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Entrenched Neglect at NC Roadside Zoo

Written by PETA | August 11, 2011

Lazy 5 Ranch is an apt name for a roadside zoo in Mooresville, North Carolina, as the operators appear to be too lazy (read: downright neglectful) to provide even minimal care to the animals stuck there. PETA has filed complaints with the county animal control department and with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) asking for action to help two giraffes with severely overgrown hooves. The hooves are so neglected and painful that the animals are having difficulty walking. Other animals in trouble include a white deer with a raw, open wound that is 4 inches in circumference, among other injuries. A visitor to the zoo reports that she couldn’t detect a water source in the rhinoceros and giraffe enclosures and that there is insufficient shade in the giraffe pen. 

The USDA has already repeatedly cited Lazy 5 Ranch for allowing animals’ hooves to become painfully overgrown, which puts stress on bones, joints, tendons, and muscles and can lead to permanent damage and arthritis. The zoo has also been cited for failing to provide veterinary care to 14 unshorn sheep who suffered heat distress (they were found lying on their sides and panting heavily) after temperatures reached into the 90s.

Although local and state anti-cruelty laws apply, Rowan County Animal Control Supervisor Clai Martin has abdicated all responsibility to the USDA and has taken no action to help these suffering animals.

Please send an e-mail today to the animal control department asking for immediate intervention at Lazy 5 Ranch.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • H Hollon says:

    OMG! This is just plain animal abuse and those responsible must be punished. The first order must be the removal of these poor mistreated animals asap and then charges must be filed. I hope that enough public outcry is heard and SOMETHING IS DONE NOW!

  • Michele says:

    Make sure we all to animal control.

  • Tina says:

    Close this hellhole now !!!

  • kj says:

    shut this place down. what is wrong w people? what are you waiting for?

  • Linda Eckley says:

    Put a stop to the conditions at the Lazy 5 Ranch. No animal should live in such conditions of neglect. I am asking you to take action and put an end to the animal suffering at this abusive establishment. The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing!

  • Deb Basha says:

    WHy is it taking so long to do the right thing by these animals held in a HELL on earth.They are prisoners…at the mercy of heartless,uncaring, ignorant people. PLEASE…come to the assistance of these voiceless beings.

  • Sabine Engel says:

    This is disgusting! I can not imagine how those people being responsible for this can sleep at night and hold their head up in their community!!!! What a shame! If you can´t handle those poor creatures properly: GO ASK FOR HELP!!!

  • chris hern says:

    please dont turn your back and close your eyes to the animals whos lives you can change THANKYOU

  • tanya schneider says:

    please take one moment of your time to help thease helpless creatures and you alone can make a difference.Thankyou Tanya schneider

  • ann says:

    I am utterly amazed that these people can get away with this in a supposed informed country…………..

  • katrina t. says:

    This should not even be an issue and why are they even trying to say its the USDA’s problem when they are the ones in charge of enforcing the law. DO YOUR JOB ROWAN COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL and give these animals the vet care and safe housing they deserve.

  • Bonnie Ciesluk says:

    I was born and raised in MA and lived in Mooresville, NC near the Lazy 5 for 6 years. I have been there many times. While living in NC, I became aware of a collective mentality of animals as unfeeling beings to be as abused and exploited for our purposes and enjoyment without regard to their well being. While living in NC I became a vegetarian, a member and supporter of PETA and Farm Sanctuary, and moved back to MA to get away from the south altogether. Rowan County animal control likely won’t act on any complaints. Southerners see nothing wrong with animals suffering. Lazy 5 is extremely popular and profitable and won’t change their ways to please some animal rights activists! The south sucks.

  • MP says:

    Open your eyes! they need your attention!

  • Paul Rousseau, MD says:

    Please close the shameful “ranch” and allow the animals to receive the care that they should. By the time the USDA acts, it may be too late.

  • Mary Roberson says:

    Makes me ashamed to be a North Carolinian first and a Human second. All this suffering and abuse for $$–because it sure isn’t entertainment!

  • Cynthia Rodriguez says:

    Now that it is brought to your attention, please do something to get these animals out of the hands of the neglectful people at Lazy 5 Ranch. We are counting on you to act as soon as possible! Thank You

  • Patricia says:

    Please help these animals and close Lazy 5 Ranch immediately!

