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E.U. Finalizes Seal Product Ban–Canada Still Clueless

Written by PETA | July 27, 2009
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Seal Kiss

A few months ago, we told you about a vote by the European Union (E.U.) to end the sale of seal products. Well, now is the time to do a little victory dance, because the ban has just been finalized! According to the AP, Canada exported about $5 million worth of seal products to the EU last year, so this ban is another big blow to the country’s annual seal massacre.

Since most of Europe has denounced the shameful slaughter of baby seals loud and clear, you’d think that Canada’s government would finally get a clue and take action to end the annual bloodbath, right?

Think again.

Sorry to say, but once again, instead of enacting the ban that good people around the world—including a great many in Canada—are demanding, the Canadian government continues to pour all its efforts into keeping the massacre going. Until the last minute, it was still lobbying the E.U. to change its mind.

Canadian bureaucrats can be pretty thickheaded, but we are determined to keep the pressure on them until they can’t ignore it any longer. That means pushing the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Games to get involved, buying American maple syrup instead of Canadian, and spreading the word to get other folks involved too!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Heidi says:

    THE WHOLE PROBLEM IS THE CRUELTY IN WHICH THEY KILL THESE INNOCENT BABIES!! Is this what we want to teach our CHILDREN? ….. To See this as Acceptable?
    What are we … in the Dark Ages?

  • Diane Arnett says:

    Its about time, but their is still a lot of abuse going on with other animals for their fur, such as rabbits in China for their fur: sheep etc. Our work isn’t done yet.Our voices can make a difference, so please keep signing the petitons to save others from death.

  • Susan Rose says:

    What kind of people allow this to continue to happen? The Canadian government officials who can help stop this carnage, and do not, are no better than the men clubbing, torturing and killing these helpless babies, laughing while they do it. What kind of people are you? You are lacking not only hearts, but souls. May God’s love be with these tiny baby seals as they face their final hours on the violent ice floes.

  • jeanie says:

    Yet again Canadian thugs will kill the seals,How much longer will this BARBARIC CULL carry on?These poor animals are shot,clubbed over and over again with SPIKED wooden clubs.Then left to suffer in agony.The goverment needs to listen to the people from all over the world about this outrageous,sickening and barbaric act that the goverment allows to happen each year.Its not about using the seals for food…ITS THE KILLING FOR FUR and PROFIT that is made from the skins.If people dont stand up for the animals , then like many other species ..Seals will only be seen in history books. The goverment needs to stop this cull ,BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!

    • Michal Ch. says:

      What I don’t get is how anybody is even capable of doing such horrific killings. When cows or pigs are killed for meat in my country, it is one quick shot into their heads. These poor baby seals are tortured over and over again and for stupid fur coats so a few snobs can wear coats from baby seals fur! And Canadian government ignores this hell ?! I am spreading this everywhere I can and sadly a lot of people can be ignorant to this 🙁

  • Noismavioro says:

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  • Mehmet says:

    I hate Canadian government for allowing this kind of barbarism. Where are you Canadian citizens? Make your government stop those disgusting things, otherwise you will have commited a big crime agains humanity.

  • Adrianna says:

    It makes me so sad, ashamed of what people do. Everyday i watch more and more of terrible stuff WE NEED TO SAY STOP or we are all gonne finish in hell..

  • Rahul says:

    How can someone stand for such an inhuman act? Have they forgotten the defination of HUMAN? Please stop such acts, live and let live. Don’t turn so selfish 😐

  • KEVIN says:

    I can not believe the Canadian govt’ allows this to happen.They must be making a lot of money.Otherwise they would prohibit this disgusting and brutal slaughter of these beautiful creatures.What a shame…

  • Suzan Stanton says:

    This is outrageous, inhumane, intolerable treatment. Stop this barbaric treatment against these creatures that cannot protect themselves. Perhaps the shoe should be on the other foot and then you will see what it is like to not be able to protect your helpless and vulnerable children. All this for a coat? You should be ashamed however, I know you are not. At the expense of the little baby seals you put your (blood) money in the bank to buy whatever it is you think will make you happy. SHAME ON YOU!

  • jolanda says:

    Can you people stop with all this killing. I pray soon that it all comes crashing down and bits these killers back in the butt. We don’t need the skins to stay warm. We have synthic material to do the same job.

  • Bev says:


  • Kumaree says:

    Every creature love their lives.Human love themselves. Animal love themselves. Human should not be so selfish by taking blood and life from animals. And apart from this..they will get what they did to animals. It is the truth.

  • nomi Paralkar says:

    June 16th 2010 Mumbai I wish to send love and light to everyone. It would change everything if the people commiting crime receive a bit of attention and some love they will have a change of heart and will never cause harm to anybody. I pray for kindness and Love. God Bless. Nomi

  • Tejas Mehta says:

    This is truely a relieve for those seals. Thanks to PeTA and all the people signing the petition. Seal killers should learn from this how many are against their cruelty act hope they get well soon.

  • flory De voe says:

    Please stop this inhumane act!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a sick world! I’m sick and tired of this cruelty! What are you thinking? Don’t be cruel and don’t take advantage of the helpless creatures who can’t defend themselves. Shame on you!

  • GABRIELA says:

    Es increble la ignorancia e inhumanidad. No ms matanzas innecesarias!! No ms masacres injustas y crueles…basta de tanta barbarie!!!

  • brittany says:

    im so gald ive been signing as many petitions as i can to save these seals it just breaks my heart to see people hurting these animals

  • Rochelle says:

    I realize that in times past it was necessary to clothe ourselves in fur and seal pelts. As a Canadian I thought nothing of it until I grew up as I threw up and saw and learned the sheer barbarism of our inhumane acts toward seals and all other fur bearing and “meat” animals. The bias of our government in hopelessly promoting the seal “hunt” to 99 of Canadians who DON’T WANT IT and using our tax dollars to do it is appalling. We can today buy better clothing with not a bit of fur. Please don’t judge all of us Canadians by the yokels in Newfoundland who feel they have the right to murder helpless young animals doing nothing but trying to live. Yes they eat codfish but who made sure there were fewer fish to catch? We and the fishermenseal hunters must look in a mirror. Leave well enough alone people and the situation naturewill right itself.

  • Fabio Lopez says:

    Ignorance lies in your own hands and mind Canada. Not even third world countries do that. Shame on you Canada

  • chander kumar soni says:

    thanks E.U. for banning.

  • Susan says:

    Pure Evil are the people that carry this out but even more Evil are the people that ALLOWinstruct it to be carried out. I live for the day when and if this abhorent practice ceases.

  • Miglena Bozhikova says:

    Please stop this inhumane act!!! Stop stop stop immediately!

  • Dawn Mason says:

    That’s great!! I pray it will end for good!!!

  • verrechia says:

    Help stop the leak too. Please

  • sonia says:

    shame on you!!!Canada. We are in the year 2010 how about some change to make this a great world for the children to live in!! Canada is such a wonderful place now show it!!

  • Madeleine says:

    The seal hunt really doesn’t reflect the Canadian people nor does our government. As a Canadian I’m ashamed that the seal hunt continues. I’m ashamed about a lot of things about our country.

  • MB says:

    please stop killing animals its just like you are killing your own children. SHAME ON CANADA

  • MB says:

    please stop killing animals its just like you are killing your children. SHAME ON CANADA

  • Alexandra says:

    Human rational shows by the way we treat animals. So if Canada has rational people shoul stop with this.

  • giovanna says:

    Shame Canada!

  • Bebbi says:

    Stop the massacre muderers !