters for sports.

  • Julie Cox says:

    Canadian Beurocrats are Neanderthalls. They despirately need to EVOLVE as humans if possible. They are so blind and GREEDY!

  • lidija janes says:

    pleeaassssseeee help to stop!! shame over canada!!

  • Miglena Bozhikova says:

    Please help to stop this unhumane act! We will be proud of you!

  • Joy Raikes says:

    I am absolutely delighted at the progress with regard to the protection of baby seals. I have not bought anything Canadian for at least a year and will only do so when complete cessation has been reached. Well done PETA and all other charities for their hard work

  • Francis DE PAUW says:

    Shame over Canada.How jou dare.Murderers.



  • Anita says:

    For the man who asked wh they club only babies as adults would give more furI think he should realize….only the babies have furhence the slaughter. I am Canadian and think some of the people who are outside the country are misinformed about us..only sick bastards want this seal hunt….not a TRUE CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!You want fur then stop shaving.

  • Victor says:

    I’m an Inuk from Salluit and i’m only 14 but i don’t like white people killing seals just for the fur.Us Inuits kill seal for the food so we could feed our family and the fur for us to warm up at winter by going hunting.I was watching a video of a personSeal Slaughterkilling the seal and let die slowlyi was droping tearseven a 14 years old boy crying by that video.I’m an inuk boy that go’s hunting but not to mess around and i want this to stop because these people are wasteing our food.

  • Pat Stallings says:

    Aagain I put my rights as an american citizens to stop this barbic act of killing these innocence creatures of God Almighty for the sake of money money money. These people will be judged by the Almighty God who created this Universe and his creatures. How anyone can do this for even a living must not have a concience and if we know that God did put a concience in us as human beings it is no longer living but has died to it own nature and it makes me wonder if this person of character claims to be a human being.

  • Victoria Shahrokh says:

    Emma I agree with everything you said. These evil people just don’t care anymore and really just don’t have a heart or a soul.

  • Daniela says:

    I always bought only Canadian Maple syruptaste the best of all!! but I am not buying in the future ANY CANADIAN PRODUCTS.I WILL BOYCOTT.I will buy now only AMERICAN Maplesyrup

  • Ms K Gill says:

    I have been an animal lover all of my life and I cannot understand why these so called people animalsare killing the defenseless seals. There is no rhyme or reason for it. We have other methods for clothing and feeding ourselves without resorting to the seals. We are not living in the dark ages anymore and with a species being in so much danger this has to stop now before there is another species that has been extinct through peoples selfish needs.

  • Linda Upton says:

    I am an animal lover activist tree hugger whatever you choose to call me believe me I have been teased more often than not for my defensive attitude for animals. I am horrified and sickened over the suffering and abuse of the seals and cannot watch the video because of the violence. I cannot believe mankind can be so cruel. I applaud PETA for their constant reminder of the disgusting people in need of animal fur for show people like Joan Rivers who brag that she is wearing “stray dog” fur around her body. Did she not witness the cruelty and suffering of dogs and cats in China. How can people be so cruel? It makes my heart sick for the human race.

  • Sarah Krider says:

    I hope the seal killing stops

  • Debby says:

    For all you Canadians out there who despise this hunt do something that makes your voice heard. Do a google search ” 2009 mla for and name your district and then write a personal email to whoever is supposed to represent you. Tell them how you feel. I will be talking to Murray Scott of Cumberland South in Nova Scotia sometime in the next day or two because I did just that. You might not get a phone call but at least you’ve registered your protest. Don’t be lazy folks it only takes a few minutes. Please please for the seals. Debby

  • Melek Ozkan says:

    Stop the animal cruelty Now!

  • Lynne says:

    I agree with the first person that I am usually proud to say that I am Canadian but what the government allows during these seal hunts is disgusting. What for some to have a coat? The Canadian people need to wake up and do something to stop this.

  • craigh says:

    Our thickheaded government plans to take the EU ban to the WTO World Trade Organization which makes up the rules for trade between nations. If Canada and the EU do not reach an agreement our officials will take it to a WTO court. It could be several years before we know if the ban will remain in place.

  • Steven says:

    To kill an animal to feeed yourself your family is understandable. But do cruelly slaughter a baby seal just to tear its skin off and sell it for profit is despicable inexcusable !! I spit on whom authorized this slaughter on the killers the buyers and most of all … on the fashion wearers. May they all rot in hell !!

  • Maria Gjura-Staka says:

    Wake up!


    i also don’t buy cookies and anything made in canada. i found them in Giant storesthe seals have no one to help them but us so boycott every thing from Canadathe olympics coming up stop buying the sponsers item also.

  • Bridget Curran says:

    Canadians need to make this a voting issue. Although the majority of Canadians oppose the seal slaughter and object to their tax dollars being used to fund and defend it the only group that actually makes it a voting issue is the fishingsealing industry. Politicians want the votes of fishermen in the Atlantic Region and so continue defending the annual slaughter. More Canadians need to let their MP know that unless heshe vocally opposes the commercial seal slaughter heshe will not get your vote.

  • Jasmine says:

    i have friends who are canadian but they love seals. they and i simply don’t understand why on earth people are doing this to such poor innocent creatures. it infuriates me!!!

  • Neil Warne says:

    And not forgetting a great many police recruits in many countries also wish to see an end to the slaughter. My sister is one of them.

  • ayuni says:

    Baby seals are killed because their fur is white just because human want their fur for fashion… is it right??? of course not !!!! lets make a diffrent !!! we are human kind have a heart have a mercy… dont do the this barbaric massacre anymore… let them live naturally… dont use any reason such as population ect to do the massacre !!!!