  • April Wilk says:

    Please help these poor animals…they can’t speak for themselves

  • P. JENKINS says:

    I can’t believe no one will do anything for these animals. The owners should be jailed, fined, and never allowed to have any kind of animal or pet ever.

  • Lawrence A Driscoll says:

    To whom it may concern I have just read, to my horror, about the conditions at the Lazy 5 Ranch. This truly bothers me. No animal should live in such conditions of neglect. I am asking you to take action and put an end to the animal suffering at this abusive establishment. Thank You Lawrence Driscoll Concerned Friend of Animals

  • Jeanie Coolahan says:

    I urge you to do something, anything, for these poor animals. This neglect is horrendous, and obviously painful for the animals. They are dependent upon people who have the authority to correct this horrible situation. Please do something!

  • Connie says:


  • Kirby Quito says:

    This is horrible and upsetting to see. Please end this cruelty now. These animals can find better homes to love and take care of them. Please do what it takes to get them out and punish those who are neglecting them.

  • Alia Barwig says:

    This is awful!

  • pat says:

    Please close the Lazy 5 ranch as soon as possible.

  • Richard Schmidt says:

    Just picture yourself living under those horrid conditions, then help these gods creatures!

  • alexa says:

    this is an absolute disgrace. these animals need to be properly looked after. they don’t deserve the cruel conditions that they are forced to live in. these people are showing that they are far from capable of providing the appropriate care

  • Phyllis says:


  • Patrycja Markowska says:

    Show some mercy and respect to those animals.

  • Tawnie says:

    This is wrong! Put an end to this abuse these are wild animals they belong in the wild or the closest thing to it a sanctuary!

  • michele costello-lettau says:

    No brainer. Idiots in charge of helpless animals. Those who want power should not have it.

  • Hedda Piffko-Hache says:

    There is no excuse for this sort of thing to be happening. The law needs to step in and take control. Unfortunately there are too many lazy and ignorant people in this world.

  • Ventosa Mandy says:

    immediate intervention at Lazy 5 Ranch

  • Leigh Mackowiak-Harvey says:

    Please shut down this roadside zoo immediately! They’ve already been cited twice…how much more should these animals endure? Neglect and the lack of even the most basic care is animal cruelty! Please pull these poor creatures out of this living he’ll & take them to sanctuaries where they’ll receive the proper care they deserve. Then prosecute to the full extent of the law…we need stronger animal cruelty laws so this sort of thing does not happen! Pleat help them!!!!

  • mandy mcparland says:

    If these were children the relevant authoritieswould have acted by now. As an organisation whose aim is to control animal welfare you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, please act now.

  • Shelley Reese says:

    Please stop this craziness!!

  • christine Aizpurua says:

    Animals need help ! Please, I hope you’re going to care all animals they need ! No water, no care ! There isn’t a life for animals in a zoo !

  • melanie chapman says:

    Treat the amimals properly or shut them down!!!

  • Melodie says:

    Please take care of these animals. They dont deserve to be neglected!

  • annette Amoroso says:

    please remove these animals and relocate to a safer place.

  • LiSandra Nazario says:

    I am asking that you please intervene and get these animals immediate care. They are suffering immensely at the hands of these people. Thank you for your time.

  • Ann Green says:

    Rowan County Animal Control – do your job!

  • crystal holly says:

    Treat your animals that make you your profit,with the respect thwu deserve

  • Mukesh Tanwar says:

    This is so cruel. But this can be put to stop if we want because these things be it slaughter-houses or circuses are there to cater the mindless needs of humans who don’t care if pain if inflicted on innocent beings for their pleasure but themselves don’t wish to go through such pain. Damned race.

  • Gertrude says:

    I am asking the animal control department to take action against the Lazy 5 ranch for immediate intervention. The animals seem to be in pittyful conditions and need help..

  • Jaclyn Miller says:

    This is shameful. You must put a stop to this!!

  • Brianne says:

    Please help these poor innocent animals! They don’t deserve this type of life and never did anything to deserve such cruel treatment and neglect.

  • Brianne says:

    Please help these poor innocent animals! They don’t deserve this type of life and never did anything to deserve such cruel treatment and neglect.

  • Bev says:

    Please do something to give these animals releif from this neglect and cruelty! Shut down the zoo and fine it for such neglectful treatment of the animals. You MUST be able to do something to help them!

  • Carol Delahoyde says:

    Please intervene and help these animals at the Lazy 5 Ranch. Thank you, Carol Delahoyde