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‘Epic Meal Time’ Goes Vegan!

Written by PETA | December 22, 2010

What happens when you get a bunch of over-the-top meat-centric YouTubers who seem to not give a hoot about their healthanimals, or the nastiness of their gluttonous creations (e.g., steak-bacon-ham-cheese-sauce version of a ginger-bread house)? “Epic Meal Time.”

Feeling nauseous now? Me too!

Luckily, some vegans in a hissy one-upped that show with their incredibly funny spoof: “Vegan Meal Time.” Get ready to feast your eyes on a tofu/seaweed/spaghetti/soy sauce feast that’s out of this world!

Written by Sunny Subramanian

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  • Rusty Shackleford says:

    Well Sean, I guess that whole thing where most animals are herbivores flew right over your head. Also there’s that thing where we didn’t evolve from carnivores or omnivores, have no physical need for animal products, and eat them only out of our own greed. I’d say that’s a good reason. Also animals have been killing other animals since the dawn of life, so why not just kill other humans? They are just animals after all.

  • sean says:

    animals have been eating eachother from literally the dawn of time and will continue to do so forever. why should’t we?

  • JDog says:

    I would never waste a single dime or resource on a soul-less animal while there are still starving children throughout the world that my money/resources could be used to provide food for… But that’s just me.

  • Truckracers1 says:

    Instead of hating on stupid things like Mario and Epic Meal Time. Why not actually focus on important things that are happening to animals?

  • Calvin says:

    Lol @ “Seaweed Strips, Seaweed Strips, Seaweed Strips!” I’m glad someone did a decent job of spoofing EMT.

  • Arlene says:

    I’ve recently converted to vegetarianism (but eat more vegan) and I’ll have to say this: Epic Meal Time’s appeal to carnivores is that *some* of the stuff they make looks like it would probably taste good. Theyre just over the top. (Don’t hate on that Jack Daniel’s Maple Syrup) I watched it before as a “carnivore” and was grossed out. I watched it again as a vegetarian and am still grossed out. Wasn’t even funny either. How about a ginormous veggie burger instead?

  • Cecilforester says:

    Haters can’t compete with my boys at epic meal time! Get outta here haters!

  • EpicMealTimeROX! says:

    You can’t complete with Epic Meal Time, cause their the boss! PETA, your pathetic! If we weren’t suppose to eat meat, then why it so tasty. Heck, Jesus did it, then so can I. Stop wasting your time…

  • Sauce Boss says:

    Haters gonna hate

  • eric says:

    It sounds to me there’s a lot of people from china in the comment area, are they like from china???

  • Rob says:

    Yea, that article before the video isn’t biased at all. (sarcasm)

  • l9dk4kcn2 says:

    I read the comments before watching, and then the video pleasantly surprised me…I mean, it is a PARODY and not supposed to be better than the original, great in it of itself, or prove a real point besides. I didn’t think the vegan plugs weren’t cheap shots or intended seriously, and if they were, then yeah, this is stupid. That being said, where is the alcohol? They definitely could have targeted haters a bit more as well. EMT would probably encourage any activities that in any way bring some friends together to eat an inordinate amount of food.

  • Xandrez192 says:

    When it comes to food, you are just being pathetic against them. You can do stuff like break the law to save animals and pay for the defense of those who do it, but when you mess with Epic Meal Time you are being just plain stupid. Anything vegan can NEVER get CLOSE to Epic Meal Time

  • Lolol says:

    Yes, I totally think that watching some guy guzzle soy sauce is less nauseating than some bacon and steaks.

  • Predator King says:


  • BurgerKing-King says:

    What is this??? Peta, you’re pathetic

  • cupcakez says:

    i argree emt4life! i think they tried to hard to make it funny and in emt they dont look disgusted by what they are eating and in this video they looked like they wanted to puke! and i dont even think vegans thinks that looks good honestly

  • Disgusted says:

    this is acctually disgusting and ZombieRothbard you are messed up this is no where close to as good to EMT

  • meh says:

    great parody 🙂

  • olga says:

    needs moar meat.