  • emma says:

    i cannot believe there are some people on here who are obviously so dumb that they are agreeing with the seal hunt. for example the dick who said theres nowt wrong with a thump in the head and the one who says its a humane way to kill them and the ones who say ‘just because seals are cute why are we all up in arms about it’ its nothing to do with the fact seals are cute or their fur is white this is about stopping the cruel INHUMANE killing of innocent and defensless animals. there are plenty out there but this is about putting a stop to it once and for all. all those who see no harm in it and agree with it then two words… evil bastards.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I don’t hate all of Canada or Canadians because of the seal hunt I’m just against killing seals. Heck I am seriously inquiring what it takes to legally move to Canada for the next few years because Barack Obama is driving me crazy and not just because of his dog.

  • Jeannie Martin says:

    How much longer is this horror going to go on? Find some other way to employ these people. Surely Canada can come up with something!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Paul It is illegal to kill a baby harp seal until it has shed its white natal fur.

  • Michele says:

    Niikia this ban is against seal products from the COMMERCIAL seal hunt! The ban has an exemption for the Inuit seal products. The ban is to protect seals used for their fur for fashion!! It is not to prevent the Inuit from surviving.

  • roxanne says:

    i boycott the olympics.

  • Paul O'Neal says:

    1. Baby seals are killed because their fur is white. 2. EU consumption of seal products is just 10 of the total output. China and the rest of Asia account for most of the sales. 3. PETA constantly tells us about how KFC and American company boils chickens alive. Why should the rest of the world not boycott all things American?

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Baby seals are killed because they are essentially helpless and can’t swim yet to evade their killers. They are killed for their fur which is a product no compassionate consumer would ever want. No animal rights group has ever criticized the aboriginal hunt of adult seals which only represents a fraction of the total kill.

  • Chris says:

    First visit and post on PETA blog… Not sure why everyone is up in arms about hunting seals in Canada. Just because they are cute and because red blood makes for a compelling contrast to white fur and snow doesn’t make them special. I eat game meat wildcaught fish and can’t see how getting a good thump to the noggin is any worse than getting shot in the head or yanked out of the water by a hook.

  • Darien Midwinter says:

    Pam has a valid point. I abhor the slaughter of seals but it makes little sense to condemn all Canadians for the behaviour of a few. However those Canadians who are against this cruel practice might want to ask themselves whether there is more they could do to put an end to it.

  • Doctor Baloney says:

    From what I can see the killing of seals is much more humane than the cows pigs lamb and chicken that we eat. Surely ban all of that first…? Or are we being blinded by the fact that seals are cute? Why aren’t you campaigning for rats?

  • shannon says:

    Unfortunately countries in Asia are still buying seal furs. Once nations in Asia and the Middle East join in on the ban on seal products Canada will definitely grow a clue and see that there’s no demand for their supply.

  • NT says:

    I am so happy the ban has been finalized however I am sick and tired of the Canadian government spending my tax dollars challenging the ban and promoting a hunt that most Canadians don’t agree with! Whatever it takes let’s keep the pressure on…

  • Amanda says:

    I am so disgusted by this horrible thing that I want to renounce my Canadian citizenship. I would rather live in the most wartorn country on earth than this awful country which doesn’t give a rip about the seals. I shredded my passport right before I wrote this.

  • Lynwen says:

    I am so glad that the EU has banned the imports of seal products. It’s time that the Canadian Government began listening to their people and stopped being so ignorant in ignoring their Voters. Good on the EU. Shame on the Canadian Government.

  • Niikia says:

    I realize that those not familiar with Inuk traditions wouldn’t understand the purpose for the seal hunt. They take what they need to live. Check out the other perspective. Just sayin’

  • Edwardio says:

    Sorry to be cynical but why do they just club baby seals? Technically wouldn’t adult seals provide more fur? for fur wearing bastards

  • Pam says:

    Hey to people who say they will never come here please dont judge us all on the seal masacre. i dont agree with it and I think it should stop but to say Canada as a whole is sick is wrong cause even us Canadians want it to stop at least some of us. And after all every place even the States has its marks of cruelty on it so lets work together to change the thinking of people and places and not hate the whole place for what some do.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    This is one small sign of progress. Ahimsa is the ideal to attain. No innocent person or animal should be subjected to harm or sufffering. The Jains adhere to this nonviolent creed.

  • Nathan Collins says:

    Being American I can only buy Vermont maple syrup in good conscience anyhow! However I am in the process of closing my TD Banknorth bank account because they’re a Canadian company Toronto Dominion. I will state the seal slaughter as the primary reason for closing on my closing cheque.

  • Laurel says:

    This is pretty exciting. However I still refuse to stop eating Canadian maple syrup as I personally know maple syrup “farmers” who are incredibly ethical and who produce a completely vegan and organic product. I’d hate to see those people suffer because of some people who think it’s a good idea to continue the seal slaughter when they had absolutely nothing to do with it. However I will continue to pressure my MP. Thanks for all the hard work PETA!

  • Samantha Bubb says:

    What exactly has Canada got against Seals? I just cannot understand this country and will never ever go there whilst they still support this barbaric massacre who the hell do they think they are?

  • tarryn says:

    I am usually proud to say that I am Canadian but the seal hunt is a disgusting massacre of these beautiful creatures. I am so happy that the EU has banned these products. Wake up Canada. What else can I do to help stop this???