  • edb87 says:

    Needs more bacon…

  • foodisfoodNOM says:

    quit hatin!

  • nonvegan for life says:

    i’m sorry but i love meat too much to give it up. this “parody” was absolutely gross looking. meat for life! >:D

  • rebecca says:

    the tofu leaked as they cut it out of the package…….eeeuuuurrrrggghhhh

  • MILKNBACON says:


  • ZombieRothbard says:

    I thought this video was hilarious! I eat meat regularly, and I didn’t find this offensive at all! I especially liked their video with the spicy volcano. It looked so tasty, mmmmmmm! I think you guys might be even funner then EMT. Way to go!

  • Ingrid says:

    Peta deserves to be resented, and are nothing but a bunch of millitant radicalist. Fight for animal rights without resorting to self-righteous douches.

  • Hungry for dead animals says:

    This show is awesome and meat should be eaten by humans—humans have canine teeth because we EVOLVED in order to eat meat, so if your gonna complain about eating animals you might as well go live in a cave and develop vaginitis! P.S. Tofurkey is an abomination…. …a disgusting abomination

  • PeopleEatingTastyAnimals says:

    That’d probably look the same coming out as it does going in. Weak attempt to match the Epic of Mealtime, hater. Cry harder PETA faggots, we’ll be over here ripping animals to shreds and not giving a shit.

  • Shmuli Big Nutz says:

    What is it about these guys that makes me want to beat them up and take their lunch money…and buy BACON

  • yoyo says:

    I can’t be the only one that thinks the tofu looks like a popped zit.

  • baconlover says:

    i would definitely eat the rabbit, covered with bacon strips, bacon strips, more bacon strips, JD sauuuce, more sauuuuce. Cheeseburgers pizzas, turkey, drunk off pancakes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • umm says:

    also, not sure if you know this, but the whole edward reference to being vegan? he drinks animal blood instead of human blood, thus killing tons of animals. just fyi.

  • DISPLAY NAME* says:

    Man, this is just awkward and embarrassing.

  • suck it says:

    Yes. I would eat the Bunny.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog says:

    Wow. At least EMT stuff looks edible even after mashed up and torn. This stuff literally looks indistinguishable from something I’d vomit out. Also, as an asian person, you guys are hella racist. Man I need to watch some of those delicious mouth watering epic meal time videos maybe about 10 times in a row to wash out the disgust from these hater videos. Some meat salad sounds good. 😀

  • Matt says:

    That… may just be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Things like this make me glad to be an omnivore.

  • SamHawaii says:

    I don`t know whats your problem with epic meal time, guys. Yeah, they use a lot of meat, but afterwards they eat it with about 30 people the host invites to his house. But now look at the crap you guys did in this parody: nobody could eat that, and i don`t say that because it`s vegan, i say that because you put about 3 litres of soy sauce in there, i bet they threw it away. Not that i would care…

  • [email protected] says:

    If an animal had the capabilities, and was hungry enough, it would eat YOU.

  • TheVanMan says:

    Go away PETA. I know how many animals you guys kill.


    I’m going to eat enough bacon to make up for watching this.


    I’ll order you a meat salad.

  • Jewackawacka says:

    Because of Epic Meal Time, I am no longer a vegetarian. I’M THE SAUUCE BOSS!!

  • *** YEAh says:


  • cazy says:

    Gross, If I ever ate that I would probably have to wash my mouth out with bacon fat.

  • T-Rex says:

    Needs more Jack Daniels SAUCE!!!

  • ewwwwwww says:

    I cannot stand PETA. Your leader stands for total animal liberation but she owns a dog. Way to contradict yourself PETA. Oh and how are those euthanized animals in your giant freezer at your headquarters? PETA makes me sick.

  • malted milkball says:

    1. Disbelief at the racist jokes. Is PETA run by white people who think it’s ok to make anti-Asian jokes becaues they’re morally superior from not eating meat? 2. Wow, wasteful. At least the EMT guys really eat their food. you can tell they threw this crap in the garbage immediately after making the video

  • EpicMealTime says:

    A toast to all these haters!

  • ZenKenney says:

    Needs moar calorie counter.